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How I Beat Depression and Anxiety Mental illness – my depression story

My first serious video about a subject that is not talked about enough, Depression Anxiety and our emotions as human beings. in the video i talk about my symptoms of depression and anxiety, my type of anxiety and how i made those small steps into beating my demons once and for all. if i can do it anyone can. love you all


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  1. I was active then I found out my son is autistic, and I turned to comfort eating and piled on weight badly. It great you talking about depression and anxiety. I struggle to go out now and takes it toll on me. Try to be be happy but deep down hurting inside. Keep up the good work mate

  2. Your a legend, the world needs more people like you. This is your best video

  3. God bless you Stu so glad I found your channel.

  4. I'm 34, always wanted to be a bricklayer, when I left school in 2000 I got an apprenticeship with hull city council, I was happy and looking forward to been independent. Unfortunately the council lost a heap of work and I got put with a cowboy who used me as cheap labour. Also I was struck with benign intracranial hypertension (all the symptoms of a brain tumour but without the tumour) I've been watching your videos an happy you're doing well earning money but forgive me it makes me sad for what could have been for myself. (Yer hair looks good) 👍👍

  5. You know… I think we should learn how to laugh at ourselves more. Yes, it's not nice to make jokes about someone's insecurities. But I'm discovering that it is precisely learning to laugh about it, after you've cried it out, that you can get over it. I grew an inch last year, being 22 years old and a girl. I might also mention that I was already 5' 11'' tall (about 1.79 m) and now I'm close to six feet. It was brutal, because looks are a big thing for me. And I would hear people say things like "look a giant!". Not even funny. But after a while I got used to the new height, and now I work it, and get compliments despite and maybe even because of my extreme height for a female. I'm made fun of by my short friends, and I make fun of them. And it's okay. I stop if I see they are having a bad time of course, they also.

    All in all, I like to see I'm not the only one that thinks looks are a big deal and an essential part of our identity, of course it's what's inside that really counts, but you always want to have an outside to match. And if you were used to seeing such lovely thick hair, I understand completely how that change could affect a guy so much.

  6. Im a hoddcarrier so working with depression and anxiety makes it even more harder then it is respect you mate look up to ya keep it up

  7. I got my ears pinned back at 20 as had so much grief over them. Got a loan for 6k and it helped me loads. I'm 37 with very flat ears now and the 6k is payed off so don't worry about the 10k. It will go soon enough and you will have hair! Funny enough I had my ears pinned back as I was balding and didn't want to have massive ears with a skinhead. Lol

  8. Who were the 22 pricks who disliked this video.
    Great vid stu i sure this will really make a big differrence to somebodys life.
    I mean theres probley someone out there right now, dealing with suicidal thoughts who will watch this video and change there mind and there lifes based on your advice.
    Great video

  9. You know what mate, really ballsy doing a video like this, I’ve always worked in a garage environment and much like a building site it’s a “blokey” place to be. Banter is one thing, but you can unknowingly cause people a lot of hurt without realising it. Good on you mate, glad you got yourself out of it, all the best.

  10. Total respect to you Stu. Love your channel 😀

  11. I have always had low confidence due to alopecia and I'm a woman. I have never thought that my physical appearance would affect me and my life so much, but it really has and wearing a wig is not easy or comfortable!!

  12. 100% true.. great video.. Stu.. keep up the good work and glad you seen the light at the end of the tunnel..

  13. Well done kidda , stay strong &focused

  14. Your never alone even when you feel like you are because no one else understands what your feeling…we all have our challenges..god knows I do but I wake up every day thanking God for his mercies and blessings for me. Regardless what is happening to me either good or bad… I have gone through so much but I have learned to keep fighting and not give up. With God in my life, he has helped me to be strong and keep on trying…it takes alot of courage to admit and share when you are going through a lot..you are amazing and God knows what he is doing handsome Stu…you have a purpose do not give up even though it gets harder you Will get stronger…have faith.

  15. Stu This is such a fantastic Video. I suffer from depression and anxiety. Mines not through my hair mind but can relate to your feelings. I went from being the life and soul of the party to some one who wanted to avoid any sort of contact or communication with people. a few years went by where I would come home from work a burst into tears. my wife said I needed to see somebody and I didn't want to. As I felt it was a weakness going to doctors and getting tablets. I was worried people would see me as some sort of mental case. In the end I had too I didn't want it affecting my family. Now couple of years in to the medication, yes of course still have the bad and good days but so much better than I was. I feel normal again and not mentally numb anymore. Still make me chuckle when I try to explain a mental illness to some people and they reply with "well we all have stress" if only they knew. Great Video buddy and cant thank you enough for pointing the awareness out. Unless you go through depression people don't understand. Love your videos. keeps strong. Oh and your hair looks bloody great, wished mine looked as good.

