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How to treat anxiety and depression naturally

This video explains how to treat anxiety naturally without the need for prescription drugs with simple diet and lifestyle changes and the use of CBD oil. Get in touch for CBD oil…


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  1. This was beyond informative. Thank you so much! Greetings from California!

  2. I have insomnia and tried CBD but the effect is far too weak to get me to sleep. The aim was to get off benzos but the CBD is just not enough…

  3. Your video was very informative. I recently became a vegetarian and have been considering CBD as well. How is strength determined?

  4. Use Hemp Oil. Cannabis seeds are rich in protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega 6, omega 3 and insoluble fibre. Choose from the reputed brands only with lower levels of THC and higher CBD.

  5. What brand is best for CBD oil? 🙂 i have anxiety and panic attacks

  6. In my case, I have to go see the doctor in hopes of them to allow me a medicinal marijuana card so I can purchase CBD products for my anxiety and depression, because it's not legal in my country. I know of friends and others who acquired their cards and are on CBD treatments, so I'm hopeful. I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow to see if she can help me to gain access to medicinal herbs.

  7. I like your videos. Mine are always about more serious stuff. But if you look at them I'm sure you will find something.

  8. Is that oil legal? And it works for sleep right? Can you explain more about this?

  9. thank you for sharing this video it was very informative.. I suffer from anxiety myself.. I enjoy your videos and subscribed to your channel plz check out mine and subscribe for support

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