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How Tony Robbins STOPS Depression & Anxiety In 60 Seconds

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Tony Robbins has arguably helped more people than anyone else in the last 20 years. The dude’s infomercials have literally been running somewhere in North America 24-hrs a day every 30-min FOR 25 YEARS STRAIGHT!

Tony Robbins came on in the 80s – sold more than 40 MILLION copies worldwide of “Personal Power” Consulted and coached the world’s best (3 us presidents) gets the call before the athlete goes on at Super Bowl or world tennis championship and is choking. He has the ability to turn it around.

His Companies have a combined revenue that is approaching $6 billion a year. Foundation feeds more than four million people around the holidays each year. Provides fresh water to over 100,000 people a day in India.

In this video on Tony Robbins, We’re gonna go over how Anthony Robbins does this. PLUS how he’s able to show SO many people turn their life around in just a couple conversations.

PLUS at the end, I’m gonna give you 10 RAPID ways at end of this video for you to try out TODAY that are free OR very inexpensively.

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“Identify your problems, but give your power and energy to solutions.” —Tony Robbins

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1. Cold exposure (plunge, river, ice, cryo) Heat exposure (Sauna at gym for 15 min)

2. Comedy Specials 1 x night on Netflix

3. Exercise (anything works) (Rebounder)
VIDEO: https://youtu.be/boEvuyQ50dM

4. Oxygen (wim hof method)
VIDEO: https://youtu.be/35Ypyk57ogE

5. Meditate 10 min (calm app)

6. Take 30-days off caffeine

7. Take 30-days off alcohol

8. Take probiotics (P3OM)
LINK: http://bit.ly/RTSP30M (affiliate)

9. Keep A Journal!
11 QUESTION TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE: http://refusingtosettle.com
MY BEST JOURNAL 2.0: http://mybestjournal.com

10. Listen to an audiobook while walking (Audible)
FREE ONE: https://bit.ly/2PiF3Og


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  1. 👍 LIKE this video if you want more
    💻 Comment something you agree (or disagree) with below!
    📚 *CLICK for a FREE Guide "30 Books to Read Before 30" http://bit.ly/30BooksToRead
    🙋🏻‍♂️ Follow Me On Instagram: @clarkkegley

  2. People trash on Tony alot and say his strategy may backfire. But the thing is he is professional he change his approach depending on the subject. He reads their body language and comes up what to say. But i think we shouldn't try them blindly.

  3. I really have to get on Tony’s show he’s really my only hope to help me get out of this shit I know it sounds corny but that’s how I feel

  4. Sure these are all great ideas to have healthy lifestyle and improve mood but to treat depression and anxiety PLEEEEASE!!!

  5. I rarely rarely comment. But I just wanted to thank you..I really love this video. It's not the solution to everything but it does help

  6. This is just dangerous advice at best. Sure, do things to help yourself. But do not put all your eggs in one basket thinking it's all fixable purely within yourself. Seek medical advice and go to a DOCTOR

  7. Video would have been better if you did shut up and make it less about you and about what Tony Robinson says

  8. This is bs snake oil if this would work in long term every Doctor would use the Method and we didn´t have that problem anymore. Nothing about this is so easy and straight forward like this.

  9. Excellent video, thank you 👍🌸

  10. This was great, I've been looking for "beat depression with diet" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Hanincoln Nanlivia Framework – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my partner got cool success with it.


  12. Very powerful and beneficial

  13. "don't you be smiling like that, you fuck everything up" Ouch… The guy must've went to buy a rope after that.

  14. Great video man! Simple and summarizes an incredible amount of wisdom in simple templates/action plans to take control of one's life. Awesome!

  15. That rebounder Tony Robbins uses must be one hell of a rebounder😂 I think mine wouldnt hold him😂


    LOVE Tony💗💗

  16. I USED to watch these videos. I want you to read. Take what I’m about to say as everything I base my life around. I have stood face to face with anxiety bipolar depression. I LOOKED THE DEVIL IN THE FUCKING EYE AND SAID TAKE ME BITCH I KNOW WHO I AM. What you need to realize in this world IS you have to be normal or you get eaten by wolves. I don’t say this as an asshole who thinks he has a smart comment to write, this is the real world. Let me give you an example. Two people Bobby and john. John and Bobby are friends. Bobby has an impulse which causes him to laugh in an in appropriate time. John looks over at Bobby with a disgusted face. Bobby is weird. John will take any opportunity he gets now to feed off Bobby and build his own ego. Don’t be John but also don’t be Bobby. There are things I cannot say to you people because I will get preyed upon. Your weird. I’m weird. Everybody is weird in a way because as humans we have an instinct, that causes us to rebel. Prove me wrong. Make up hypothetical society’s. See how you kinda cringed when I said that? Your weird because that didn’t sound normal to you. If I say something weird then who’s actually normal huh?

