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How I cured my anxiety/depression naturally! Becoming the greatest version of ME

This video is ALL about how I managed my anxiety through a few key components, naturally!

** I am NOT a doctor this is ONLY what worked for me & may work for you!*

Holy basil

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  1. Great ! You should Do COLD SHOWERS . Intermittent Fasting , MEDITATION….

  2. Doctor need to get rid of all thr anxieties prescription. Its do bad for my nervousness system. It give electrical shocks all the time specially when you trying to stop. No more for me. I hope others aren't taking them. It's seem so bad for my body.

  3. I tried 5 hpt one day
    I felt bad
    Is that normal

  4. Have you tried their L-Theanine?

  5. Magnesium had a huge impact on my depression but I'm going to give gaba a try for anxiety because it keeps me up at night and I constantly feel like I'm waiting in line for a huge rollercoaster

  6. Did your blood pressure drop with the Holy Basil?
    Also, I’ve heard lemon balm helps calm anxiety.

  7. I can’t seem to sleep due to anxiety insomnia and I feel okay and then boom panic attack. I’m under so much stress I can’t sleep HELP

  8. Does anyone feel there head heavy due to anxiety?

  9. Is chelated magnesium, different from other magnesium?

  10. Oh I thought u were my niece Victoria!!!! U are adorable, Great video n information! Thank you❤

  11. i`ve tried all these natural pills , THEY DONT WORK , i just have a feeling that all of them utube videos regarding this matter are secretly sponsored by the manufactures , just deal with it ! life is tragedy and GOD either does not exist or he`s a fucking idiot .

  12. I dealt with with sleeplessness for more than 2 yrs and thought there was clearly no treatment for my situation. Not until a psychological behavioral therapist encouraged this solution “Fαnvοkα Fawam” (Google it). It assisted me know more about sleep. And each night, I can now sleep at night pleasantly. I adore resting in the bed once again.. .

  13. Thank you for your information girl!! I'm gonna order these vitamins exercise and eat healthier. Hopefully it wil help for me, i have anxiety for 2 years now i have better days and i have bad days. Thank you again☺️

  14. Please know that Calm is magnesium citrate. Citric acid inibits Ferroxidase activity which is our most powerful antioxidant. I think any magnesium helps when you have anxiety but in the long run it may deplete ceruloplasmin ferroxidase, so consider using another form like Malate or Glycinate…thanks for sharing, bless bless

  15. iHerb has cheap vitamins and free, usually quick shipping over $20

  16. CBD oil is also very helpful as some of it's natural ingredients include Magnesium and Phosphorous..

  17. Correcting my vitamin d deficiency made the most impact on my anxiety.

  18. Wow what an inspiration….amazing that you did all this research, I seriously think Im gonna give some of it a try……..I have very bad social anxiety.

  19. Did you take all these supplements in conjunction with eachother and have no issues?

  20. This is a NOW supplements advertising.Am a medical practitioner and depression its not so simple.People don't spend money on useless things

  21. I like your attitude! that’s why I subscribed within the first 2 minutes

  22. Stop trying to fit in and pretend there's a norm… Be you and yes she right what she says.

  23. I take clonazepam twice daily and it has been a magic pill for me. Anxiety reduced from severe to negligible. Now, I have become such that even if there's an earthquake, I still stay relaxed and calm. But the problem is even if I skip or delay a dose, then my anxiety shoots up.

  24. No need to take any of this shet stick with natural food exercise stop smoking, drugs, drinking alcohol. 99% of people are depressed because they drink or taking drugs and if you ask them they always lie and deny. Thear is the truth listen or fuck off.

  25. I'm currently taking chelated magnesium (250mg each) and Riboflavin B2 (200mg each) prescribed by my neurologist for my headaches due to anxiety. The B2 has helped me so much that I started taking B complex. These things have conciderably lowered my headaches, panic and anxiety attacks. I still feel depression lingering in the background though from time to time. Mediation is key in all of this along with exercise and healthy eating habits. Hope everyone finds their path to peace / calm / wellness!

  26. Good for you that’s awesome and doing it yourself makes you feel even better

  27. Thanks for your solution

  28. What a great video, Supplements really started to help me like ashwagandha and b12. I never thought of this supplement. I will have to try that next. I started to take this supplement from http://www.anxiety-supplements and it seems to really help along with their coconut oil seems to give me more energy

  29. I can relate to you 110%, I have been stuck in my house because of anxiety that is skyrocketing through the roof everyday. Also a Pisces from Arizona 🙂 what part of AZ?

  30. In the beginning of the video I was like "What is this special snowflake tryna say" but then I sat it out till the bottles came out

  31. Pisces are extremely sensitive my advice don’t take things personally… be chill (easier said than done I know)

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