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How I'm Curing My Diabetes & High Blood Pressure Results in 3 Weeks Juicing

How I Am Curing My Diabetes and High Blood Pressure – Amazing Documented Results in Only 3 Weeks with Juicing 🙂 I begin juicing to see how I could cure my diabetes or at least come off Metformin and my high blood pressure medication finally. My doctors also wanted to put me on high cholesterol medication as well, but I reversed my stats in time, thankfully.
I performed this protocol for a couple of months, prior to adding other types of foods, eventually switching my eating methods completely for the long term. The biggest thing was knowing that it was o.k. to feel hungry. To push through that feeling to get the healing that my body really needed to live a healthy, happy life. I eventually got my feeling back in my fingertips and my brain fog lifted. My energy levels were amazing at last, and I would strongly consider going back on this at any point if my blood sugar levels got out of whack again at any point.
UPDATE!: As of July 7th, 2020, I am creating a new series of videos to assist you if you are sick and looking to make lasting changes in your life. I should have a new video by Saturday, July 11th, 2020.
I also have an excellent video about what to do now you are sick, what supplements are universally great to take, plus the foods and lifestyle worth considering. I speak from 38 years of experience on the subject of health and wellness and my fight against diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Here is the juice recipe I had for the first 10 days:
Each meal consisted of the following:
2 Apples
6-8 Leaves of Kale
1 Cucumber
1″ of Ginger
4 sticks of Celery
1/2 lemon
This cost me about $20 – $25 every 2.5 – 3 days

Juicing Machine Link (affiliate) for the updated juicer I’m using: https://amzn.to/2AB6MbY
You pay no extra, but it helps my channel to continue. xo

After 10 days, I decided to take out the Fructose in the apples and use large carrots instead. Since I have diabetes, I also decided to juice Bitter Melon too with the mixture. This was indeed an acquired taste.

I tried to buy as much organic, but to be honest, I just used what I could, as it was better than what I was eating before the juicing fast.

I allowed myself to feel hungry… This is supposed to be a diet. and on a diet, it’s ok to feel hungry darn it! 🙂

Coffee was also cut from my diet, cold turkey with no real effort, although I did have quite bad headaches for about 3 days or so.

I will have all the information on my upcoming website:
Future videos on this subject will cover my diet after juicing and my experiences along the way.

If you have any questions, please ask, and I’ll do my best to respond, especially if you’re a subscriber 🙂
More than likely, I will probably create a NEW channel just for all my health and wellness-based content to help you. xo
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  1. praise the lord for the internet i was searching for some natural remedy for some people who is going through the same problem as you and i fell on your video thanks for using your problem to help others

  2. I am confused the way to read the monitor level in UK and other example we count for normal 5.6 or 6 but when people say example 80 or 90

  3. My husband could NOT believe you did not dye your hair, lol…..he was blown away…n I've told him~ I've read about it all over the place on internet, but hadn't actually seen it happen on any videos first hand w good before video n after video…A-M-A-Z-I-N-G…lol sorry, I'm posting as I'm watching, so I dont forget train of thoughts….But, obviously, something IS happening n working for the better, if seeing results on outside, too …bc you DID look perfectly fine n great in your before vids, but there IS a very dramatic change for ONLY THE BETTER in your AFTER vid~ you look younger, thinner, more ENERGETIC, etc ….

  4. yessssss…you did it, showed a chart of how much your med stats went down.
    I, also, take lisinopril n hydrochlorizide to control bp n would like try natural bp stabilizer

  5. Oh…here it is, lol…Yes, more of these kinda videos…
    Do you kno who you remind me of???…You look a bit like Graham Norton, which I think is fantastic bc another very witty n charismatic British personality all over the place🤪

  6. did you keep your diet or just anything contrary to high bp, diabetes?

