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How to get flexible hamstrings | Yoga Dose

This video explains how to practice yoga with tight hamstrings.

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  1. Did I hear a crack then?

  2. This 2 min video just gave me a better strech then every other 10 min video I've watched. Thx

  3. Very sensible indeed! Also it is essential to do warm up exercises like leg swings which are a dynamic stretch….

  4. Wow i never knew your back posture mattered that much
    always thought keeping your knees straight was ideal

  5. Very handsome with a nice voice

  6. thank you i really see your vidio

  7. Great content. Thank you

  8. This video makes a lot of sense and is informative. Thanks a lot.

  9. Wow.. my hamstrings are tight!!! That explains soooo much though, the rounding of the back etc.. btw, your genetics are on another level..

  10. 0:49 my position is here because my right hamstring. also i have lower back pain. could i do something for this. when i sit 90 degree i can't straight my legs 🙁

  11. It was really helpful to me to see the bent back/no hip tip vs bent knees/great hip fold – thank you!

  12. I worry about my back in a lot of poses due to my tight hamstrings. I do a lot of forward folds and though I try to bend my knees I can still feel my back rounding, it's impossible to relax my upper back and neck while keeping my back straight. I've been doing yoga at least a few times a week for the last six months and I don't feel like I'm gaining much flexibility there. Should I be worried about back? Any suggestions?

  13. thanks a lot. I see this problem ignored and haven't been able to find a yoga teacher online who actually explains how to do a basic pose, say downward dog, when afflicted with extremely tight hamstrings. How to adjust these exercises effectively. My hands hang in front of my knees, that's how flexible my hamstrings are <rolls eyes>

  14. SO HELPFUL THANK YOU! I’ve been running for 20 years and my hamstrings are so tight. Just recently started hot yoga and I love it but forward fold was so challenging because I thought I had to keep my legs straight. I just couldn’t do it and would wind up bending my knees as I dove down. But STARTING with a bend in the knees to keep the chest forward – total game changer. Thanks!

  15. at 1:32 you can clearly hear them stretch 😀 😀 😀

  16. Hi Tim
    Great thoughts behind hamstring flexibility. I have been a yogi for 5 years and came from an athletic background where flexibility was discussed, but never practiced. My thoughts on Yoga, when I was younger, no time! However, after putting time into my practice, I found, how inflexible and vulnerable my body was on the inside, but not necessary, on the outside i.e. perceived good health mixed with ego. Point is, to support larger muscle groups, I found later in life, you have to work the muscles in the periphery or one is wasting their time and missing out on healthier muscle growth. However, the point you made on super flexible people, I am finding in Yoga, is they lack larger muscle strength and they pay a HUGE price for such flexibility; they lack muscle development, therefore, what I am finding, balance is achieved when we have a healthy diet ingesting all organic, and sometimes, inorganic food types to expose our body to different elements for better overall health and infection fighting organisms. Too much of anything is not good including increased flexibility at the lack of larger muscle strength, based on inadequate diet due to some ideology, is not promoting strong mental health at the expense of our physical health… thank you and look forward to other posts. Genetics plays a huge role in my practice and have come to terms with my limitations accordingly. My practice is a combination of strength and flexibility and leaning things out. 230lbs is a lot of weight to work with on the Yoga mat.

  17. It sounded like his hamstrings were craking

  18. Great video. I felt so understood lol

  19. Thank you so much I do gymnastics and when we do the pike I hate it now I can easily do it also opened me to so many stretches and gymnastics surprisingly easier

  20. 1:32 sound of hamstrings tearing 😀

  21. Hi Tim! I wish I saw this great video earlier! Unfortunately I've already overdosed my stretching and my right hamstring hurt. I started yoga in June this summer and got too excited 😊
    Do you have a yoga video that doesn't contain so much hamstring stretch? I can do downward facing dog but not forward bend or half lift.

  22. "The hamstrings that you were born with might just have to be the hamstrings that you work with." This message right here touched my soul! I've always had tight hamstrings and now being a serious cyclist they are even tighter! Thank you for your words and videos. You're approach and disposition to yoga really inspire me, being easy on the eyes and ears also helps 😋 you're my #1 goto for YouTube yoga. Namaste brother 🙏🏽

  23. you say your hamstrings are pretty tight, but if that's the case why is your pelvic position essentially perfect? are you really being honest when you say your hamstrings are tight? im staarting to think that hamstrings really have no effect on pelvic position what so ever

  24. lol I been doing yoga for to in a half weeks I'm so sore I can barely move. my hamstrings hurt bad tho ;-;

  25. Hi Tim! We have a few questions.
    Thanks for the video btw. It was very helpful. So my boyfriend is the exact type of person you described. Everything you demonstrated about people with stiff hamstrings looked exactly like him. But he says that he mostly feels these types of stretches in his calves. Is this normal? Is there a stretch to target the hamstrings better without calves getting in the way or should he work on stretching his calves better first? If the latter, what stretches would you suggest for tight calves?

  26. Very helpful. Feeling encouraged. Thx

  27. This is super informative. Do you have a video about the legs? Mine don't life very high in certain standing poses or in me downward dog splits.

  28. Thank you. I liked the wide yoga mat that you used in this video. where can I buy
    one ?

  29. Thank you for the video Tim! My hamstrings are a real mess. This would be very helpful.

  30. Hi Tim! Are there any exercises that can help fatty body?

  31. Tim man! Once again, great information; really appreciate you putting up content.

    Are you familiar with any yin sequences? Or whatever sequence where one might hold the poses for a longer period of time? I'm not sure what the research is saying these days about holding static poses anymore for atheletic endeavours…

    Keep up the injury prevention, from one injured brother to an another!

  32. Thank you so much..! I had been practicing with my knees bend for very long time because my hamstring are really tight. No matter how hard I pull, I couldn't get my legs straight. Will this be forever?

  33. Hi Tim,
    I've become a huge fan of your videos and these quick tutorials are great! Recently, I've been having some trouble with my knees (mostly pain in my MC and LC ligaments) and am looking for a cause/solution in my yoga practice. I'm sure I'm not alone and thought if you have any tips or think a video on knee stability/strength/proper form would be worthwhile I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts! Thanks and keep up the great work!

  34. Thank man, I needed this.

  35. How funny it is! I was just about to ask you about this topic, and voila! You've just posted this video! All my questions are answered. Many thanks, Tim!

  36. Thank You Tim! I have real trouble with Hamstring Tightness, and will try this tip, especially in a Seated Fold Forward exercise.

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