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Jesus Over Depression || Spoken Word

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  1. I'm just saying people have turned to not listing to our earth take off your dam shose socks get out into the real freaking world don't live your life behind a tv screen welcome to dead end life if you do but if you do by time you do wake up what's your life gonna be

  2. I'm 33 fucking years old what the heck lime really

  3. Clayton yoyr messages are strong you have brought me up when i was low thank you brother

  4. Heaven is not for the good. Its for the forgiven. #JesusOverDepression the voices got really quiet now. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. i love this. this shows depression for how it actually is (probably the hardest thing i’ve had to go through along with other mental illnesses) and not just the tumblr version where you find the right medication on the first try and then your life is perfect again. thank you Jesus and Clayton!

  6. I'm a warrior for confirming this video …

  7. This is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Why is this marked as sensitive content

  9. Youtube told me this video is inappropriate. But this video is more than appropriate for me.

  10. Why would this be considered inappropriate, this happens to everyone. I know it's not that much of a pleasant topic but we need to learn about it so we will ask God for help.

  11. He is my sanity and my hope!

  12. How does this video not have more views? This should be mandatory viewing for anyone struggling with depression. The world needs Christ now more than ever before. Prayers up for everyone in the struggle, faith moves mountains.

  13. I'm not religious and when i saw the title i expected someone preaching and bringing others down because "suicide is a sin" and telling them they should be ashamed. Instead i got this beautiful message along with someone's personal experience. I don't believe in God but if believing makes you happy and gets you through tough stuff i think that's amazing and the fact that YouTube said this video was inappropriate while there are so many that spit hate is honestly sad.

  14. Inappropriate YouTube nothing inappropriate about this its beautiful

  15. Why does you tube have a problem with this video? Oh…that's right, because it presents Jesus as a solution to your problems! How dare they!? Of course a profanity laced video is more acceptable…2019…God help us! 🙆‍♀️

  16. Why did youtube put an age restriction on this video? That's messed up. This is a great video.

  17. Who ever found this offensive…. May god have mercy on your poor soul smh

  18. "When I saw things at a young age that I was never meant to see" that relates to me 100%

  19. Sad that YouTube felt the need to warn me of "inappropriate" content. What has this world come to now?

  20. I need prayer, because I'm at my end and death doesn't seem bad right about now.

  21. Can’t believe this is listed as “controversial and offensive” content.

  22. Amen amen amen! Thank you Jesus Christ! I know a healer 🙏🕇💚

  23. You help me everytime I'm at my lowest of the low. When I have no fight. Thank you for these words God is good

  24. They said that this has bad stuff according to YouTube standards. Apparently there standards are set by the devil.

  25. How has this video been deemed to have inappropriate content.

  26. I come to this video for encouragement in my weaknesses yet as i clicked to view this video youtube popped up a disclaimer saying

    "the YT community feels like this video may be inappropriate or offensive" as some type of viewer discretion?


  27. I feel you I am feel the same way on this

  28. Thank you. God bless you!

  29. This really touch home to me and i been having a hard time believing in Jesus i need some one to talk to

  30. I am going to share this post because l do not know ho needs to hear it but I pray that it can give someone hope and faith thank you God bless you and your family

  31. Here I am face down on the floor
    Tears filling my eyes
    I cry out to you once more
    My heart's broken, I'm hurting within
    Drowning in darkness and despair
    I can't make it on my own
    I've tried so hard and failed before

    Teach my heart to sing again With my voice lifted to you
    I'll praise through the pain
    Your light dispels the dark
    Fear fleas at the sound of your voice
    Your word gives comfort to my soul
    And I know my life you'll sustain.

    Lord I need your mercy and grace
    Fear clutching at my soul,
    I step into this crowded space. I feel so alone, knotted up inside
    Wondering, am I wanted here, will I be rejected again?
    Only you can save me from this dark and lonly place.

    Teach my heart to sing again With my voice lifted to you
    I'll praise through the pain
    Your light dispels the dark
    Fear fleas at the sound of your voice
    Your word gives comfort to my soul
    And I know my life you'll sustain.

  32. I just wanted to say thank you, your the only one who has told me… well spoke to me, you make me feel that even tho I have issues that God loves me, I want to go to church, I want to learn about God, but every time I try I get cussed out and told, "no your not good enough for God, he doesn't love you, and you'll never go to heaven for self harm" I know I'm not supposed to "harm the temple of god" but it's hard, I try my hardest I pray to God, I go to church, I read the bible, I do this all on a daily, but faith is just missing, I want to have something to click in, every time it does I hear the voices telling me "no stop you can't he won't love you, you deserve to give in and be dead" I try I honestly do… It's just hard, when I started listening to your songs they made me feel not alone. But I'm scared to talk to people in general, I know I'm not enough for God, he deserves a better person to call his creation then me! It's hard, I try to tell someone but no one listens! They all shut me out, I try to talk to god but he never answers… I try to listen… but I can't hear anything… I guess my family was right… I'm not good enough…

  33. Thanks Clayton Jennings!!!
    When ever i feel hurted or in pain i listen to your videos. Through your videos i can share my feelings.
    Love you so much😍

  34. I really needed this today. Do not let the devil take what God has for you. Fight for it every single day. I pray for those who are lost in Jesus name that they may find you

  35. Had tears going down my face my family is falling apart and there is nothing I can do about it but pray it pain just does not stop

  36. Viewer discretion is advised really out of everything on you tube though. Awesome just awesome

  37. "I equated those depression pills with havin my perfection killed". Hey brotha I want to collab with you, you ever come through Colorado you can come to my studio. I do spoken word, sing, rap, play guitar, drums, and am continuing to focus on my calling which is bringing the Lord through realness and badass music/art/media I really need a lot of help not gonna lie figuring out how to make videos and all the tech stuff but imma figure it all out eventually. Much love dude, another 🔥 video

  38. Why can’t I share this vid?

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