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Leptin & Insulin Resistance Balancing Tips w/ Jason Fung, MD

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————————————– Key Timestamps———————————-

04:03 The Calories notion is false.
13:54 We have a mechanism in our body that determines how fat we get.
19:39 Your body weight set point is being reset upward.
20:23 To reset your body weight set point, you need to get your insulin low for a significant amount of time in order to get your leptin levels low.
24:14 When you eat all day, you are telling your body to store fat all day and you get fat.
25:07 Fat storage is a hormonal signal, not a caloric signal.
29:41 Intermittent fasting is not about how many calories you eat. It is about the time that you are not eating.
31:24 Insulin inhibits lipolysis, stopping you from burning fat.
32:24 On a 7 day water only fast, your insulin falls and you switch from burning food to burning fat.
33:13 During fasting, as your insulin falls, you get a counter-regulatory hormone surge, increasing adrenaline, noradrenaline, growth hormone and cortisol.
33:53 There is a period of gluconeogenesis at around 24 hours into fasting. You will burn protein, not muscle.
35:40 If the old protein is never broken down, you cannot build new protein.
37:26 You get much better retention of lean mass with an intermittent fasting strategy over cutting calories.
38:24 Biggest Loser style diets sink metabolic rates.
42:15 Women can fast. Ghrelin is the hunger hormone. Women have higher ghrelin spikes.
43:01 If you don’t eat over 24 hours ghrelin spikes 3 times, at breakfast, lunch and dinner, then drops. Hunger does not continue to increase.
45:04 Cravings disappear with fasting and keto.
49:38 You can eat high carb foods and keep low insulin.
51:09 Sugar is more fattening than other carbohydrates.
53:51 Natural foods have natural satiety mechanisms.
01:08:31 Type 2 diabetes is misunderstood by doctors.
01:10:08 Blood glucose is a symptom of type 2 diabetes. We treat the symptom, not the disease.
01:12:15 Type 2 diabetes is reversible, except for the very late stage.
01:16:42 The longer you’ve been overweight the more it effects weight loss.
01:18:08 There are conflicts of interest in medicine. Much evidence is produced by pharmaceutical companies. Universities take funding from industry and produce shoddy research.
01:30:21 Bias in nutrition science is rampant and has stymied the advancement of actual science. Special interest needs to be out of research.


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  1. Dr Fung is THE MAN!!! Incredible that 30 people could downvote this video.

  2. Jumped into Keto a year ago. Lost 35 pounds and now my body is adaptive. Went from a 36 to a 30 inch waist. Bordering 28-29 now. People who knew me a year ago are shocked when they see me. I would say my health did a 180, but it's work. Intermittent fasting is hard for me. I can go 18 hours, after that it gets rough. Trying to reach a full 24 hours. But I don't want to get crazy.

  3. OMG where were you all my life!? You just solved my problem man!

  4. They burn less and need less!

  5. Dr Fung, thank you soooo much for taking your time to inform us about IF. I started IF about 3 months ago and started Keto about 2 months ago. My docter wanted me to try Keto and said we would check my cholesterol thru a blood test after being on the diet for a month or so. I am a diabetic and i was worried about the my cholesterol going high. I just had my blood tested and my hdl went way low and my ldl went higher. My electrolytes were normal. Eating Keto keeps my blood sugar very low, but my morning blood sugar is still high. What do i do? I want to stay on Keto, will this cholesterol condition get better over time? My doctor is not well versed about the Keto diet.

  6. This is happening to me now! I was 209 made it down to 180 and my body is like wtf. I was losing fast now the scale is stuck between 179-180 and I'm fasting daily with low calories intake (low carb diet) and I've even increased my protein and still at a plateau.

  7. Does fructose is bad for us?

  8. It's all about calories, when you go fasting of course you will deficit in calorie, and if deficit of course will lose weight

  9. If Dr Fung says it, it is so!

  10. Calories are the stupidest thing since flatearthers

  11. Turn off that background music it’s irritating

  12. I'm afraid that Dr. Fung is wrong on a very serious level. Not only have doctors and medical journals been corrupted, EVERYTHING has been corrupted. These, https://worldtruth.tv/the-georgia-guidestones-2/ are the people with a long term agenda and the incredible thing is, THEY ARE OPENLY ADMITTING IT.

  13. Lost 22kgs (48 pounds) in 3 months. Fasting is a simple straightforward strategy . I'll eat as much as I can within a period of 1 to 4 hours and drink water till the next day (20 to 23 hr fast). Was really hard the first 2 weeks with hunger pangs , headaches and lethargy but now I am used to it.

  14. I have so much respect for this doctor, amazing work he has done.

  15. I lost a pound while watching this

  16. you have people who dont eat a lot that has a high fat body because they insulin resistant

  17. I must be doing something wrong.
    3 months into Keto, my hormone went up and down as well as my weight.
    Now I'm 1 kg heavier than when I started.

  18. Excellent. Makes sense. I met m goal weight how do I stop losing…add protein

  19. Excellent. Makes sense. I met m goal weight how do I stop losing…add protein

  20. Wtf, of course different food create different results, but calories do matter . . Physics can't be scaped .. so unscientific . Ok to say counting calories is not the best method.. but doesn't matter the source , if u eat more then u burn even if it's Heath food , and u don't get unhealthy, u will put on weight.
    Bodybuilders really knows that whole thing , tell them calories don't matter.. goshh plus, metabolic rate have many determinants .. same weight different bf% .. etc

  21. If we are in n the matrix then diabetes is just a computer virus

  22. I've tried to fast but my body seems to crash. My eye sight gets all flashy and I start to shake and insanely hungry . I'm guessing low blood sugar response. I also get high anxiety.

  23. I was very thin my entire life until a few years ago . I took antidepressants a few years ago and since I'm 20 pounds overweight and can't shed the weight.. I'm very active so have been frustrated and don't know what I am doing wrong. Part way into the vid.. Hopfully I get some insight..

  24. Afraid It doesn't work this way. Sounds nice and pretty but if this were the case keto would shred everyone down to stage lean which doesn't happen. Im 43 and eat every 2 hours and shred down every year to 6 to 8 percent bodyfat. Learn from Eric Helms and Dr Layne Norton if you want some solid truth on shredding.

  25. I am a male mid 60's who has always worked out regularly …..I have recently been cutting my carbs and sugars to try and lower my current A1C ( 5.8) but notice my morning glucose levels run high ( around 110 )….strange thing is , after I eat a low carb breakfast , then re-check my glucose level, ( 1 hour after meal ) it drops into the 80's…can you tell me what's going on?…thanks

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