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Lil Peep: Everybody's Everything

Musician Lil Peep was on the verge of mainstream success with an innovative mix of punk, emo and trap music when he died of a drug overdose at 21 years old. Executive produced by Terrence Malick, Everybody’s Everything explores the meteoric rise of Lil Peep, from recording songs in his bedroom to a worldwide tour, and the unbelievable impact he left from trying to be all things to all people.


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  1. Where are the thirty one motherfuckers that disliked this movie. I'm bout to take all of you fuckers on one by one

  2. Everyone who is sad that in person you wont ever meet Peep, just like i am, its ok. He waits for us with a big goofy smile beyond the blue. R.I.P. To one of the most beautiful souls this world has ever seen. Long live Gus in all our hearts <3

  3. I have never seen ghostmane and lilpeep without tattoos

  4. he had his whole life and career ahead of him but it was snatched away by the selfish people around him. the people who used him for fame, money, and drugs. the people he called his friends. i don’t care what anyone says, gus was murdered. whether it was intentional or not, someone is responsible for his death. i refuse to believe otherwise. the people who cared about him so much even hint at it. i just wish he could’ve been saved sooner.. rest easy, hell boy.

  5. Being way beyond the blue was exactly what Gus was. And is. We are defined by our ideas, and his, him. We may never know him as well as his friends did, or his family, but his idea was to change the world for the better. In that sense, he himself was good. But in order for his idea to not be in vain, there needs to be change. You can't change people, but you can change you. So do that. He wasn't perfect, but he cared for others way more than he cared about himself. Do that.

  6. This had my crying😭😭😭😭😭

  7. God damn it gus I'm here crying watching this and relating to you once again , I wish oh so so so bad I knew of you before you died I really do, you changed my life my relationships , me as a father. And my outlook on alot of things. I love you to death I have gave my son your middle name ISAIAH ELIJAH GUTIERREZ…thank you peep thank u oh so so much

  8. This documentary came out on my birthday. Went to watch it in theaters. I cried sm. Love you peep♥︎

  9. We gotta make one about X now

  10. I’m a lil mad they didn’t talk about when he dropped mall musicc at all

  11. may he rest in peace.. with his shades on:/🥺

  12. we didn’t get to see him grow up and we never will..

  13. this is so beyond raw. i love it sm and it hurt sm. we miss u peep..🥺

  14. Not a mean bone in his body. RIP Gus 💔

  15. bro this hella got me, I miss him so much.

  16. Wish they'd kept the interview with Post Malone in the final movie.

  17. They should keep investigating.

  18. my heart hurts. i have so many similarities with gus that it hurts, hes a legend and was taken far too young. rip peep…

  19. What got me clicking is the title everybody's everything that is so simple and true

  20. i will love you forever peep…

  21. Ok I just finished watching Everybody’s Everything on Apple+ Tv. & it was so Beautifully made. It opened my heart & soul into Gus’s world. But towards the end they interview Mackned. & his words was not of passion for Gus or any sympathy on the day Peep died. I heard a lot of He can’t go on social media. Like he has to watch his back & that documentary is gonna turn his words around. & that They can Suck his dick! Why so defensive? No explaining He had nothing to do with that situation that Gus passed. I see so much anger. He even looks like a fake friend. Why Mackned so much anger & so defensive??? Did they just interview the murderer? U knew they were interviewing u for the Documentary but No kind words about Gus. No good memories of him. Just angered words. U sound so much like ur so Guilty!!!! God knows the truth. & whoever is Guilty, Karma is a Bitch!!!

  22. Just the preview made me tear up😥

  23. These people used lil peep so much it killed him they don't really care about peep they are just using him for themselves and now he is dead. Rest in peace lil peep I know you made it to heaven.🙏

  24. There is some really horrible people in these comments

  25. Peep said I don't know if you guys know but you shouldn't mix zanex with alcohol

  26. seeing lil peep dead made me ball ive never cryed so much Rest In Lil Peep we all love peep

  27. i’m only 7 minutes in and i’m already bawling. we lost him too soon.

  28. i was like this is fake, he's dead, then I thought, wow I'm a dumbass, they can do a pre record.

  29. That makes me mad that he was dead for 4 hours and no one relieved

  30. His music helped me with depression and addiction I'll never forget his music this man was a legend

  31. Hate on peep all you want he was just a kid chasing his dreams like most of us.

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