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Introvert Island: Anxiety, Depression & Motivation.

My biweekly mental health chat!
Please stay on topic or else I will have to make use of the ‘Emerald Hammer of Justice’ and boot you!


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  1. make more when youre ready. i will wait forever (no homo)

  2. Good conversation guys.

  3. Really Sorry I missed this Introvert Island. :(. We were doing Grand kid things all day.

  4. Thank you for the hangout, Lisa, loved it! It's a great chance to find out how everyone is doing, really! And thank you for the invite to another one;) I appreciate it!

  5. lol poor @Mikael Glännström, he got to finish a sentence like once during the entire hangout.

  6. Diet, including huge amounts of vitamin D

    Thankyou very much, that will be all

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