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How to Bulk Step by Step Guide | Muscle Building Tips | Nutrition, Training, Supplements

The step by step guide for a successful bulking phase.
1) Make your own diet
2) The rate of weight gain based on experience
3) Training and Supplements

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  1. No complete muscle formation in your body please concentrate on workout and protein intake than teaching others not at all looking like a bodybuilder or physique model don't waste others time u fool

  2. bakwas tumko fitness ni kabaddi channl kolna chahi ta

  3. just here to look at all these pussies spreading hate, thinking that they'd grow with that attitude. great content man, I am just sad that I didn't read about this earlier

  4. Sir hindi me videos bnao plzz…bhut si cheeze smj ni ati…

  5. sir ek question puchna tha fat loss ke upr sir hum apni calories deficit me chl rhe h aur hum weekly fat loose bhi kr rhe h toh kya hme apni calories ko us fat loss ke baad thodi aur deficit krni h yaha phele waali calories pr sticl rhena h plsss answer sir

  6. hello yash you are doing a great job bro helping many people and guiding them.. bro i want to ask u a question that i am a 70kg guy and want to bulk so how many calories should i consume and for long should i bulk.. thanks in advance!!

  7. Want increase my weight… currently weighing 67 kgs and height 6ft tall …I play lots of sports, very active throughout the day …I workout 5 days a week…which supplements I need to take to put in weight..

  8. listen bro take these points seriously :
    1. improve your intro
    2. never comment on bodybuilding.com these guys are ifbb pros
    3. everyone has a diff body type ecto,endo and meso so ur diet plans dnt work for all three
    4. u dnt have a good physique but ur dedication is appreciable
    5. stop bluffing,you seem to do that a lot at some points in your videos
    6. U NEED TO TRAIN YOUR CLIENTS…. that was the biggest lie i have heard from a decent guy whose on the path of success
    8. your barbell row was way off balance…completely wrong form and posture and that 100kg bench press was also done in the wrong way..pls polish your moves

  9. Bhai i have recently joined the gym, my problem is whenever I lift the heavy weight my arms kinda get numb and then I am not able to do the next set even with the light weight. Please tell me any exercise by which I can remove my numbness instantly or give me any other solution. Thnks

  10. Hi brother , I am unable to view the second Meso cycle chart for the bulk process which you had sent me due to that special view in notepad process . I am facing difficulty with that. I have also mailed you my query . Expecting your reply as I am eagerly waiting to start the next cycle .

  11. Ur body transformation doesn't show that much significance

  12. if make video in English.. will be more helpful

  13. aapka body bahut achaa hai bhai. hii

  14. aapka body bahut achaa hai bhai.

  15. Please tell how many grams of protein and carbs per body weight should a beginner consume maximum?? I dont want protein/carb to be wasted

  16. focus on proteins and vitamins and minerals and little carbs and that should bulk you

  17. hey bro.. will carbs increase your belly fat.

  18. Bro for each muscle group how many model exercise you perform a day?

  19. Bro how many hours you workout a day?

  20. Dont misguide people here please, there cannot be differnce of 5 kgs .

  21. hey brah ..i want 2 meet u .. ur videos really do magic 4 me….thanks buddy for making such type of knowledgable videos nd ur effort…

  22. rare indian channel with scientific approach…very nice

  23. No offence but For an 88 kg Guy , you look skinny man .

  24. πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ’ͺπŸ’—

  25. osum vid bhai !!! very helpful

  26. your videos are awesome and better than anyone out there

  27. Haha yesssssss the songβ€οΈπŸ‘πŸΌ

  28. Nyc video bro… Plz make a video on how to break plateau?

  29. Great info bro especially the breakdown of macros!! One query is that out of that 2500 calories… workout calories are included in them as well? Or we need to take additional 1k calories for that?

  30. after watching this video. For me Fab fitness india:- India's no.1 fitness channel. #$eedhi baat #no bakwas

  31. Your tips are real and useful. I really appreciate that. Is there any way to maintain muscles, if some random days of week we are not able to attend gym because of work. Any guidelines would be helpful …

  32. Awesome bro.. This is whai i wss looking forπŸ˜…

  33. Thinking of following your workout schedule, I am hopeful

  34. bro i think 25% of fats should be consumed from total calories not from the remain calories

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