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Jim Stoppani Tips – Cardio Acceleration

In this video I talk about cardio acceleration and the benefits

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  1. I do a 20meter farmer carry between sets and sledge hammer to a tractor tire on legs. Lost tons of weight in the process.

  2. What's better fasted Cadio or non-fasted cardio?

  3. Does implementing CA in superset workout make sense? Or would it be better to just do no rest between supersets?

  4. Thank you Jim Stoppani making videos like these for free and not charging like some of these other "bodybuilders".

  5. I would like to know the amount of weights that you're using if i curl 70 lbs and you curl 90 lbs taking your products and doing your routines i can stay determine

  6. will twists with weights be used as a cardio accelerated excercises.

  7. This is a terrible idea. I think Stoppani probably knows it doesn't make sense, but he needs to come out with something new every few months to try to stay relevant and make money. If you just want to burn fat, then this could work. However, to build muscle, you want to work the muscle thoroughly, and you can't do that if you're fatiguing your lungs throughout the workout.

  8. can anyone tell me is cardio acceleration can be with any of the excercise?

  9. hey jim ı like the watching your video.ı really confuse ı make gym almost 1 month ı feel the difference a bit but ım studying ım on final exams. ı had last 4 days ı didnot do gym why muscle get low?one more questinon?how ı have to start bulking or defination program ıf ı do defination my muscle still can grow up ?coz ı almost been one months doing gym is that enough time for bulking?

  10. nice Jim! I've done it a few times, talk about taking your work out to the next level! add cardio between sets, that weight that you can easily do becomes a challenge when you add the cardio between the set. that's the cool thing about exercise just changing this or that can make it something else.

  11. Hey Jim, I've been listening to your advice for a couple of years now and little by little it's sinking in. But I'm having a few problems that maybe you can help me with. 1 lately hurt so bad when I come from the gym that I can do anything for a week how do I change this?
    2 the last time I used a resistance band I tore my forearm muscle and I only did like 5 reps! why is my body not working with me when I'm not even going overboard??
    Thanks for your time,

  12. Are all his video 240P? Or is it on my end?

  13. I tried Squats followed by punch out drills on the heavy bag, that shit was harsh.

  14. Added to the cardio toolbox. Awesome.

  15. Can u do a superset of 3 sets followed by 1 min HIIT? would u rest for 30-60 sec before u start ur next superset?

  16. Hello Dr. Jim, I have lower back Disk and it wont let me do squat or some heavy sets. I am doing the shortcut to size program and this is my first week and I feel great. Do you think i can add cardio acceleration between the sets as u said and during my active rest days? Thanks in advance 🙂

  17. Jim thanks for the tips , have you ever used squats as an aerobic workout ? I have tried an old Hockey routein used Y. Yagar its a 100 rep squat routein, moderate weight , I have to stop around 39 to 45 reps , break and jump right in , as 100 is more attainable without stops I increase teh weight .
    Seems like you get a variety of benifits from muscle, circulation and cardio . Howveer I feel like it can lead to over training if I am not careful

  18. Jim an Update on when to expect new pre jym flavors and sizes??

  19. As long as you take in enough donuts you can do all of the cardio acceleration ;p

  20. If I understood you correctly, you throw SOME of these inbetween SOME sets, as opposed to doing this after EVERY weight set. Which would make sense, because otherwise, you'd drop dead before your workout was over. (Actually, you'd drop dead exactly WHEN your workout was over, and vice versa.)

  21. I can't believe that people dislike a video like this. Free info from the most trusted men in fitness. Haters gonna hate.

  22. Jim you gotta upgrade the quality on these videos

  23. Thanks for all you do sir, and all at little to no cost to us. Hope to train with you someday once I'm back stateside.

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