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INNER PEACE | Stop Self-Harm | Helps with Depression and Anxiety | SILENT Luminals .

Subliminal with audio version here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRcd8qbVmEs

Open me senpai to see more info & grab your downloadable MP3 ʕ•͡ɛ•͡ʼʼʔ.

This subliminal aims to help you:
• Gain Inner Peace – feeling peaceful, calm and helping you to get better.
• Helps you stop self-harming yourself.
• Helps you deal with your depression.
• Helps you deal with your anxiety.
• Permanent results.
• Fast results.

You can download MP3 here: https://goo.gl/9zR1sN
READ THIS: You can listen to your music or watch the TV, etc. while this is playing in the background. Listen to this subliminal at 40%-70% volume (or full volume… I personally, play at the highest volume if I’m playing it on a SPEAKER).

Silent subliminals are non-audible brain entrainment recordings. Unlike binaural beats, the frequencies are not layered with music or ambient sounds of any kind.
This makes them inaudible to the human ear. A subliminal track is usually made up of voice recordings transposed into high-level frequencies. These frequencies penetrate the brain without your awareness.
(READ MORE HERE: https://www.binauralbeatsmeditation.com/a-newbies-guide-to-silent-subliminals/)

•Non-Frequency, binaural, etc
•Downloadable – can be downloaded as .mp3
•You can listen to it overnight
•Can be played without headphones or with one earbud in
•UNISEX – unless specifically stated.
▹ there are no guarantees or promises, implied or explicit this will work for you. As it subliminals works differently for each person due to factors such as mental state, health etc.
▹ this does not subtitute any type of professional health care and I do not hold any liability for any decisions made because of this or any other subliminal in my channel.

If you want to commission a request from me, please check this for information, etc.: https://youtu.be/U2KCIDvkm1M


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  1. I'm thinking of converting my old subliminals to silent subliminals.
    If someone is interested tell me which ones of my older subliminals are you interested a silent subliminal version of? The most voted ones are the ones I'm going converting.

    PS. I already converted both my improved versions of my Ultimate Skin combos along with my Powerful Flush. They are going to be posted these coming days.

  2. I love that this is quiet so I can play this around my boyfriend 🙂 We can both heal and be happy 😊 Thank you

  3. Omg I'm so happy rn if this works im no joke gonna cry at the end of my school year we have this field trip and we go to the pool and I don't want to miss out on it cuz of my damn self harm scars!!

  4. The very outstanding thing is the condition that everybody has this within us, considering that it is possible to truly really make a difference in in what way we relate to this funny reality that we call living. We actually do hold the potential to bring about actual, long-term change.You see we are actually super strong, everyone of us. It’s not some medication, or fancy new drug which will guide us to the most incredible spot that we can be.

  5. wow, thank you so much ! i'll be using this

  6. would really appreciate it if the subliminal messages are listed in description. thanks.

  7. Is it bad that I can hear the buzzing ringing sound??

  8. No dislikes. That's awesome. I definitely will use; I have depression and bad social anxiety and I hate it.

  9. I am so sick of being in pain while being ignored.

  10. I can't thank you enough for this it helped me a lot

  11. How many times should I listen to this subliminal?

  12. I like actual silent subliminals, great idea for this one 🙂 I like that I can play other videos and listen to music with subliminals in the background.

  13. i found dis right after my panic attack and i instantly felt more calm and collected

  14. So according to the description, this is also a booster?

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