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I know dealing with anxiety and depression is hard and it gets to the point where you dont even have motivation to keep going, but here i am to help you through your battles and cope through them.

Hope you all enjoyed and i was helpful in any way. Feel free to leave me any comments below if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask (:

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  1. For that one (Bitch )Who dislike the video of this Amazing Beautiful Woman…you’re miserable, poor, you have cavities and your moms a hoe. Paola is too much of a good Christian to let you know that. But I’m not! But keep being a hater girl because you’re giving my baby girl views 🤪lol

  2. Hi Paola, My name is Daniel aka MoreThan_ BPD. Happy Birthday!! 🥳🥳🎂I myself struggle with Mental Health like Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder. I really really liked your vlog. I also am Christian and I needed to hear what u said in this vlog. I am going thru a lot right now and I know that God is here for me. Absolutely, God has a plan for me. I had bible study last night and then I found your channel. I feel like God led me to your channel. My most favorite bible scripture is Proverbs 3:5-6. Anyways Im gonna watch all your vids and I also am gonna subscribe. Amen sista!!! Praise Jesus our Lord and Savior. I hope u continue to make vlogs cuz Id watch for sure.

  3. Hey guys make sure to adjust your quality at 1080p (: Thanks for watching 😊

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