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How to reverse type 2 diabetes

Jay Wortman, MD, tells the story of how he reversed his type 2 diabetes, using a simple dietary change. Ten years later he is still free from the disease and needs no medication. He just stopped eating the foods that turn to sugar in the body.

New scientific studies demonstrate that this common-sense approach works well. More info here (completely free):

Dr Wortman’s website:

My Big Fat Diet documentary:

The two books recommended by Dr Wortman during the interview:
The New Atkins book http://www.amazon.com/New-Atkins-You-Ultimate-Shedding/dp/1439190275/
The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living http://www.amazon.com/Art-Science-Low-Carbohydrate-Living/dp/0983490708/


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  1. Thank you for the advice God bless you

  2. This is so amazing what he’s saying

  3. I had been feeling very bad for a long time, Just didn't understand what was wrong with me. I just assumed that my young past carefree life was catching up to me. But for some reason i asked someone to check my blood sugar about a week ago after eating a big cheeseburger and onion rings from a local cafe and was feeling very weird in my head, and discovered that my level was 247…I was shocked! I immediately began a low carb high fiber and within days it has almost came back down to normal. I feel great! I have almost to much energy, and i feel like a different man. I am more loving, less angry. I was tired ALL of the time, I had very frequent anxiety, and pee'd ALOT during the night. all that has went away! I used to eat fast food for almost all meals, and also no exercise. I now walk with the wife every night and am losing some belly fat as well. LISTEN to this man people! he can save you a lot of heartache!


  5. Great interview, I'm now on a low carb high protein high fat diet. Meats poultry farm good. The weight is flying off. Feel incredible. Before I was on intermittent fasting which did work great ,but this is a whole new level.

  6. Can beta cells recover on their own? Can they regenerate?

  7. All the dislikes coming from Doctors and Big Pharma.

  8. 0:06 Is he looking at me or is he looking at the doctor?

  9. Hello doctor I think Im showing sign what diabetes what should I do??

  10. I think government guidelines on how to eat is a BALANCED diet for HEALTHY LIFESTYLE
    What we as humans choose to eat and the effects of new ingredients being put in our foods such as HCFS is our ‘own’ problem. There is Big difference between different types of carbs, starches vs sugars etc and knowing how they are metabolised is helpful

    I think when we don’t eat enough starchy veg and grains with moderate protein and limited fat we crave sweets/ high salty snacks.

  11. Steve I am sooooooo proud of u!!! Jealous too bc I am 5’8 355lbs diabetic n jus can’t seem to drop no more than 10lbs over a 2 month period, bc I also hv thyroid issues. But the Endo says u hv nodules on your thyroid but they r not critical but we will keep an eye on them mkn sure they don’t become cancerous🧐that seem so ridiculous to me. They prescribed a very mild medication that just seem to rape my sleep so I tossed the pills in the garbage. Anyway I believe fasting is the key! Thx u! Such an inspiration!

  12. The Covid-19. Its got a lot of people scared. Rightly so. Death toll in the thousands. IN the Face of this new and yet not so uncommon killer, the world comes together in a massive effort to stop the spread and end this killer. Once aging Nature has delivered to us a plague of Death. Why you ask? is God mad at us? no…maybe.. but this plague was brought about by man like every other plague man has known. This in a nutshell is the result of Mans Domestication of Animals for skins and meat. This is a historical fact and it means there is something we can do about it to be sure it never happens again.

    I am a 53 year old male and recently was diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic with dangerously high blood pressure. Two disease that kill americans daily.

    It freaked me out so i started doing a LOT of research and i landed on a whole food plant based diet. As a result of my choices, I lost 30lbs, I have become non diabetic and my blood pressure is back in the normal range. also, I've experienced chronic pain for over 25 years and now….no pain at all. And all of this change in under 4 months time. My doctor took me off all my meds. I work out and live a happy and healthy life.

    Seem kinda funny that i can't find a single reported case of a vegan getting sick with covid-19

    Its amazing the power of a good whole food plant based diet.

    The changes in my life are profound.

    And if 50% of you took this message to heart and did the research, the changes to the planet could and would be profound.

    Prove me wrong. I dare you.


  13. What is the normal range of fasting and before eating blood sugar, please ?

  14. bus kro🙏🏽 kuch nha hota yeh sab kuch aur sab desi nuska try kr liya mera dad ka blood sugar level 520 tak pohach gya, Ladt ik Our Ayurvada company ki ayurvadic Medicine Le sirf 3 months Medicine khai, abhi thik hai aur koi Medicine be nahi kha raha

  15. Check out this article from Dasman Diabetes Institute (DDI) Kuwait too. It talks about Novel Non-invasive Method To Detect Vascular Complications In Patients With Type 2 Diabetes – https://www.dasmaninstitute.org/novel-non-invasive-method-to-detect-vascular-complications-in-patients-with-type-2-diabetes/

  16. A cure of diabetes would consist of being able to follow the diet someone had when they were young and had normal blood sugar while eating a variety of foods including carbohydrates like whole grain bread and fruits. This is in no way a cure. I have removed almost all carbs from my diet (keto diet) but my glucose will spike again if I eat them. I in no way consider myself cured. Medicine simply is not progressing in this field to find a cure.

  17. 11:22…. Wow….. I am so happy he said that….! Really.. This is my 9th week into Keto right now, and last week I had a very little bit of bread. Within minutes I felt a strange reaction, all over my body. Some sort of tingling. Faint, but noticable. I thought it might have been caused by something else, but it started right after eating bread. Now I am sure it was the bread, indeed.
    This is your body telling you bread is bad for you………..


  19. Dr. Jason Fung and many others say it it the fat which blocks the insulin and recommend high carbohydrates …
    How can you and them be both correct ?

  20. Thank you for your information!!! Loved it!!!

  21. I have been told I have type 2 diabetes, very high cholesterol, and very high blood pressure. I take three tablets prescribed by the doctor a day. I have stuck to the food plan I have been given by the diabetes society. I get told each time I see my doctors and nurses nothing has changed in my health at all. I'm four months in and feel I have been used like a lab rat being sent from one hospital to another. I was thinking of trying the keto diet as I heard very good results but got told by the nurse I couldn't because of my very high cholesterol so I'm stuck with this brick wall in front of me. I feels like a hopeless case with no answers and by the way no one has diabetes on both sides of my family!

  22. What was your blood sugar when you first tested it and recognized you had type 2 diabetes? This would be helpful to know.

  23. This guy looks so much like Vladimir Putin!

  24. I wonder who the 260 ppl are that disliked this content? Probably ppl who own or get paid by big pharma.🤔 or maybe its ppl that see the monkey to fat man evolution at the beginning of the video …i know it would be pointless to share this with my family, because they would see that and then think oh this can't be good for anyone …give it a thumbs down and that would be that. But i liked and agree with the inbetween content and can put that evolution nonsense aside. Have a good day,thanks for video.

  25. Telling that Medical Doctors are given no training in Nutrition (save the brainwashed dietitians).

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