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'Let's Start Yoga' Flow for Beginners with Jessica Olie – Alo Yoga

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This is a 30-Minute beginner yoga flow, geared towards those new to yoga or preferring a slightly gentler class. Led by Jessica Olie, this #LetsStartYoga flow focuses on guiding you through various sun salutations and other poses fundamental to a Vinyasa practice. Jessica offers her tips and modifications for proper alignment and engagement in the postures. Get ready to stretch and flow!

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  1. Hello everyone I am dedicating 30 days of Never Giving Up to myself. Learning yoga and starting my channel. Please support me. Thank you. Blessing everyone

  2. Thank you for beautiful video I learned a lot

  3. How come she lost this much weight? Her body looks very fit now (Y) Such inspo!

  4. first time trying yoga with this video and i loved it definitely making it a daily thing, my body feels amazing so relaxed and stretched. thank you jessica!

  5. jessica is a BEAST YO! Great class loved it.

  6. That was so good Jessica. I`ve been practicing yoga ( on and off) the past 20 years and love checking out how others teach and guide students through asanas. Well done! Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  7. Amazing class i enjoy every single one !!!

  8. Nice! I've only been doing yoga for a month so I couldn't do the mermaid pose but this flow felt really good and gives me things to work towards. 🙂

  9. Thanks!!! Fresh start…

  10. It was a very refreshing flow to open the day. Thank you. I have a wide open space for my yoga practice and this was perfect for my lower back issues. The stretches are wonderful. You rock!

  11. thanks its so usefull i enjoy from this practice

  12. Very nice and gentle flow, I was able to follow you almost all time, I had some trouble when I was doing pigeon and had to take my leg because cramps on my quads hehehe, thanks for sharing, namaste

  13. this was a bit too quick for me but very useful nonetheless. today was my first day so I had to pause video from time to time. hopefully tomorrow i'll be quicker 😛 Thank you Jessica <3

  14. Thank you so much ,for this nice yoga class.

  15. minchia bravissima! I like how she technically explain the positions. NIce London accent nice thoughts

  16. first time, doing a yoga class, I shattered my left wrist when I was younger so all the downward dog was kinda rough but I tried my hardest to persist through the whole thing, thanks for the video

  17. That was literally the best class

  18. Can you do more Youtube Videos? I love flowing with you because of your calm voice, the way you flow (it feels exactly like the pace I would flow by myself) and comments that you know how it was before you become as flexible as you are today.
    A big fan from Germany 🙂

  19. Just finished day 1 of the Mindful Movement! LOVED IT! I did find more stillness than I typically do, but do struggle with the sensations of my body…if I have an itch…I immediately scratch it! This is something I will continue to work on! I'm excited for the rest of the days!

  20. Perfect way to start 2018 🙂

  21. Thank you for this! Looking forward to being part of the next 30 days.

  22. Such wonderful direction! Completed nearly the entire flow with just your words for reference. It is obvious that yoga is a part of you by your effortless way of teaching it. So thank you for helping me ring in this New Year with a wonderful half an hr!!

  23. Learning yoga bc of this beauty, Jessica! She is so inspiring! PLEASE more videos with her!!🙏🏼❤️especially for beginners such as myself!

  24. Hi) it would be nice to have more video lessons 😉

  25. Jessica this was great! Thank you!!

  26. You could feel the love through all of you’re careful instruction. I love the way you taught this. BEAUTIFUL 💚 Namaskar Jessica 🙏🏽

  27. This is amazing ❤ Felt progress on the 2nd day already. But what to do with the boobs in a scorpion stretch 😜?

  28. thank you thank you you’re a great teacher you’re amazing

  29. This is definitely the best yoga video I have watched on youtube!!! Will 10000% be doing this flow again! Loved when Jessica said 'there is no right or wrong in yoga, there is just safe and unsafe'… SO TRUE!! Thanks for all the great tips and an amazing flow!!

  30. Love this! So glad I found you (via Southern Yogi) and this channel! This is my first time and I'm curious: is it normal to get headaches? I got them every time I went into downward dog and I assumed it was a blood flow issue. Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks!

  31. More of this please! Love Jessica Olie and this video is so great for beginner/intermediate.

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