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How to lose weight fast | Meal plan to loose weight | Healthy diet plan for weight loss in Hindi

How to lose weight fast? अगर आप तेज़ी से वज़न कम करना चाहते हैं, तो यह पूरे दिन का Full day weight loss diet plan अपनाएं | This video of healthy diet plan for losing weight fast with easy to cook vegetarian meal plan in Hindi.

In this Hindi video, we have shown full day meals that tell you what to eat from early morning till bedtime before sleeping to lose weight fast. The language used in this video is a mix of Hindi and Urdu.

At the end of this health video, we have given you weight loss tips on how to loose weight with day to day precautions about food habits. This meal plan helps in quick fat loss by giving you tasty recipes for losing weight.

Don’t wait. Get ready to see your clothes get loose 🙂

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Our healthy meal plan for weight loss includes all nutritious food including vegetables, fruits, dal, roti, chilla, green tea, chia seeds water, mango mint detox water, vegetarian khichdi, milk, nuts, etc. These foods will help you reduce weight and become slim. All our health videos are suitable for Indian and Pakistani men and women living anywhere.


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  2. Oats chila me ,rawa bhi dalna hai name likhe

  3. Good advice I will combine with this diet that I follow: weightlossin3weeks. com (Google it)
    I lost about 10 pounds in 3 weeks.

  4. Ghee is very important for our health… according to doctors

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  7. Mujhai lemon sai body main bohot pain hoti hai. Lemon ka Koi alternate bataye plz.

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  9. There’s no not enough protein in the diet

  10. Very nice video mam !! I have 1 request can you make 1 diabetes veg meal plan to lose weight including green smoothie (bitter gourd etc )please if you can

  11. How much quantity (gm) khicdi ki khaye dinner mai

  12. Mary pas v aik weight loss iss mn lemon ki jaga saib ka sirka aur annardaana aad kr layn testy v hain

  13. But I will try breakfast Oats chill a.. Thanks for the recipe

  14. I don't think k is se wait loss hoga

  15. Apne cuhtni ki resipe nhi batai

  16. Dinner me daal chawal ki jagha daal otas v le sakte hai na??

  17. It's a very good and useful video

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