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How to Support a Loved One Struggling With Mental Illness

Supporting a loved one with mental illness is full of challenges for many people. 1 in 3 people will struggle with mental illness in their lifetime, and sometimes it’s hard to notice the queues, and even harder to start the conversation in a positive way. If you have a friend or loved one struggling with mental illness, here are a few ways to encourage a conversation that will help lead to a positive solution.


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  1. its a shame im in a resident program this one lady has diabetes adn she gets ssd the government victimized her so severely financially she cant afford to go to several specialist she needs to go to she was born with type 1 diabetes what the sick low life politicians done to her and many like her to keep them for payign for her health care they gave her a 50 dollar co pay for ever specialist she needs to see and a 25 dollar co pay for her doctor that they know these people cant afford so the sick low life politicians dont have to pay for their health care the female with the diabetes also has to pay 50 dollars every times she sees her psychiatrist she has to pay for a majority of her meds she has to pay 160 dollars a month just for the medicare insurance and she needs to have a minor operation on her eyes every years to keep her from going blind which she cant afford even her middle class relativees dont give a shit about her they make good money and they rather her go blind then give her 50 dollars for the doctors i thank god i am on ssi and i get medicaid which pays 100 percent of every thing for me meds doctors etc i thank god i never worked on the books the governemnet fuced over people with mentall illness who worked in teh past 500 percent many of them with bad health problems can not afford to live since obama was in office and he took away their medicaid forcing them on way too expensive medicare its a damn shame how our government victmized the mentallly ill people on ssd so severly in many many ways i dont feel liek typing all the ways they vicmtize these people rigth now i have to go shopping if u r on ssi u r very very lucky just like me even charity care refuses to help these people on ssd any many of tehm get very little more money compared to people on ssi

  2. I low-key feel like depression is somesort of vision, ( I don't believe I suffer from depression, but I do know what being sad for a few days is like) like phycologically/brain wise they understand that the life we live in isn't suppose to be like this. I feel like from what I've seen, depressed people really do fight to live comfortably and peaceful. It's like they know we're not supposed to have a 9-5 and pay the people at the top to keep doing wrongful things.


  4. For getting people into the psycho-pharma system, this is another feeder ad. Too bad these ladies were so helpful in it. However, by the comments here, people are mostly unfooled. Yeah!

  5. omg "you can get better" Umm i have lived with mental illness for about 30 years and not one illness has gotten better I have learned to hide my illness better so maybe that's why they think it will get better. nor has any one i know recovered from their illness. this video is a waste of time and a load of hose poo. quick someone get the shovel.

  6. Need help? United Kingdom:

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  7. not really useful discussion….

  8. My dad is really depressed and i don't know how too talk too him about it 😭😭😭

  9. Can't let my homies die by suicide

  10. Omg do i have all the signs Γ—10,i have no hope.I truly belive sometimes that nobody is friendless,happiness other than drugs,seing family go downfall and not be able to fix it.I really want a girlfriend and havent had one,too ugly,too unhealthy,addicted to methadone and crack,have to envision myself elsewhere.

  11. You cannot "cure" mental illness. It is a natural non-conformity to a highly engineered and man-made system. You must simply pay the their way and allow them their space and misfortune. These are lawsuits that belong to both no one and everyone. In any engineered system there will be those who don't humanly fit in. Why post this here? Does it matter?

  12. The first few seconds it looked like a meme πŸ˜‚πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

  13. So many disturbed people in our society

  14. Red flag #1: Local news #2: LDS #3: Obesity and hair gel #4 ABC 4 hiring women for their looks #5 weird awkward tension

  15. Hi my daughter is a loving beautiful girl she is 38, has 4 kids, but she dont take any medicine & she is getting twisted everyday, i dont live with her, but her kids do, & they are stress out, she doesnt recognised me as her mother, & she is twisting everything about her life, she is really stressing me out! Please help me to know what to do or say! Thank you brenda.

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