  7. My recipe is cucumber. Ginger. Carrots. Turmeric. Beets fresh oranges lemons juice and coconut water

  8. Hello. Hope you're now fine. Helpful video.
    Can you help me in intakes of different ways of diet or exercise for high diabetic patients? Or you had already made a video in prior? New to your channel 🙂 – From India.

  9. Hey Andrew, thanks for the demo. That machine you've got there sounds like the wood chipper the city uses to get rid of branches;) And the juice looks like green slime but if it works I'm in!

  10. How many times a day did you juice?

  11. Txs a lot you are an inspiration for me
    I m in the same situation you were in 12 years ago

  12. Fenugreek herb is very interesting. Its properties are it regulates blood sugar and it also tends to lower blood pressure and it reduces mucus in upper respiratory area. It also has ability to augment sexual hormone system.
    It is a endocrine system regulator overall it seems.
    Nigella,black seed also does these sorts of things.
    Im too tired to remember the other good ones, i will return and post more once i do some notes reading.

  13. What a Godsend this video is. I was searching on line for "juice cleanse" and stumbled onto your video. I'm a Type 2 diabetic for about 5 years now. I have been pretty careless and I know I'm not at optimum sugar levels. I don't want to have to take more medicine (currently take one 500 mg Metformin daily), and would rather find the right diet instead like you said yourself.
    Anyway, this is so inspiring. Do you recommend a powder product or pre-packaged product that I could use if I don't want to do all the work if I'm really busy for example? Thank you
    Oh, and 89! Nice!! 🙂

  14. Congrats, Andrew! More people like you should post on YouTube to inspire others so they understand food is medicine.

  15. I alway do it and give it to my friend and u can blender the aloe vera in ur juice too

  16. You lose roughage when you juice… so id keep the fiber and maybe mix it into spaghetti sauce or even into a smoothie… or make some kind of bread… I dunno…

  17. This is the first time I’ve seen your video and I’m impressed. I’m shopping tomorrow to get started

  18. How many times a day did you drink the juices?

  19. jeese that blender sounds like I'm getting a filling done. You really need o get a slow masticating juicer, it preserves the integrity of the juice, look into it,

  20. Another great thing is bitter melon before from under my big toes across to little toes burn like hot pepper and numb after 10 minutes walking bitter melon and bitters helps me now I can walk 3/ hours no problem people must realize doctors don’t want you to be better so they give you something to just ease the feeling so when you use natural herbs it works there are at least 14 places in the Bible that refers to the healing herbs just ask google and you’ll see them also google tells what is good for what my doctor told me he don’t know what I’m doing but continue to do it cause I’m doing fine you never tells the doctor what you are talking or they’ll discourage you from using it just keep a check on your blood glucose to make sure you don’t over do it that’s all folks

  21. Hi good job…but can you gain muscle? eat almost normal and healthy ? because with this diet I gess you will get smaller wright ?

  22. Biomedical Research:

    *Antidiabetic effect of combined spices of Allium sativum, Zingiber officinale and Capsicum frutescens in alloxan-induced diabetic rats

    * Treatment of diabetic rats with different spice extracts has been reported to reverse degeneration of the pancreas

    * Conclusion

    The results of this study show that aqueous extract of a combination of garlic, ginger and cayenne pepper has strong hypoglycaemic, hypolipidaemic and organ-protective potential in alloxan-induced diabetic rats. Oral administration of aqueous extract of GGCP modulated the body and organ weights of diabetic rats, reduced hyperglycaemia, attenuated blood and cellular toxicity parameters, and repaired damage to liver, kidney and pancreatic tissues of diabetic rats. Further studies on this combination of spices, mechanisms of action and clinical trials to validate these data, which may lead to the development of more potent antidiabetic formulations, will be carried out in the future.

  23. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely try it.

  24. I have just stumbled on your video and already feel that I am on the right path as I am on four of these worrying drugs that I very much want to get out of but I didn't know how, so thank you as I will not hesitate to get into your juicing method. Will give a feedback as I go.

