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How to Pronounce Diabetes Mellitus

Learn how to say Diabetes Mellitus correctly with EmmaSaying’s “how do you pronounce” free tutorials

The Hardest Word To Say In English


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  1. This is not the correct pronunciation of this word. The correct pronunciation is di-a-be-tus. Which when sounded out is die-a-be-tus. Which means if it was pronounced as you have it here, it would spell like this diabetees. There is no "tees" There is only one "e" which when pronounced gives the sound of TUS. Thus the correct pronunciation is di-a-be-tus. Not tees or z's. I am a medical professional and I have been pronouncing this word for 47 years. I am now retired. I know many medical professionals mispronounce many words. I understand that. I have been guilty of it myself. However, you are wrong here. Please correct this.

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