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How I lost 20 LBS on Keto


In this video I will show you my weight loss transformation. I still cant believe I lost 25 pounds! I thought that was impossible but consistency and the Ketogenic lifestyle has been life changing.

Low Carb
Moderate Protein
High Fat (healthy fats like avocados & coconut oil)

SUGAR SUBSTITUTE: Stevia (zero calorie sweetener)
available at whole foods and amazon



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  1. My sister is trying to get me to do keto and I went straight to your page! My birthday is next month 😱 im tryna look season 7 🤣

  2. Advice tip#1: When you think your are hungry.. Drink some water, you may be dehydrated.. ( I drink a gallon or more) after drinking your water you will now a few minutes later what you need!

  3. The hemp seeds was the best advice ever!! Now I get why you love it sooo much! I eat mine with natural almond peanut butter! It’s better than eggs and bacon!

  4. Where do you buy all your ingredients?

  5. Shayla how do you do the no sugar or low sugar on Keto? I’ve been tryin to make one of your açaí bowls but everything I find at either grocery store puts me way above my limits for the day. I don’t get what I’m doing wrong.

  6. Proud of you sis; you look exactly like my cousin who is a big fan of you BTW lol. You look amazing Black queen👑

  7. Can you tag the blender younise for the keto breakfast bowl

  8. Found you on snap. Love this youtube. Especially for food and keto!!!

  9. This video really helps me so much. I just started the Keto Diet. I want to know exactly what your measure out on how you make the keto bowl. (:

  10. You look awesome. I also follow you on snapchat, and i have been watching you and DominqueA and u both are inspirational. I started Keto in Mid July… And it has been the best decision of my life. I lost 25lbs and my energy level is amazingly high. I want to lose 15 additional lbs, and just take my physical fitness to another level

  11. Thank you! Thank you! That keto cereal bowl has made my entire keto life!! I absolutely love it.

  12. Why did it take 7 months to lose 25 odd…..when everyone else be losing huge amounts in a month? I’m confused 🤷‍♂️

  13. I started keto on the 7th and I’m already 7 pounds down. 63 more pounds to go!

  14. I love these videos! I am incorporating Keto meals into my life but I’m not on the diet. I eat fruit. However I love watching your journey it inspires me!

  15. I subscribed because of this video.. go girl 💪🏻

  16. my mom and i have kept your videos playing non stop!!! your progress has been incredible! we just started keto this monday and today is day4 for us and giklllllll lemme tell you i already feel better about myself, i obviously haven't seen a dramatic change but i feel much more energetic and present. I'm committed to making the way i feel about my body a priority!! 2019 I'm here & I'm here to slayyyyyy! xox thanks boo for your updates, please continue to do more kept check-ins, perhaps maybe a 'A Week in the life of a Keto Dieter' vlog and take us with you when you go out to eat, or have a hectic schedule, what you do to ensure that no matter how busy you are you still maintain eating keto.

  17. Totally a fan of your makeup tutorials. Here is something I think you should watch about Keto. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VX4fkXneRz0

  18. I’m sorry but 7 months to loose 25 lbs is a long time I’m good love enjoy ❤️

  19. I wishhhhhhhhh I could get a trainer atleast for 12 months, someone help me #brokecollegestudent

  20. Looking fabulous yassss ! I love keto I’ve lost 35 pounds so far and will continue my journey Thanks for sharing ! Also I’m gonna try that bird bowl do you mind sharing what you used it looks delicious pleeeeassse share!

  21. Please keep doing these videos! You look amazing!!!

  22. Shayla! I’m about to start the keto diet! You’ve give me so much motivation!

  23. I absolutely love your channel!! You have no idea how impactful your videos are girl! LOVE YOU and you keep strutting and slaying!!!

  24. I had to pause the video to say that OMG you are so beautiful! Ok, now back to watching lol

  25. You’re stunning babe ! Keep doing what you’re doing I love watching your videos ❤️❤️❤️

  26. You are such an inspiration. I needed to see this. Thank you!

  27. Shayla what was that you cooked your salmon in ?

  28. Im speechless 😭 please help me

  29. I’m going to start the Keto diet. I spoke with my doctor to make sure it was a safe diet for me and I was told that it’s not a lifelong safe diet. I was told that it’s not safe to be on the diet for more than 2-3 years because it can cause cardiac issues. I am still going to begin it’s a great way to start. You are an inspiration to us new keto dieters and new makeup artists! Please continue to share your diet experience and makeup tutorials. You are appreciated!!

  30. Yassss honeyyyy🙌🏾🙌🏾

  31. Shayla I’m a new subbie from Katy’s channel 💕 I’m sooooo happy that I found you! I love your personality 🙌🏼 binge watching your vids rn

  32. Ok. I’m really going to do this diet.

  33. i also agree that food should only be eaten for energy!

  34. Question: Did you increase the recipe for your Keto bowl? I've been using your recipe, but in this video it looked like more than the recipe I use.


  36. Very well put together! You explained the diet very well. A lot of people think keto is just meat and cheese, which is misleading & may not be the healthiest. You included good fats like avocados and salmon, and yes absolutely have your Lily’s sweet chocolate! I cringe a little when ppl explain the diet and talk about sugar free Gatorade, have low carb tortillas everyday & eat those gummies. Definitely dirty & lazy keto that will stall your progress. I love this ❤️ congrats on your weightloss & lean gains.

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