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How to use Mantras and Affirmations for anxiety + depression + insomnia etc

Mantras and affirmations are words or phrases that are said or thought by ourselves to ourselves. The power of affirmations and mantras lie in intention. By focusing intention we have the power to change the way we feel, think and behave.

Mantras and affirmations are generally simple such as, “I am beautiful” or “I am healing” or “love”. They are generally used in a resting state such as before sleeping, just after waking up, while walking, or in conjunction with meditation or other mindful practices. Mantras and affirmations are most helpful repeated in a slow, calm state. One can say them out loud or internally.

There is no right or wrong way to use mantras and affirmations. I like placing one hand on my heart and one hand on my stomach, closing my eyes, and breathing while repeating mantras and affirmations to myself internally. Play around with your own mantras and affirmations and see how they feel. Remember, it is all about the intention.


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  1. "It's ok sweetheart:) Thank you for being here. I'm so proud of you."

  2. I used this affirmation when I was working on my very out of balance root chakra: "I am safe. I am loved. The Universe has my back". It really, really helped me. Another one I'm using these days is one I heard on the Yoga with Adriene channel: 'The Universe is for me, and so is everything else'. Thank for reminding me of the simple but very fundamental affirmation that is 'I love you' 🙂 Namaste <3

  3. Sometimes, especially when I used to run more often, I use the word "Strength."

  4. A wise, old psychologist told me that when choosing the affirmation, one should avoid negations, as our brain and subconsciousness (subconscious?) don't catch "not" or "no" very well.

  5. These are the two I'm using most at the moment 🙂

    "You are far to smart to be the only thing standing in your way"
    "i'm okay, I'm strong, I can do this"

  6. Thank you for this timely video Connor! I say affirmations in the morning & better sleeping while looking in the mirror. I find it's helpful to deeply connect with myself by looking into my own eyes. I really digging this self healing channel and the music is beautiful & soothing as well! Much love to you and appreciation ❤️❤️❤️

  7. ♥ thank you thank you thank you

  8. I used visualization when I was at University to get me through a very rough patch where I came close to having to take a year off. I kept imagining over and over again that I heard my name being called and then walking across the stage to receive my degree. My visualization came true . Sort of like a mantra except it was creating a picture in my mind of what I wanted. Thanks for your videos on mantras. I will begin to use them in my daily life.

  9. I love you, Conor. Thanks for your uplifting, empowering videos.

  10. This may sound a little less "affirmative" than other suggestions, but I've started being able to just take time when I feel anxiety taking hold to say to myself, "Shh, you're okay, it's okay. Yeah, you're good. You're doing good. Easy," and such variations. I worked with dogs for a few years, bathing, cutting nails, etc. and was always able to deal with extremely stressed animals through that sort of repeated tenderness. I was never frustrated by their fear or aggression. Instead, I acknowledge it, and reassure them with my energy (which manifests "outwardly" in the verbal, you could say). I realized recently that while I was rarely frustrated by an animal's anxiety, irrational or not, I'd never had the same patience or consideration for myself when feeling fear, anxiety or any other form of upset, and decided it was worth a shot to give myself that same love and understanding that I so readily give to animals.

  11. Wow, I was actually doing that without knowing it's called a "mantra" haha … It also helps to close my ears too, in the beggining. After a while it gets easier for me to hear only my voice and breath. My favourite phrases are "I am here for you" or " I will help you" or "All will be fine"

  12. hey conor thank you that was so helpful! i found that i have most of the time some resistance to change lingering within me, if its is before getting out of the car or before a class will end. what i do then is saying the mantra "i go with the flow" to myself and knowing that everything will be fine. that really helps me to let go of that tension. than whenever i feel resentment towards what i am feeling I say "i accept" and sometimes imagine covering the unwanted feeling in love. so much love to you reading this!

  13. Nice, very helpful!! I love you is so simple I always overlooked it haha! But now I'm going to remember it 🙂

  14. I have recently started using mantras as well as some grounding techniques – especially while at work to help focus my energy in a positive and constructive way. Last January I completed Yoga With Adriene's 30 day Yoga Camp. Each day has a different mantra. This practice helped me try out some different mantras and also practice using them in a relaxed space. http://yogawithadriene.com/yoga-camp/

  15. You are the best Conor. I love you and your videos. I always say "the sun will rise again tomorrow" when dealing with tough situations. Keep up the great work.

  16. Thank you Conor 🙂 Much love bother 🙂

  17. "You can be and do anything!" 🙂

  18. a mantra I use when meditating is "I am not the body" as I breath in and " I am not the mind" as I breath out. repeating in my head. I've not really tried mantras out loud, maybe there's power in them. I should try x

  19. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you… this is my favourite gratitude prayer / mantra – but also to you Conor for all the awesome. I will definitely be trying 'I love you' as I have a bit of a self-loathing tendency thing that I sometimes slip into.

  20. Are you still planning to do a Vipassana meditation 10 day residential course soon? 🙂 just being curious

  21. I'm facing a lot of difficulty dealing with depression-and the cause is jealously. Jealously because I'm not fortunate like many other 20 year olds who have great cars big houses and money. It's getting so bad now that somedays I'll wake up very upset and start arguing with my family over these issues- sometimes it would turn violent. I am doing my very best to level.up with the rest of the world (or at least my peers) and do good at my work while doing well at University…but everyday just seems like an obstacle that I'm tripping over and its wearing me down.

    I've turned to Meditation for help and guidance. Maybe this method will help me push through?. All I require is your advice on where to start. Will using a application on my phone fir meditation be a good start (calm application).

    I live a simple life, no illegal substances no partying no smoking. What I eat and do is the world important to me. I've only recently switched to a healthy lifestyle, its expensive and I can't eat the organic foods that the fortunate do but I still try my best.

    I can't thank you enough for creating a channel like this. You're helping people survive this harsh reality many of us have to live. Thank you so so much.

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