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INNER PEACE | Stop Self-Harm | Helps with Depression and Anxiety | Luminals.

Open me senpai to see more info & grab your downloadable MP3 ʕ•͡ɛ•͡ʼʼʔ.

This subliminal aims to help you:
• Gain Inner Peace – feeling peaceful, calm and helping you to get better.
• Helps you stop self-harming yourself.
• Helps you deal with your depression.
• Helps you deal with your anxiety.
• Permanent results.
• Fast results.

You can download MP3 here: https://goo.gl/ABBDZK
I recommend listening to this subliminal 3-6 times a day with a booster for best results. Remember that you may not get rapid results at first, so make sure to stay positive, drink water, and use a booster. Listen to this subliminal at 50% or lower volume.

•Non-Frequency, binaural, etc
•Downloadable – can be downloaded as .mp3
•You can listen to it overnight
•Can be played without headphones or with one earbud in
•UNISEX – unless specifically stated.
▹ there are no guarantees or promises, implied or explicit this will work for you. As it subliminals works differently for each person due to factors such as mental state, health etc.
▹ this does not subtitute any type of professional health care and I do not hold any liability for any decisions made because of this or any other subliminal in my channel.

If you want to commission a request from me, please check this for information etc.: https://youtu.be/U2KCIDvkm1M

Soul and Mind by E’s Jammy Jams.

Image: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/8b/b5/cc/8bb5cc955d1d20f93f60cc2dc91a9747.jpg


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  1. I'm thinking of converting my old subliminals to silent subliminals.
    If someone is interested tell me which ones of my older subliminals are you interested a silent subliminal version of? The most voted ones are the ones I'm going converting.

    PS. I already converted both my improved versions of my Ultimate Skin combos along with my Powerful Flush. They are going to be posted these coming days.

  2. If your curious this work, it does. I was my lowest point, extremely depressed and want to kill myself until I found this. This saved my life and WAY better than drugs(anti-depressed pills)
    Thanks for creating this

  3. I love this series of subs. Most subs are focused on appearance but mental health is so important!

  4. I don’t necessarily struggle with depression as bad as I used to but life gets hard and it finds its way back to mess with me and the anxiety is always here. So I need this in life for sure, I’m honestly loving your channel. 💛

  5. i can’t get a hold of myself. every time i have more then like 5 seconds just focusing on my thoughts and not trying to distract myself, i feel sick and sand and wrong and horrible. i’ve not been able to sleep because i can’t stop crying when i try to and the only way to not have a fuckin breakdown every single night is to distract myself until i pass out. we had to run a mile today and i almost passed out due to not sleeping. i can’t go on social media without crying, i can’t even imagine getting out of this hole i’ve dug myself into.

    sorry just really needed to vent. anyway, this is my last resort, hoping it works.

  6. Starting tomorrow, I’ll update every time I hurt myself. I do it frequently, but I hope I don’t to have to update that often. I’ve been trying to stop since February of 2017, and I just can’t. I’m sick of feeling so hopeless, I want to get better and I want to love myself. I really hope this works.

    1/25/19: I cut

    1/27/19: I cut a little bit

    1/28/19: I cut again, sorry I’m having some issues at home which are making me more upset than usual

    1/30/19: I almost cut but I didn’t!

    1/31/19: I scratched my arms a bit but I didn’t cut

    2/4/19: I found a really sharp rock at the park, so I was wondering how it would feel to cut with it (it wasn’t dirty don’t worry) and I was kinda upset anyway so…

    2/6/19: I cut myself two different times

    2/9/19: I lost my razor blade. I know it’s for the better, but I’m upset about it, and worried because I kept it in a notebook and it fell out in someone’s car, and I didn’t realize until later. I hope they don’t notice it…

    2/12/19: I burnt my arm a few times with a hot glue gun

    2/13/19: I cut myself a bit with really sharp scissors

    2/18/19: I’ve just been getting so much sadder. I love your channel a lot, but I just don’t think this is gonna work. I keep dreaming about buying razor blades, and I’ve been contemplating suicide for a couple weeks now. I panic every time I pass by pencil sharpeners and razors. I just don’t think I can keep listening to this.

  7. Thank you for the great jazz. It is nice to hear something other than 'nature sounds'.

  8. Does this make your self harm scars go away too..?

  9. I don’t really like the idea of these, but putting this on 2x speed makes it sound so cheerful! Putting it on 0.5x speed sounds a little creepy.

  10. i used to wonder why you only do paid requests ..now i dont .. i am literally so upset over dove and galaxy and malibu leaving …its so sad.. this is better..the lesser the requests and shit .. the lesser the drama .
    PS i am snowwy from amino i use ur art package subliminal .. its working good for me .. will share results with you next month 🙂 thanks and please dont leave .

  11. Im not so sure if i have anxiety or depression, even though it seems like it, Ill give this out a try later on.

  12. thanks, i really needed this <3

  13. welcome back this is a great sub 🙂

  14. Glad you're back! I can get use of a little peace so your sub comes out – like so often – at the right time ^^

  15. stop attacking my playlist like this

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