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How Microdosing Magic Mushrooms Helped My Anxiety & Depression

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I share how microdosing with magic mushrooms has helped to decrease my anxiety and depression while increasing my self confidence and love. For more in depth detail check out the blog.


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  1. I have done acid but never done shrooms. I was planing on baying a grow kit. Where and what enviornent do you recomend me doing

  2. The same stigma exists with LSD-25. In terms of harm mushrooms and LSD are more or less on the same level, and they are both pretty safe when done with respect and responsibility. LSD had helped me greatly in the past with very bad depression both with high dose trips as well as microdosing. Also with LSD it is easier to portion your microdoses more accurately as you can dilute it in distilled water or ethyl alcohol for accurate dosage. Mushrooms are more difficult to take a specific amount of the active ingredient as there are over 200 species with varying potency's ranging from 1mg of Psilocybin per gram of dried mushroom, to 12 mg per gram. This is a huge variation and unless you are the person producing them you likely won't be able to know the exact potency unless you do an ethyl extraction which can be fun but most people will probably never do that much work for pure psilocybin crystals.

  3. Hi there, What amount do u suggest for first time micro dosing?

  4. Anyone on any ssri medication and have tried magic mushrooms? I heard it's bad to take them both

  5. Oh my.. You beautiful being, inside and out. Such lovely energy and authenticity 🙂

  6. anyone who listens to gov't opinion on drugs just remeber weed used to be an illegal "drug" and yet who do you know overdosed on weed?

  7. I’m looking into the treatment possibilities of psilocybin as well. I’ve done a lot of research. I’ve also looked at the research on LSD since the applications are similar and both are highly suggestable experiences. I’m approaching this scientifically, and hope to control the variables and make the mushrooms a tool in my personal development. A medicine, not a party drug. I believe in them as a real treatment and I hope the studies keep getting funded. Meanwhile, while many can doubt self report, the personal account is a great deal of the data we have, and I’m glad that people like you are talking about them.

  8. hi Kelly , looks you have a good garden, possible have a little shroom here )) will be nice to go into you garden for catch a trip

  9. Too bad big pharma isn’t interested in curing anyone’s problems, only keeping people dependent and hooked on pharmaceuticals. Also, they have no way to patent something that comes from nature. Greed is killing the planet 😢

  10. God I love shrooms. They are nature’s best anti depressant! So therapeutic for those of us who suffer with depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses. I always so feel renewed and have a rewarding perspective on life, opposed to the daily grind that seems never ending. My favorite is making shroom tea

  11. I took way to much first time and it was hilarious i laughed for hours lol

  12. I love your garden so much! Also thank you for the enlightenment.

  13. look at the lens, not the view finder 🙂

  14. Great video… They helped me!

  15. Its nice to have a down to earth woman sharing her insights regarding the use of these earth made substances.

  16. where can I find a shroom dealer

  17. I'm glad it helped you out. One question though, do you ha e to face ego death before it helps with the depression and anxiety or is it done through pure bliss?

  18. Yep.. we should probably get married..

  19. How much did you take? 🙂

  20. Please Come cherish me 😌I’m a real fungi 😉

  21. I enjoyed the video, I agree with the point about mushrooms bringing a quietness to internal dialogue. I remember having the experience of being able to just “be” instead of constantly evaluating/analyzing/talking with myself about the way things are, and that’s a feeling that’s been elusive in my normal wake state. I think this application could prove especially beneficial for all anxiety related disorders.

  22. Did you just say "medicinal plant"? I must, on behalf of the mushrooms, point out that mushrooms are not plants. #mushroomactivist

  23. Thanks for your video, I do have a chronic anxiety, panic attack issue as well as a long term chronic pain issue which is supposedly partly psychosomatic. Wonder if anyone has found pain relief using Psilocybin? Have never tried it.

  24. So true about the mushroom stopping “mind chatter” they really do help me just sit back relax and be myself

  25. I don't know anyone in the uk who could trip sit 🙁

  26. Ok video, I’d deffo ‘try this at home’ somewhere safe, some cool music, good (very good) friends, you should be in a place that your comfortable, kick back an enjoy the ride. Only thing I’d say is, there’s No doubt it’s medicinal, and has been used hundreds if not thousands of years tribally, both medicinally and creatively, like way before silicone valley was even there. Out of interest what kind of shrooms are you talking bout, typical shrooms, or some exotic, Mexican/ Hawaiian stuff. Thanks

  27. can you move to the UK and marry me please

  28. thank you for the video, does it last long? do you still feel better when you´ve cut the mm out for maybe a week and longer?

  29. Thank you for this video.

  30. Where can I find magic mushroom?

  31. If you listen to her voice really close it sounds like the devil I swear I'm not making it up just listen carefully half way you'll hear it

  32. Silicon not silicone

  33. You didn’t mention microdosing at all!

  34. I wanna snort a Xanax, take a few shots then eat me a couple of grams of Golden Teacher. What do you think?

  35. Do you think a trip would be good to cure social anxiety to be myself? And for self esteem from a broken spirit?

  36. I used to pick my own in high school. I took a heroic dose at a house party and I ended up having a cop shine a flashlight into my eyes. He let me off but that was the most insane night of my life and I haven't done them since.

    I can definitely vouch for microdosing psychedelics though. Me and my friends rented a hotel room one night and microdosed mescaline. We watched a bunch of great movies and anime and had some in depth discussion about our lives and about continental philosophy.

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