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How to Eat Ass

Not everyone knows the proper way to rim. Allow me to show you. I’ve organized 12 tips that will improve the experience for everyone.

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  1. This just ain't right. Shit comes out of there

  2. I searched for ,,ass eating asmr’’ xD

  3. WHAAA you mean I can't eat a chili pepper before I eat my girls ass out, and yes blow on the asshole!

  4. I play a game with my girl. I eat her ass and try to guess what she had for lunch

  5. The one thing I learnt on you tube that I already knew how to do

  6. 0:07 look at those fucking eyes. A sociopath.

  7. I would to talk eating a women ass with her

  8. A woman doctor? That's hilarious. What's next? A colored astronaut?

  9. I need my eyes need bleach

  10. ho wants to eat ass with a barrier

  11. Better put ur girl friend in Washmaschine then wash 90° with bleech then haa haa hi hi hu hu etc😂

  12. Ladies… I eat ass. I eat the whole ass.

  13. Divide and conquer!!!! Spread those cheeks and eat away!!!!!

  14. I put in a whole nother topic and this pop up.

  15. I'm afraid I would have to say Yes to this narrator hottie I'll do it 4:14

  16. damn she looks so excited talking about ass i like her

  17. I thought this was a different video.
    Okay that's enough.

  18. Forgive me Father for I have sinned

  19. I used this on my dog and he loved it! Thank you!

  20. Question. Should I serve white wine or red wine with ass?

  21. The only times I ate ass it was spontaneous and I didn’t think about creating a science project. We both love it and the sex was great.

  22. Any video about anal or ass has a lot of views.

  23. u act like everyone gets laid all the time everywhere..i dont guess im a loser

  24. what a disgusting pig this woman is

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