  17. good advice, but you cannot overcome anxiety and depression in 60 seconds! It takes months.. sometimes years.

  18. What a crock .. if your depressed the last thing you think about is changing the state ur in and doing things to get into a positive state

  19. I can vouch for the cold exposure and Wim Hoff, ive been doing it for 6 months, ice bath (outside) breathing and meditation every morning, feels amazing. As for sleeping, had insomnia for 20 years cured it with CBTi which involves habitual/behaviour changes and sleep restriction to fix your sleep drive. It has an 86% success rate but two most important things to do, regardless of the time, only go to bed when you are 'cant keep your eyes open' tired (never set your bed time by your watch) and get up at the same time everyday, get up, get light get active, let your body know it is morning time. Give your body this consistency and you will see massive improvements in sleep (or if you still have serious problems sign up for some Cbti)

  20. Come on man don’t piggy back off Tony’s work

  21. is it only me or do others see the half cut moustache

  22. Wim Hof : total concentration

    I'm a random weeb, pls don't hurt me-

  23. It all comes back around to selling something. Whether it's $25 tee shirt's, or $70 supplements, or $200 seminars . Books,DVD's
    Sure these guys have some good advice. But don't be fooled because the biggest benefit to all this advice is to thier wallet's . Highly skilled salesmen.

  24. Really enjoyed the video and went to get your 11 questions to journal on. Happy to provide my email address but you also want to link to my Facebook messenger to send them? What did you need my email address for then initially? Not cool, can you just send them via email?

  25. Dude…. Thank you!! Great video! You're great at what you do. Keep doing what you're doing! You're probably never gonna know exactly how many people you've helped and how many lives you've changed, but be assure that you are and that's the greatest feeling in the world to know that you're making a difference!! Keep it up!👍🏻 Thanks again!

  26. You explain this really well!!!

  27. what a self-serving, superficial, recycled advice with no basis. "cold exposure" has very little actual scientific benefits but its very harmful for sure for people with high blood pressure and can give many renal failures. There is a scientific article published on a 27 yo Japanese man who destroyed his kidney by cold exposure. Sure it wakes you up but the anti-inflammatory and other claims have zero scientific bases. All your "advice" is using vein and external methods. that coupled with your understanding of depression "addiction to your problems" combined with the ridiculous title of this video to stop depression in 60 seconds, all speak of your utter lack of understanding of what depression really is. How do you even recommend meditation with a straight face when you've never done it yourself for more than 5 days???? This consumerism, non-sense advice can work for someone who has had a bad week! As someone who dealt with depression for years, I find this video INSULTING!

  28. Im only 11 and i have anxiety

  29. Looking forward to the how to cure cancer in 7 minutes video …….. some good nuggets of advice here though

  30. I'm Depressed
    You have red chose
    Okay thanks

  31. Really helpful, thank you

  32. I cannot trust a guy with an unbuttoned shirt and no shirt underneath. Sounds like a phony.

  33. Pro biotic p3om four pills at once morning

  34. Very good pieces of advice, some of them I already apply but good to hear about some new ideas, going to share with some my friends, too

  35. Only just found your channel but I lob e it! Thanks for the great content

  36. Hes a major plagiarist and admits it. If he wasn't freakishly large he wouldnt be anywhere near his status

  37. unsubbed, im all for going meds free but this is going Scientology like..

  38. I love the video and I enjoy the energy you put on it, i know you probably know this already but shorter will make it move from 99% to 100%

  39. slightly off topic here, sorry…..but i was looking at a video of yours from years ago about bentonite clay…I'm from Australia , trying to get food grade CALCIUM bentonite…not possible here…only one I can find is in America but is really expensive….like really….will cost about $100 to get 450 grms here…….you got any good source ideas..? ta, appreciate it…

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