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HOW TO UNDERSTAND YOGA – Dylan Werner | London Real

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Dylan Werner is a former U.S. Marine Corps firefighter and wrestler turned world-famous yoga instructor.

After completing a tour of Iraq he spent eight years as a paramedic and firefighter in California. He then found yoga through martial arts, eventually deciding he wanted to dedicate his life to the practice.

Today he has given more than 400 workshops in over 60 countries, taught at some of the world’s most prestigious yoga studios and inspires millions on social media.

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  1. Dylan is entitled to his opinion and his views, but yoga is not religious.

    It's more like… Get to know yourself ( strengths and weekness ) and if one of your weekness is anyone of these anger/lust/ greed …physical weekness ydi ydi yada and so on ………….
    You would pick one or many of 200 different types/sutras of yoga, and work on yourself

    In my view today's world is mostly about physical fitness– hence hata yoga is popular in the west,

  2. Like we do gym for physical health in same way meditation and yoga are for both physical and mental wellbeing


  4. Tratak Vidya ki sampurn jankari pane ke liye yahan par click Karen #DareDevilVinod

  5. By the comments it looks like yoga is still misunderstood😄. Just like meditation , yoga is imo spiritual and founded in what we label as religion but not religious. They’re definitely not what’s commonly taught and practiced in the western world , however if someone benefits from the westernized versions then great! The original kinds go far deeper

  6. Actually Samkhya philosophy and Ashtanga Yoga is specifically NOT religious. It is a profound philosophy- Ashtanga Yoga is a method to return Consciousness to its true nature . To increasingly comprehend Purusha and break the illusion of Purusha reflected in Pakriti

  7. Hi
    You have interviewed a wrong person
    Fisrt instant, Who told YOGA is 'very Religious ' It's wrong
    Yoga is for the goodness of entire world.
    It's wrong

  8. In patanjalis yoga sutras, out of almost 300 sutras, only 1 sutras is dedicated to physical exercise/physical fitness…

  9. This guy seems really calm and i liked how he described people's perception about everything.

  10. Call ramdev baba and his buddy

  11. I am a participant if DDP yoga.it is Dallas Diamond Page the former wrestler.

  12. There's nothing to understand it's an ancient religion and if you're Christian Etc and doing it you are going against your own religion

  13. Hillary likes yoga. Wonder if they have yoga in gitmo?

  14. Yoga means unity in many ways I did it on 1979 with a good guru and really helped me now I am 65 years old and still convinced that is the best I have beeb using acupuncture and massage with a balanced intake of natural nutrients.
    My compliments to your program.

  15. I love the type of videos dealing with the mind. It helps me with ideas for my channel.

  16. “If you ain’t first, you’re last!” – Ricky Bobby

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