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hey loves. if you are going through a tough time please know you are not alone. if this video is not help enough please contact this number to talk to someone confidentially. 1-800-273-8255. you are beautiful and you are loved.

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  1. Do more of these videos please and vlogs Ana asmr please

  2. I was having a bad day/overwhelming day and this made me feel so much better 💕

  3. Thanks for mentioning Overdrive! 😀 Thanks for this whole video!

  4. Allie I was in the same situation. It got so bad it scared the s*** out of me. One people have to realize it doesn’t get better over night, me it took years. My anxiety got so bad I would have to pull off he highway because my vision would go blurry and I would start to struggle with my speech and my body would go numb. The first thing I did was talk to my fiancé about it. Especially when I started to fear the bad thoughts I was thinking. Step two I begin to self teach myself to clear my mind. It was really hard and took a long time to learn and do but now I will only have an episode once in a blue moon vs every other week. Third I begin to tackle the things that set of my anxiety and face them. Fourth I started doing things that made me feel better or made me accomplished such as returning to get my degree, working out, going for walks etc. Finally I am so happy that I am FINALLY after years at a good place 🙂 <3 Honestly I could not have done it without the help and support of my fiancé he was a life saver and certainly saved my life.

  5. Hi Allie, I just wanted to say that I relate to this video so much. I have experienced anxiety and depression on a very similar level. I too thought I was dying of everything imaginable till I came to terms with the effect my mental health was having on my physical health. I also waited way too long to seek help from professionals, but it definitely changed my life. I have been recommended and tried nearly all these strategies. All of these things saved my life in one way or another. This advice is well worth taking everyone! Thank you for making this video!

  6. Thank you! This video has helped me the most with on what to do to help me with my anxiety. There was one day recently where I literally cried all day long and didn’t eat at all. It was the lowest day I have ever had. My brother even came and dragged me out of the house to go walking at the park…..all I did was cry. It was like everything I built up just came pouring out that day. My grandma, my mom, my aunt all have depression and anxiety. My mom and grandma take the pill. My aunt is a therapist. I’ve just have to find a way that helps me and I haven’t quite found it yet. I believe your video will help me find a way. And yes web md is the devil lol

  7. This video gave me a boost motivation to do better and feel better. I've had depression and anxiety for such a long time and found this video quite relatable. I've also had therapists that didn't work out for me at all, one of them tried a tactit that ultimately made me feel worse about myself and resulted in me crying, like???? But I'm glad that at least two of the ones I've had did a pretty good job in helping me. Thank you for sharing your advice and experiences, they were informative and helpful ❤

  8. I love that you shared this!! It really make a lot of us connect with you even more!! It's hard to deal with and knowing that someone we look up to like you goes through this also makes us hopeful

  9. It’s crazy how I can relate with you, unfortunately I have the added aspect of ptsd due to a terrible childhood but I too had terrible anxiety so badly where I was always at the drs thinking I was having a heart attack or there was something SERIOUSLY wrong with me and omg web md was a huge part in my always thinking I was dying it’s crazy what these websites do to you🙁 I finally sought help but couldn’t deal with the medications the drs wanted to prescribe me I swear every side effect you can get from meds I’d get them so I found someone who helps you use your mind to control your anxiety and it truly helps with your anxiety so that is in control, but I still do struggle with seasonal depression and the ptsd which what has helped me is keeping my past buried I’ve dealt with it all but I feel I don’t need to keep dealing with it and that works for me 😊 now with me being a mom I do my best to get by and live the best life I can I do have a few health issues I’m dealing with now being heart conditions and anemia so I don’t get much sleep and I’m always tired so some days I’m like am I depressed or just exhausted but I’ve come to the conclusion and do have my drs it’s the illness with consideration of I’m still happy I want to do things I love my family I still have zest for life I’m just exhausted😊 I appreciate you soooo much for doing this video it makes me feel so not alone 💋💋💋 lots of love 💕 stay beautiful ❤️

  10. Ok, I have a question? That number in the description, if you tell the person, let's sayyyy, "I got raped/kidnapped/abused and I haven't told anyone" , will they contact the police, or make you tell someone??

  11. New subscriber.Was researching Disney tips and found you.So glad I did.You spoke to my soul!All the things you were talking about,I have felt/gone through since January.Thank God it has gotten a lot better recently but still a struggle every day.Thank you so much for opening up like this.

  12. Thank you for talking about this. I felt like you were describing my story it’s insane. I can’t remember my first panic attack because I was so young. I was the same with my depression. I remember calling my boyfriend at the time crying constantly. With the amount if followers you have this is such an incredible thing to do to open up to so many. 💓

  13. Thank you are so right i feel so great

  14. Hey Allison I’ve been through the same and one thing my therapist did with me is to make me write down 25 things I like about myself and if you can’t do it on your own go talk to your friends and loved ones to get them to help you.
    It was really hard on my own and I was at university so no family around but I went and spoke to my boyfriend and all our friends and I took my list with me and they helped me to write it and I felt a bit shy but good at the end when you can see written down every positive thing. For me I had everything from kind and loyal to great knitter.
    Loved listening to you today I’m home alone and crafting which is a thing I love to do and you’ve made me feel like I’ve got a friend here with me 🙂 xxx

  15. I suffer from anxiety as well. Now I take medication for it that helps. But doing my collecting helps as well

  16. Thank you for doing this video. I also suffer from anxiety. It is a really tough thing to go through. So, finding ways to cope are very helpful.


  18. im so glad you made this video and Im glad I watched it. It really helped me get ideas on how to break out of this hole that Im in. thank you soooooo much

  19. Have you ever tried CBD? Just curious if you had or not 🙂 if so, what are your thoughts on it? (I'm in no way trying to push anything on anyone, just genuinely curious)

  20. I understand how this video can help other people but for me it honestly kind of makes it worse because I come to your channel to get away from it and you just brought it out to me even more kind of feels like my happy place is gone

  21. That was an awesome video! Thanks for sharing your story & suggestions. I have a chronic illness, & have been sick with other illnesses these past few years.Because of it all, I fight anxiety & depression. I know that deep dark depression that you talk about. I felt like Alice falling down the hole. Besides your suggestions I find prayer which is a form of meditation helps me. I find if I can do something for someone else it makes me feel a bit better, even if it’s a prayer or giving someone a warm fuzzy. I have a gratitude journal. I have gone back to read it or write in it again,it makes me feel a bit better. Humor & laughter helps me to get through the challenges of life. I talk to my close friends & they have been a blessing. My husband has been my rock. I have a wonderful family doctor who helps so much.

    Since I have been bed & housebound, I have joined support groups online which have been a lifeline. I can also say joining some Disney groups has helped as Disney is my happy place. So talking Disney makes me feel better It’s so important to find those little things that make you happy & smile.Surrounding myself with things I like to look at always give me a lift. I hope these added suggestions can help others.

  22. Ha I am a girl from your school

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