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Lexapro for Anxiety and Depression: My Experience | Mackenzie Vlogs

Here’s my experience with Lexapro (Escitalopram), which was prescribed for anxiety and depression. This video describes my side effects and how the medication has affected me in the past few months.

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  1. Thank you to everyone who has left a comment or reached out via IG DMs. I'd love to help and answer your questions and concerns, however, I am not a doctor and do not feel comfortable giving advice to that extent! Please reach out to your doctor for specific questions about side effects, dosage levels, etc. This is just my experience and not the same for everyone 🙂 Thank you!!!

  2. You are cute and thank you for your story

  3. Lexapro has sexual side effects for men. I would rather be a sad man, than no man lol

  4. I can only assume depression must be hard to deal with but imagine living with bipolar & borderline personality disorders it's very hard difficult to handle I screw up sometimes including taking my meda one of them is a antipsychotic

  5. It's weird that I'm hearing from some people about them sleeping BETTER when taking it. I took Lexapro for my anxiety since I truly wanted to get off of Xanax due to the symptoms I hated so much that kept me from really even FEELING.

    When they suggested Lexapro it sounded like they thought it was what I needed, so I went along for a few weeks and sleeping was HELL for me. I remember getting this TV static sensation in my head that gave me restless feelings and thoughts and often caused restless leg syndrome to the point I would start kicking the wall and waking myself up. When I stopped taking it, no more leg spasms.

    Emotion-wise, my baseline felt unaffected or apathetic–but when something came along to truly trigger my emotions deeply, it felt like there was nothing stopping it from flowing out as emotional outbursts or panic attacks.

    It felt like no matter what, my overall thoughts and feelings were being restricted. Except with Lexapro it got to the point that I think those outbursts were of out necessity for me to let out all these trapped feelings when there finally was a big enough trigger. That or not much sleep at all from the Lexapro :')

    I'm glad it works for some people, but I'm not finding any hope with big pharma and what's been thrown at me. I'm just looking for something that doesn't give me overwhelming symptoms that force me to experience apathy, sleepiness, and in the case of Xanax: Twilight Zone levels of forgetfulness to the point I felt I was going crazy.

    The moment these drugs inhibit or restrict my personality or emotions to basically nothing to the point a part of my psyche is gasping for any emotional release….is the moment I distrust what they're giving us. Especially benzos like Xanax.

  6. I've always strongly disagreed with taking medications for mental health. I got to a point however where I was unable to leave the house without having a panic attack, couldn't socialise with people, was starting arguments with my partner telling him to leave me and not wanting to get out of bed. I would cry randomly for no reason at all and had no energy for anything. I used to be such an active and social person, people were telling me how much I had changed. I visited my Dr and was put on 10mg. I became upset with this recommendation the Dr made but thought, stuff it, what is there to lose? Well, it's been a life saver! The first week of taking the medication my anxiety was horrible, worse than usual, however after the second week I started coming good again. Now a few weeks into taking 10mg I feel like I'm becoming my old self again, I'm so glad I started taking this medication. Side affects initially for me included very dry mouth, shaking jaw/clenching my jaw, constipation, loss of appetite. Now those affects are starting to calm down. 🙂

  7. I started celexa a couple days ago which is similar to lexapro, I start school in 3 weeks, so I hope i don’t get too many side effects

  8. Do you take it in the morning or before bed?

  9. Did you notice any loss of libito ?

  10. I'm 15, and I was just put on Lexapro. It's been crazy so far, and i've had really weird dreams as well. I really think this video and the rest of your series is very good. It's helps.

  11. Lexapro for anxiety + Vyvanse for ADHD. First week on Lexapro was weird, crazy random side effects, triggered hypomania 2 times. But after that I didn't felt any side effect, all the side effects are good by now. I sleep less and a lot better!

  12. You're very beautiful, thank you for this video!

  13. I so scared to take this medication it says it causes hallucinations worse suicidal thoughts or actions along with all sorts of horrible side effects it's a no for me I was prescribed 10 mg but haven't taken it yet and I don't think I will, I rather go the natural way with CBD oil and calm magnesium

  14. Can you drink at all on lexapro?!?

  15. Tyrone William Flaucher, lexapro, biological, 2320466.

  16. I’m 17 and I was prescribed Zoloft but it turned out I was allergic to it and I just felt really sad about it and was not feeling good about having to switch to Lexapro. But your video made me feel positive about trying it, so thank you so much for sharing your story! 💛

  17. Thank you so much for this video. I took this mediation before and I never got the dreams thing. I suffer with terrible anxiety so I would like to take it for this not depression.

  18. I’m feeling really discouraged😟 I’m on day 2 and every video I’ve watched was about waking up with energy. I slept almost all day today. Nauseous and extremely out of it. I feel absolutely like a zombie right now 😭 is this normal

  19. Thank you so much for sharing

  20. This helps. I start it tomorrow so this was good to watch. Thank you.

  21. I really like lexapro it makes me feel like myself.

  22. we dont know each other but we literally live the same life.. its freaky

  23. This medication has helped so much with my anxiety. I take it at night around 6pm because it does make me drowsy. But I am in my 3rd week and I haven't had a panic attack in over a week. Its great.

  24. Really great! So helpful to a young person starting the med. Mega thumbs up

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