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How to measure blood pressure

Full version of video here https://shop.tafesa.edu.au/LOR/Browse.aspx?ItemID=1702

Nursing Clinical Skills DVD 1 – Activities of Daily Living and Client Observations

DVD 1 of a set of 4 that supports the resource “Clinical Skills Manual” – includes hand hygiene, PPE and client ID.

The DVD includes ADLs – eg cleaning teeth, dressing, showering and bed making. Client observations T.P.R. and B.P., BGL, weight, height, neurological and neurovascular.

This series of Nursing Clinical Skills videos are designed to supplement the Clinical Skills Manual provide a practical demonstration of many of the skills/tasks required for nurses and related health care professionals working in the Australian health and community services sectors.



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  1. Some studies of TAFE NSW – Wetherill Park do it same her After 30 mmHG , she made the air go , they didn’t pass her because the mistake , its not fair at all , I hope the government and the administration will change all this nursing teachers with other new one.

  2. see can take my bp anytime

  3. The information contained within this powerful video is outstanding

  4. tell the client what their blood pressure is

  5. you keep the diaphragm of the sthetoscope over the brachial artery not the bell

  6. Wh Do do some Doctors take one's pressure with one's long sleeve jumper on

  7. I was wondering if the narrator could speak in a more uninspired, disgruntled, monotone, and insanely boring voice than she did?

  8. we do not de fleate the cuff after the palpation of radial artery , but we continue iflation another 30 mmHg and then listen to korotokoff sounds over the brachial artery ( that we have learned )

  9. Surely it makes more sense to locate the brachial, rather than the radial artery in the first instance, seeing as it is over the brachial that you are listening to the Korotkoff sounds?

  10. Narrator appears to be an alien… Let's hope it is computer-synthesized…

  11. This was excellent. I am a first year nursing student and will be doing my first blood pressure clinic at a senior's center tomorrow!

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