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Instructional Video for Measuring Blood Pressure CNA Skill

This step-by-step instructional video will demonstrate the proper way to measure and record the blood pressure, which is one component of measuring a patient’s vital signs. This skill is demonstrated according to current Florida CNA exam standards and includes counting for one full minute. This skill is used in CNA, RN and LPN training. Additional resources can be found at 4YourCNA.com. Order your blood pressure kit from http://www.4yourcna.com/kit Enroll in our online program for practice tests, online workbook, instructional videos, supply kits and our step by step skills booklet to give you the skills you need to pass the FL CNA state exam! 4YourCNA.com – For ALL your CNA needs!



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  1. Best channel by far for CNA training in my humble opinion. Ty!!!

  2. my dr's offic doesn't use a alcohol pad on the piece of the stethoscope that goes on my chest-in face I don't ever recall anyone doing that out side of this video in a health care setting. Is there a reason for this?.

  3. The tube is on the center. Not on the side of the arm.

  4. 1. ask what was the last BP
    2. usually inflate till 200
    3. listen carefully coz sometimes first beat is too low (like me) – my classmates often have a bad wrong reading on me.

    I know how to BP since 14yrs old 🙂 I am 34 now. I monitor my BP usually 120/80 at night 130/80 morning till afternoon

  5. My girlfriend works at a skilled nursing facility. Most of her patients are elderly and rather frail. What would be the best stethoscope for taking blood pressure manually?
    I am going to get her a Littmann Cardiology stethoscope.
    Would the Master Cardiology Stethoscope with a single sided 2 inch, 3.2 Ounce chestpiece work better than a Littmann Cardiology IV with a double sided 1.3 & 1.7 inch, 3.1 Ounce chestpiece.

  6. thanks guy. i have a vital signs exam tomorrow. nervous that i wont be not able to use the blood pressure cuff correctly, or find a pulse with the stethoscope.but now i know what to look for.

  7. Never leave the pt chart unattended!!!! She should've taken it with her when she went to wash her hands!

  8. She should heard the first blood pressure rate at 130 and not at 120, so it should be documented at 130 not 120…two failsssss

  9. She should've first retrieve:
    appropriate equipment
    explain the procedure
    washed her hands
    close curtain for privacy
    identified the patient
    Then proceed with the skill faillll

  10. The creation of this video is A1, Congratulations

  11. Thank you so much! Very helpful

  12. Sometimes inflating to 180mmhg maybe too painful for some elderly or if someone has a brittle bone condition. In this case while your inflating the cuff with your dominant hand use your other hand to continuously palpate the radial pulse. Once pulse ceases inflate additional 30mmhg then start deflating your cuff to assess b/p. Tip: what number the pulse ceases while you are palpating the radial pulse is the number in the sphygmomanometer where the SBP mostly likely to be heard first.

  13. A very helpful video.. Thank you for sharing this video for everyone.

  14. Thank you for this video I was sooo confused about how to take pressure properly. I think im going to be good at work tomorrow!

  15. having large Biceps could cause inaccurate readings?

  16. BP cuffs should be cleaned as well between clients.

  17. Doesn't this mean that blood pressures tests are biased? Not everyone's hearing is the same

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  19. I bought a Blood pressure tester. Don't know about medicine but triying to learn to check my pressure for myself..

  20. Thanks it's very help full

  21. Thank you so much. This is the best video I had watch . I have watch many. After watch this video I think I may take the CNA course online.

  22. On my computer it takes it a long time to load and it strees me out soooooooo bad!!!

  23. When I learned, you pumped to 160 and no higher. If you started getting sounds right away then you deflate the cuff and pump higher but first you would have noted if the patient had hypertension or asked if any high BPs in past. Her technique is wrong because of the bumping as needle is going down. You want it to be a smooth release…don't hesitate to open the valve at the top (which can cause a false reading) and don't allow it to "hang" causing the bumping. If I were the examiner listening in, I wouldn't have passed her. Too many false readings in dr. offices nowadays which is what you'll get if BP is not taken correctly.

  24. Poor body mechanics. she is bending ….

  25. She cleaned the diaphragm and the ear piece with same antiseptic pad? 

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