  16. What an amazing brave,honest and uplifting video! Thank you very much Stu.

  17. Thanks mate suffer bad with it myself cheers sty your a top bloke x

  18. Thankyou Stu for your speaking out on depression and anxiety I had battle with depression for years and have won my battle also,thankyou for having the courage strength to say what you did it encouraged me so much ! You are a great example for us all .
    I love your videos ! I was a bricklayer my self in London years ago. You are a true craftman and are a humble man .
    The bible says at Proverbs 22:29
    Have you seen a man skillful at his work ? He will stand before kings;
    He will not stand before common men .You are a credit to your trade.

  19. Hiya stu just found your channel , I’m just getting into the bricklaying trade myself hopefully I make some good money out of it going back to this point, I am currently 22 years old and I am losing my hair to the point it is stupidly noticeable…. now my dad is bald his dad was bald so on… and my mates do make jokes and tbh it was hard at first but I get on with it now I shave it and I accept it , I think it’s because I’ve embraced that I’ve found my confidence again and my girlfriend likes it so that’s a plus 😅but everyone’s to there own whatever you have to do to get better I say do it ,keep up the good videos mate 👍

  20. You are actually an amazing person ❤️

  21. Hi stu could you se me that Thailand doctor details that helped you with hair loss nabbyjnr@hotmail.com

  22. Hi stu i just recently stumbled upon your videos they are very good keep it up

  23. Really well done on this subject i lost my hair also in my mid twenties i always put it down to working outside all my working days but its prob hereditry

  24. Great story of determination. We all treat ourselves badly for little or no reason. Thank you for sharing the experience, love your self, you are awesome

  25. I currently suffer from depression due to loosing my brother from cancer at a young age and thank you for sharing your story keep strong

  26. Well done Stu. I suffer with D and A but find by getting my hands dirty on something new helps me forget the dark times. I work as a Senior Construction Professional and speak constantly about mental health to the lads and how to talk about issues that are in their head. We are all humans and speaking to loved ones or anyone massively helps!!! Well done Sausage and keep on with the great videos they help me through my dark times.

  27. Your one amazing guy Stu… Such an inspiration

  28. Very brave Stu,But I used to be a Hod carrier for 15years I was very strong fit as a butchers dog, I am a father of two beautiful children and I spilt up with the children's mum 7 months later on my birthday she killed her self, and i stepped up and brought my children up on my on 12 years later I had a stroke, which left me unable to use my left side of my body to this day, My life was devastated I was very DEPRESSED,but I give thanks for what I have, LIFE GOES ON

  29. I like the comment '' Let someone walk a mile in my shoes'' i do,i will give anyone my shoes, to walk that mile, at the end of the day, they are a mile further away from me with their negative thoughts. all the best marra.

  30. this video helped me get out of my depression, although nowt to do with the subject after 18 years of marriage and divorce , i can see light at the end of the tunnel thank you for sharing your story.

  31. been watching your buliding vids for the last year or so and always thought what a confident bloke you are and always thought what a quality barnet you have. good to see you have beat the dark times.

  32. we all have these journeys in life and I relate to yours we even have the same golf coach thanks brother for your videos

  33. your a strong lad stu keep wearing the armour

  34. I do wish Iwould have had the guts to confront my own demons when I was young and to watch this is beyond painful personally and so brave of you Stu,thank you.Although my own demons were not yours they were painful and still are.Again thanks from one who is so old and lived the pain of depression for years.

  35. I stumbled on this channel. This guy and his diy videos are ace . Thank you for taking the time to make these videos. From a bald scouser …..bald is beautiful!!! I just wash and go . Cheers stu keep up the good work !!

  36. M8.. Came across your video of you doing the garage door to window conversion and decided to check your channel out. Came across this vid. Thank you for talking about this illness most of us hide away. I play brave everyday and get on with it. Tonight I'm saying I have this illness and want everyone to know and I'm still me and we can walk this journey together. Top Fella.

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