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How I overcame depression and anxiety disorder

It’s been 2 years now and I want to share my experience from a terrible time in my life. I remember how much i needed to hear back then that it doesn’t last forever. It doesn’t !!! If you have any questions- write to me.


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  1. I feel the exact same thing when it comes to medication, it has changed my life! When I started to take it i realised ive had anxiety my whole life. You have to experience that yourself to understand it. Thats why i get so upset when people say bad things about medicine for depression or anxiety, because sometimes you cant compare that to any other treatment.

  2. Have To ask, where you from? 🙂 nice videos and your super pretty!

  3. I've been suffering for years, I have had enough. It's taking away so much happiness in my life..thank you for sharing!
    you are absolutely beautiful, and your accent sounds very beautiful! where are you from
    sounds Dutch but I could be wrong lol

  4. Beautiful story from a beautiful lady.It is so hard for people to understand, i am 28 and for me it is an everyday struggle for me since my mother comitted suicide four months ago. thank you for talking about this subject 💜💗👍

  5. omg this made me cry. thank you for the words I'm trying to get the strenght to talk with someone about this even if its hard..

  6. I am going through something like this as well, I used to be on medication to help my anxieties and depression, its been about 6 years since.

  7. Thanks for sharing you'r experience honey ❤

  8. I'm going through all of this now</3

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