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How to Take Blood Pressure : Blood Pressure Cuff Placement

A blood pressure cuff should be placed just above the elbow. Learn more about the placement of the blood pressure cuff and stethoscope with tips from a doctor in this free health video.

Expert: Dr. Robin Terranella
Bio: Dr. Robin Terranella has a medical degree from Bastyr University and has trained at Wu Hsing Tao Acupuncture School.
Filmmaker: Dustin Daniels


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  1. Bp 24 hour monither can you show me what happens in the hospital when dr. Gives me one to take home

  2. crack open a textbook :/

  3. It's the bell, according to the recommendations from the American College of Physicians from 2009.

  4. it's the diaphragm of the stethoscope not the bell honey

  5. any advice on how to place bp cuff and stethoscope on geriatric pts who have alot of excessive skin/fat

  6. This is very helpful on how to administer a blood pressure cuff.

  7. @lizzie423 the diaphragm is in the bell

  8. @Michael117american loose cuff = artificially elevated BP

  9. ur voice sounds like eminem …heehhehe

  10. this is weird he doesn't look like a doctor maybe because he doesn't have the ego that doctors have am always used to doctors that tellinfo like nobody is around and enjoying listening to them selves

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