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How To Fuel For An Ironman | Triathlon Nutrition Tips For Going Long Distance

Fuelling for an Ironman is a massive task itself, but an essential to get right if you want to achieve your personal best on the course and not run out of energy! With over an estimated 8000 burned over the course of the event you need to have a plan – and we’re here to help!⁠

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  1. Do you have a nutrition strategy on race day? Maybe you have a favourite snack? Share your tips with us!

  2. Do you ever mix gels into the water bottles in IM and if so to what ratio ?

  3. All of this and Triathalon taren won't stop with the low carb bullshit

  4. If you watch pro cyclists in road races, especially the stages that finish with a big mountain top finish you'll see many of them seem to keep the caffeine gels for just before they hit the climb. If it's around 35 – 50 minute climb then I've noticed a lot of them taking a caffeine gel around 5 minutes before the bottom of the climb. They might actually want to take it slightly later, like right at the bottom of the climb but in the pro races it goes a bit mad just before they get to the turn or whatever that leads to the start of the climb with all the teams fighting for position at the front of the peloton going stupidly fast and hard so taking a gel then would be a bit dangerous so they probably take it a bit earlier than they'd want to.

  5. I went to a local Ironman camp last spring and I found the nutrition talk was the most important 30 minutes of the weekend. A summary of the IM nutrition talk can be found at http://tinyurl.com/vxy6a5p

  6. Thank you for another awesome video, love to watch the channel during Zwift workouts. I have a question, have you allready made a similar video about shorter distances (for example olympic distance) ?

  7. Peanut butter M&Ms. great on the bike – they don’t melt and have just a little fat but mostly carbs. Also a bit salty and easy to pack.

  8. If i can handle pizza during the bike should I go with that? I can basically eat anything and I have never had any problems. I do hate these bars and gels, prefer real food.

  9. Any comment about ketone esters?

  10. Ok, on the bike, 60-90g carb, 500ml bottle, couple gels, couple bars. Sounds reasonable. Oh, hang on. Per hour! I'm expecting to be on the bike for 6hrs. That's 6 bottles, 12 gels, 12 bars. Do I tow a trailer? Can you guarantee knowing what's available at aid stations to top up? Will it be mixed right? Lot of races I've previously done, the drink will be mixed lean. Plus that's a lorra lorra peeing!

  11. I've always hated the gels. So I never train with them, but I do find that they are necessary in an IM distance event. I've done many 70.3's without them. 20+ years of triathlon what I have learned is nutrician leading up to race day is the most important (for me). In fact, I tend to eat less or no meat days before a race with more vegetables and pasta, beans, nuts and seeds. I always thought that a big guy like myself (210-215lbs) needed the meat, but surprisingly since I have cut "some" meat out I have gotten much faster in my 50's. So much that my best 70.3 is 4h45 at 50. best Oly 2h17 at 51. However yet to break the 11hr mark for IM. I eat as many bananas during the bike that I can get in me. And surprisingly, I tend to go for the sugary caffiene laden cola on the run portion…but only in the second half of the run. I do have an energy powder (MaxATP) that I mix in my coconut water which I have two bottles of on the bike. My take on all of this is that even nutrician has evolved so much over the years that "we" are always trying to find the next magic pill to make us faster. Nutrician and a 55 big ring is the key!

  12. Thanks alot for your videos! This is a really interesting topic. I have big issues eating what so ever during my longer events. Have to stick to fluid with alot of energy. So I bring the ”powder” in my pockets and mixed it with the sportsdrink they serve at the stations. Very often I completely crash after finnishing and throw up just by thinking of eating. This is a BIG issue for me. I have my no 1 full IM in August and refuelling is key for me so yes, please dig deaper in this topic. Regards, Lasse a true fan of GTN.

  13. Forgot to edit the comments section? lol

  14. Lots of helpful advice/tips for this rookie.

  15. Caffeine is only effective if you basically cut it out 100% from daily life and only use it in racing.

  16. What about athletes who are successfully fuelling on LCHF diets? Hawaii IM Age-group winner doesn’t use carbs.

  17. Things are about to change. I'm creating a Swimcap with pockets for snacks. Also will be my special swim-snack: JAWS —>> Just Add Water, Slowly!

  18. 10 gels + water in a bidon on drops. Energy bar and salt tab every hour gel mix 30min between bars. Electrolytes in second bottle cage drink often.

  19. Well, you're answering all my question this week XD Thanks GTN <3

  20. I had 6 🥔 in my pocket at IM cork

  21. Are you going to do a big race this year ?

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