  25. Were you taking other food in this 3 weeks or just the juices? And did it cure the blood pressure permanently? Thanks

  26. Do u eat other food ?? R u just drink 🍷 juices only,if so how long do u drink the juiced for ?? Is it every day R

  27. I make delicious juice with cucumbers celery and bell peppers and add sauerkraut and apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper . I love this and it improved my kidney function.

  28. Mmm come to think of it I might give it a try yea

  29. Thank you much for being so kind and let us see all the amazing things that you are doing it is really helping for me because my husband is suffering something like that . and that is the reason that i looking for something like this to help him. God bless you 🙂

  30. Back from the brink! Thank you for this.

  31. So what do you eat daily? How often in the day do you juice?

  32. R u just taking this without food if u r working what should u do because this cannot keep u for a long time

  33. Hate to burst your bubble. The diet you're on controls diabetes but does not cure diabetes. It is very true that with the right diet and exercise you can completely remove the need for any kind of diabetic type ll medicine.
    When I was first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes I was 60 years old. I got into an argument with my diabetes nursetelling her that I was going to go on a diet that would cure my diabetesand she said it was wishful thinking that you cannot be cured of diabetes. at my next meeting with her I brought in one of the books that said how to cure diabetes. All of the books about curing diabetes are all basically diet books. She was smug and said turn to the page where it says I'm now cured and I no longer have to stay on that diet because I was cured of diabetes. She definitely highly recommended these diets to 'control' my 'symptoms' of diabetes. The long and short of it isno matter what your diet is and what your sugar levels drop to, you are still a diabetic and cannot go back to the diet you had before you became a diabetic. If it was a cure that means you could go back to having sweets, sodas, sweet tea, candy, booze etc.
    It comes down to how do you control your sugar levels if you're a diabetic; a modified diet and the use of diabetic medicine like metformin and insulin injections OR a diet that does not need additional medicine to control your glucose levels.
    I have tried a number of thediets and fortunately after a couple of weeks the food actually starts tasting much better as in I look forward to having a salad and not craving a pizza or ice cream.
    I found the green smoothies and salads were the most satisfying combination. I also tried juicing; bought the best juicer I could find, found myself going back to the store or Farmers market almost daily, the act of juicing was time consuming and don't make the mistake of enjoying your juice before cleaning the juicer. If you don't mind the process and cost of juicing I would say it is the most nutritional diet.

  34. Well done i'm definitely gonna give it a go as i want to bring my BP down and get off these tablets.

  35. Generally juicing is not considered to be recommended for diabetes. I had an A1C of 6.8 in July 2019 and immediately went on a low carb diet and lost 40 pounds from 230 down to 190l. My A1C dropped from the diabetic level of 6.8 down to 4,9 a great level for any healthy person. All I can recommend is getting on a low carb diet and checking out the videos (on every related specific topic) of Dr. Ken E. Berry and Dr. Jason Fung; they helped me so much. Your juice would contain too much sugar in the form of apples and carrots for me.

  36. You can reverse diabetes with weight reduçation and alkaline foods.

  37. My mom diabetic GBP also medicine not working medforin an diaban

  38. Hi Andrew, I just watch your video for the first time but my question is, how can my aunty cruel her kidneys naturally?

  39. Hi Andrew. Congrats. What is the name of the juicer you're using? Please let me know. Ty

  40. I"m curious to know how your health is now, an update would be good if you can please.

  41. I have two questions.. Do you think that we can stiil take little white sugar in our drink n little salt in our foods?

  42. Andrew.. You 're amazing that you have overcome your health problem dramatically.. An so I would like to utilise you expertise in overcoming those problems..high blood sugar n high blood pressure that I' m having now.. I m a Malaysian who studied in the US. 38 yrs ago…ISU Terre Haute Indiana

  43. Pls how many tyms do I need to take it in a day

  44. It’s not true that after you become type 1 it’s incurable. I have cured myself so it’s possible 🙂 bless you

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