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Is it normal for my anxiety & depression to come and go? | Kati Morton

Every Tuesday & Friday I post a journal prompt to help keep you motivated and working on yourself!
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1. What should we call our community? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 2. #katifaq Is it normal for things such as depression, anxiety etc, to sort of come and go, like sometimes they are so bad you really cannot function at all and other times its like they barely exist? Also is it normal for my self harm to improve my mood so that i cant even really remember the issue? I’ve found that sometimes i have a week that i feel ok, but then i look back and i have self harmed everyday that week and i think thats why my week was ok, does that make sense? Thanks xx⬇️ LINKS BELOW ⬇️
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  1. I remember my last depressive episode that ended about 2 months ago.
    I have never felt so low and it lasted for almost 5 months. During that times i felt happy only one day , i remember even the day (22 of july).
    During this time i had really negative thoughts , including suicide.
    But then fortunatelly it stopped and i finally felt normal again.
    Now i know that Im out of that condition but i know that i will come back and the next time it will hit even garder than previus times

  2. the worse is when you get depress then get anxiety because of it. then get depression because of the anxiety. is a vicious demonic cycle. then on top of that you get the physical symptoms that can cause panic attacks. is awful…

  3. For me. My anxiety is always with me. Maybe Except a few years I had no anxiety during high school. But anyways I feel it’s always there. Except. There’s times/ months where I can go about my day /life. And there’s there’s times when it comes back but stronger. Where start to feel scared almost everyday. And it can start to cripple me socially or in my day to day activities. I’m currently going through that now. Idk why but my anxiety has came back. And I’m scared it’ll get super bad like It has before

  4. what is your fav. animal? what are a few words that come straight into your mind when you think of strength, perseverance, inspiration, or encouragement to you? (trying to help you with a name for the crew lol. Question- is it normal for depression to come out of nowhere for the first time in your life? It feels like I can't find my happy. I feel really down. I cannot shake it off. It happened four days ago, and it feels like i lost my smile. Is this normal? I dont know why it happened…thank u for all u do. U are an amazing woman 🙂 about to order your book!!!!

  5. it comes and goes i usually numb the sadness for depression with video gaming . but a question i it unhealthy for someone to sometimes wish they have never been born

  6. I honestly don’t know if you’ll read this but I’ve enjoyed watching some of your videos a lot. I really struggle with depression. It’s so difficult.

  7. ¿Could you make a video about hocd?

  8. The Minders? The M.H. Crew (Mental Health)? The Mores (cause we look to better ourselves)?

  9. I love how you refer to us all as we. You have such clarity and knowledge that you would not be relatable if you didn't say we. I vote for KatyMortonMob

  10. Your videos are really helpful. I recently subscribed and I've learned a lot. But I can't help but wonder why you use swear words in your videos. I know it's very common but it's very offensive and I don't like being subjected to it. It would be nice if you could kick it up a notch and it would be so much more professional & pleasant. Just a thought.

  11. Lol I always wondered where the name " Kinions came from"..It's a bit more obvious now 🙂

  12. Kati's Kids???…hi kids! Maybe most adults don't care to be called a kid but I don't mind, probably just the teacher in me. 🤗 rambling is my favorite💗p.s. I love a girl that can casually swear in the middle of a conversation. 😉

  13. lol I had to rewind the vid to make sure I actually heard you cuss 😄

  14. my depression comes and goes randomly. mines came back yesterday as i was leaving gym and going home from buying a healthy dinner to eat. on my way home it just hit me. i felt so down, negative, lonely, and i start questioning things about my life when i see everyone walking by me in pairs or groups while i was the only person that's by myself and singled out like a loner. i just felt so sad, depressed, and also didn't want to eat or do anything when i got home.

  15. I struggle with mood disorder, along with depression, anxiety disorder, and PTSD.

  16. I thought my Depression and Anxiety was a normal mindset and life for everyone untill i was diagnosed. I didn't actually know that everyone else felt different to me. I though i had just been a baby for the last 15 years.

  17. I haven’t been properly diagnosed but I feel that usually I have depression but sometimes it comes and goes and it’s stopping me from getting help because i don’t feel that people will think I actually have it

  18. I don't subscribe to any chanel sorry by by

  19. I have horrible anxiety. Panic attacks that come at random, I can never look someone in the eyes when I talk, I stutter and hold myself tight when I'm scared.
    But despite my anxiety, I force it away when talking to someone professional. Like officers or teachers, but anyone else, I can only show my anxious side, even when I try not too.

  20. You're an angle, such a blessing to earth Katie thank you for being so caring and helpful

  21. Is there an official name yet?

  22. so this is how kinions started? lol awesome.

  23. Woah I've never heard her cuss lol

  24. Survivors! 💪🏻 fighters!!

  25. I'd be proud to be a Morlock, from H. G. Wells' Time Machine.

  26. Call us "seedlings" 🙂 because people are growing from the ground up to become trees

  27. hi my name is susan for two years i have had depression some days i don't and some days i do it like I'm on a roller coster ride of mood swings

  28. I can relate to this video.

  29. The Morning Kats should be the fan base name

  30. I was always wondering with this question. Thank you for making the answer clear and easy to understand.

  31. I love the song from Rachel Platten – Stand by you.. My best friend dedicated that song to my other friend and me. It has been a song that bring back memories. I only listen to it now only on Radio or once a week. I haven't listened to it much. I noticed it brings down my mood in a way. I thought that was a good comment for moods being up and down.

  32. "why the f- are you still here?" Exactly.

  33. Episodes? For me it has been quite consistent for 25 years or more.

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