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How is my Blood Pressure?

Join us for an engaging discussion about high and low blood pressure (hypertension and hypotension) norms including visual charts and graphs to explain!



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  1. I take meds,took 3mos 4 my B/P 2 be good for my age.
    Just lost 20pds.retired , go 2 Church, relax ,no coffee,soda,fast food.

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  8. 130/90 my age 32 is normal or not

  9. Thank you for the video if Possible to answer 1 – The best time to measure BP- During the day with movement and food the numbers or reading change which number is correct to be determined .

  10. Hi beautiful senior minute I’m 51 n I have 150/98 what can I do?

  11. What are some ways to cure your high blood pressure issue inherently ? I read lots of good opinions on the net about how exactly Hybetez Remedy will help you cleanse your high blood pressure issue naturally . Has anybody tried this high blood pressure treatment?

  12. I spent just one month and a half pursuing the recommendations in fixing blood pressure level problems “nο†οvα yuku” (G00GLE it). I`ve got stage II diabetes, high Blood pressure and over weight. There is a need for me to pass through a D.O.T. Physical. I lost 13 lbs, my Blood pressure went from average of 155 to 136. I keep an eye on my blood sugar levels and it is now 125-130 compared to the last time which was always somewhere in the 160s.

  13. This blood pressure solution “nο†οvα yuku” (G00GLE it) really works. Some other products I`ve tried out only decreased the blood pressure level for the moment. This is the first one that does what it says. My blood pressure has been persistently running around 145/90. With Perfect Pressure its now working at 120/70.

  14. I don’t understand one thing. What if my blood pressure rises above 140 and 85 a couple times a month, is it hypertension or not? Sorry for my English.

  15. I began following this blood pressure solution “yumkum shocking guide” (G00GLE it) last month after having high blood pressure for Two years and being prescribed medication at suggestion of nurse. Medical doctor informed me blood pressure is returned to normal and I don`t have to put money into prescription for high blood pressure.

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  18. How about 104/59. Is it normal? Im feeling a bit lightheaded and also having cold hands and feet.

  19. Really … it's knowledgeable ,thanks The Senior Minute.

  20. Why is she teaching about "The Senior Minute"?
    She's a young sexy blonde!
    What the hell does she know about being old! 😉

  21. I love you your so good

  22. my age is 22..that day was my period is going on…my bp is between 100/60.. so is it low bp or normal?

  23. What is Hybetez Remedy? Does it work? I hear lots of people fix their high blood pressure issue inherently with this high blood pressure remedy.

  24. My blood pressure is
    155 over 102 is that high!?

  25. my blood pressure is 100/70

  26. My BP is 93/65.what does it mean?low bp??

  27. my blod perser 140 90 sam time 130 80 but i am wary about to much plz tell me what happend it

  28. I'm 17 and went to Higi in my Publix and it said my blood pressure at 24/71 was "at risk" scared me a little bit. But it's good right?

  29. What does it means if my reading reads 130/80

  30. Mine is usually 190/110. Ananavr, test, deca and other are supposed to lower it so I'm taking more everyday

  31. Im 29 amg my bp is 133/80

  32. Im 29 old my blood pressure is 89-126 is it normal

  33. I am very active daily… I have toothache at the time I took the test maybe it is not done precisely ,I will take another test again .thanks a lot for your information..

  34. Thanks anyway.This time it reads 125/89..am I OK ?

  35. what does it mean if mine is 138/94?

  36. They have changed the range for high blood pressure to 130/80 and higher.

  37. I am a 17 years old boy an I am a little bit work and I wanted to ask you a question. Does stress increase blood pressure? I measured my blood pressure today and it was 148-75 I was under big stress because I am a coward my mother had high blood pressure and I really don't want it so I panicked.

  38. What does it means if my reading reads 125+96

  39. I am 15 and my blood pressure is around 125/78, is it bad? Because I think the systolic is a bit high

  40. hii mera bp 60.-100 hua tha Dr. ne kaha Yeh normal he
    bt muje tension he kya Yeh Sach me normal he.plz reply Dr.

  41. You explained that so well thank you 🙂

  42. grandma is 89 yrs old. her blood pressure was 144/36 is that good or bad? two yrs ago she
    had a t.I.a stroke.

  43. After discovering the blood pressure solution "you must be really shocking dumb", my blood pressure dropped from 145/90 to 0/0. The only side effect is sometimes I crave blood or human flesh. Good luck. Worked for me.

  44. im 26 and my BP is 101/64…what the hell does it mean????


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