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How to Unblock Cholesterol Plaqued Arteries

We are not an urgent care clinic, emergency room, cardiology center, or hospital. Do not call us and say “I have open heart surgery scheduled for tomorrow and I need cyruta so I can cancel my surgery.” We provide long term healing of tissue with supplements and food choices. MD’s “prop up” your failing body with medications and surgeries. Let them save your life and treat your disease. Our job is to help you improve your health and tissues so you never need “propping up” again!
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The knowledge about how to repair arteries has been around since 1701. Heart disease has many causes, but the most common cause is eating too many carbohydrates per day for years. The chemistry that ensues is known and how to reverse it is also known but is not practiced in conventional medicine and rarely in alternative medicine. That’s why heart disease is never cured but merely managed. Eating animal fats, saturated fats and cholesterol have never been the problem.

See this video to find four heart tests your cardiologist won’t run but should. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C76Rr…

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-Dr. Schmidt

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  1. You’re partially correct. There’s different types of heart attacks. This is one of them

  2. I bet he gonna become 200 years old.

  3. would camu camu or acerola do the same thing for opening the arteries because of the vitamin c content or is there something else about buckwheat thats doing that?

  4. You whosoever affected by heart diseas take follwing suppliment your blockage will reverse guranteed in one year
    Vitamin c – 3-4 grm ( if bp is high take calcium ascorbate vitamin c instead of sodium ascorbate vitamin – c )
    Lysin – 2 grm
    Vitamin e – 400 mg
    Proline – 500 mg
    Distribute dosage in parts throughout day
    Control sugar and blood pressure by chaging food and exercise and lifestyle is necessary for reverse
    Follow linus pauling and dr rath therapy

  5. Just gota add I love ur channel #1 on my subs.. whoop whoooop

  6. I don't mean to be off subject but I recently heard that Multivitamins don't work they just placebos.. is dat true Dr schmidt, be koo if u did a vid on that..

  7. What's the name of the vit c u had on there was too small to see?

  8. Sadly, the organization whom supposedly regulates our food needs to be revamped. Due to ingredients which are harmful to the American diet.

  9. I had a heart attack 3 weeks ago can you please tell me what vitamin C I should use.

  10. Once the artery tears are repaired (using natural vitamin c, etc), would that also clear the arteries of the plaque that’s already there? Hope that question makes sense.

  11. I apologize, i have not gone through all the comments, but you say that Vitamin C is the vitamin that keeps our arteries from tearing and you reference citrus fruits. Why do you not also reference green veggies like spinach and broccoli? Is there something different with their vitamin and minerals ratios that do not allow the vitamin C in those foods to assist in the tears?

  12. This was JUST the information that I was looking for. THANKS
    Those brands are not here in Europe. I can buy Acerola berry powder that is high is absorbic acid. Can I assume this has all associated vitamin C compounds?
    Further, those tears in the arteries: is that the same as inflammation? Inflammation is when the body is trying to heal something, but if persistent or chronic it is failing, right?

  13. What about just taking oral chelation? It clears out the arteries naturally. You can order it online.

  14. What about raw unfiltered honey as still high in sugar but the pollen is good for You? I been doing a Tablespoon a day with cinnamon.

  15. You are right everything is true

  16. I live in the uk can you please tell me if I can get your supplements here as I am 67 and had a heart attack 3 days ago and had a stint fitted and now they want me to take 7 different medications which scare the life out of me.
    I also had cancer of the lining of my womb and had a radical hystrocemety followed by brachytherapy and I have never felt the same since then. I stopped smoking 4 years ago and am not overweight and my blood pressure is on the low side. I also suffer from crippling depression and anxiety which I am taking Effexor 225mg for.
    Please tell me what to buy to help me recover without all the nasty medication.
    Thank you.

  17. I believe we get those tears or cuts from table salt. Use pink Himalayan salt, I think table salt has glass in it

  18. omg just drink distilled water and save your money from these hucksters trying to sell vitamins

  19. Please check Dr Caldwell Esselsytn and Dr Campbell they made studies how to actually reverse heart disease following a whole food plant based approach, Dr Gregger also shows the science behind it also worth to watch. Plus watch the Documentary 'forks over knives'. You are welcome.

  20. You link

    "See this video to find four heart tests your cardiologist won't run but should. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C76Rr
    " Does NOT work.

  21. I have a doctor friend in India inquiring about this machine, BPA. Can you be kind to post info on details please.

  22. Yes doctors talk about the tear. It's common knowledge. You are creating a straw man, typically used by chiropractors and other types of "healers" who want you to think they have the answers that medical doctors don't want you to know about.

  23. It makes sense that natural vitamin C would be better as there is wisdom in nature and Whole Foods contain synergistic cofactors. Many people including famous scientist and vitamin C advocate Linus Pauling made no distinction between natural and synthetic vitamin C. Some like Linus Pauling and Abram Hoffer have advocated for high dose vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid. Are you saying that ascorbic acid does not help the body fight disease through its anti-oxidant properties?

  24. i had a triple bypass, i have diabetes & lymph edema…im bedridden due to reaction from lasix lost all my physical strength…i cant make it there or afford the fee…can i safely take cyruta to clear my remaining other blocked arteries they didnt bypass . dr schmidt please tell me how many cyruta pills to take and do i i take with meals or empty stomach..??? oh i also have low folate & have low vit c scurvy too….as your video says….question is there any chance of anything bad happening when taking cyruta..like fat or calcium or something breaking loose and getting a clot or something…is there a risk with vitamin k2 mark 7 a clot as well..can you take vit k2 mk7 at same time as cyruta…also natto or serrapeptase too….thank you

  25. This guy has Short patience. His motivation is selling his products he is promoting or charge you for his services. Though his message may have some merits.

  26. If we are supposed to take vitamin C Complex, then what dosage are we supposed to take?

  27. where do i buy the salt

  28. Ended rather abruptly but a great, informative video! I saw a piece of a video on facebook where a chiropractor said table salt is 60% glass and that's what scratches arteries.

  29. How do you overdose in VitC naturally…you cannot get several grams of natural vitamin C…only practical way seems to take it via ascorbic acid/ascorbate

  30. Serrapeptease is what I take when my blood pressure starts creeping up, Drs best Brand

  31. Tausands jears ago Chinese has cured scurvy and groved sprouts and micro greens on large wood army ships for vitamin c

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