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Live: Rare DM deck + Coping with Anxiety & Depression

Two paths tarot’s video – https://youtu.be/ht_BA6R6clw

Lifting the lid on Pandora’s box – https://youtu.be/IW4vSGXawgw

The 3 card anxiety spread
1. What is causing this anxiety?
2. What can I do to address it right NOW?
3. What can I do to address this longer term?


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  1. Thank you so much for this video Simon, so important to get people talking and thinking about mental health
    You have given some wonderful advice that I am going to try myself and suggest to my partner and daughter too
    I will say it again and again you really are a beacon of light in this community
    Please be gentle and kind to yourself 🙏🦋📿

  2. Life sure can be tough! I think the biggest issue in being vulnerable, especially on a global stage, is that there are too many people are often looking for others they can victimize. I find even simple things I share can open me up to attacks…especially online. Even people I’ve trusted can be unsafe to share with. It’s always a balance…that’s hard to achieve in this day and age.

  3. Great video!! Sometimes it's hard to know what to say, so we say nothing. Plus fear of feeling lower. Many things.

  4. WOW, that DM deck is wonderful. Think it is the best version having seen it now. Thanks for showing it.😊

  5. De-pression… De – a prefix meaning reversal, undoing or removing. Removing a pressure??? sounds like a healthy way to live , in other words, it is mental health, not mental sickness… my look at it, with love

  6. What an important and helpful video! I wanted to mention something called "negativity bias", apparently we're wired to look at life through the lens of 'negativity' in order to be hopefully better able to prepare ourselves against possible threats – leftovers from our primitive brains, when we faced very 'real' threats in our day to day lives. Today, we may not face these threats to the same degree, but our brains still respond in the same way. I came across this info in a book called Buddha's Brain by Rick Hanson, and I found it quite comforting, as I really do struggle with this myself. xo

  7. Hi, Simon. Thanks for the chat. Wish I’d been around to catch it live. You covered so much interesting information that I know others will find helpful. I, too, live with depression and anxiety and all of your suggestions have been helpful at some time or another. I have a few other go-to options that I incorporate into my self-care practice. One is cleansing my aura with selenite water using a little spray bottle. For people into crystal healing, I can’t recommend this enough. Another is putting some cold water, ice, and a few drops of a calming oil (I like lavender or bergamot, etc) into a bowl and then soaking a wash cloth for a minute, then getting in a comfortable, quiet place and alternately placing the cloth on my forehead, face, and neck while breathing deeply and inhaling the scent. Given that oils can be expensive, for those who don’t have any, they can simply skip the oil and cool off with the cold wash cloth. It may not work for everyone but I find the coldness of the cloth calming. Thanks again for the video. It’s good to see you having a good day. 🙂

  8. "Deal with it in the moment that it comes." A Simon quote for my quote notebook. Blessings…

  9. Hi Lovely, Sorry I couldn't stay to the end, I am exactly the same about worrying (looking at all the worst case scenarios), trust and living in the now. Such a powerful video, thanks for sharing. Sending you lots of love Gx

  10. Hi Simon  and thank you once more for a very helpful and useful video. I would have loved to be involved in the live discussion but that's one of my 'things' I find the live chat stressful so tend not to try, though I get so much from reading the live commentary. Your point about memory traces really struck home and gave me pause for thought. I hope today has been or is a good day for you.

  11. I don’t suffer with anxiety but do suffer with depression. They are such different illnesses. When I’m low I don’t even comment on social media at all! There is no logic to that it’s just that I don’t want to have a conversation,
    I also have OCD but still not with any anxiety attached. Love to all , we are all perfectly imperfect.
    enjoy your journey it’s yours to live, learn and grow in your own time. X

  12. This is a very important topic. Thank you for taking the time to make this video. I have anxiety associated with living with ME/CFS. I rely on herbal remedies (St Johns Wort, lavender, chamomile, etc). Staying in the now, stopping to take stock of my mindspace, watching the breath – all these help too. I don't know if anyone else mentioned this, but adult colouring books are a boon. Seeing a line drawing become a work of art by your own creative efforts, working with all those bright and vibrant colours, is a great mood lifter. Happy birthday, Simon, sorry if I've missed the actual day.

  13. Hi Simon, thank you for the kind and heartfelt shout out. Folks can certainly contact me for these beautiful, 100% pure & potent essential oils! Seeing you enjoy your roll on blends was uplifting and heart warming this morning. ❤ "Edge on the dredge" can totally go on your neck too. Save it for when you need immune system support. It kills stuff! It's so good… Use it till the ick passes then discontinue… Here's to staying well oiled, and on the middle road to health on all the levels. The aligned path to joy… 😊 Gentle Blessings

  14. Simon, I so jealous, I love the deck!!!

  15. I think that's why people don't like me because I say things that they don't want to hear and they think i'm strange. Like when my father died I had company over I wasn't living near my parents when it happened and when my mom called and told me, the first thing I said was good..she understood but the people listening to the phone call didn't. but we were raised to be happy for the person when they have been suffering with pain or what ever and now they don't have to go through that anymore we are happy for them. It doesn't mean we won't miss them and it doesn't mean we won't be sad for ourselves but we are happy for them. Plus now he and my mom hang around our house a lot so they are still with me. I was raised really different from my playmates so I had some encounters that were off the wall mainly because of what I would say..that's why on those 25 wacky questions i said that the Warning would be my mouth because you never know what is going to come out of it..

  16. Great Video and great discussion!!!

  17. Selkie, we don't celebrate Christmas since I grew up without religion it wasn't a holiday that we did. I'm glad that we didn't because I really don't like it anyway. The only holiday we did was Halloween which I still do.

  18. I love to chant, been doing it all my life because my parents chanted, part of our culture NA. I also do Agnihotra sunrise and sunset it's a ritual that uses dried cow dung, brown rice, ghee all done in copper pans and utensils..you burn the rice and ghee and cow dung outside in the copper pan at sunset and sunrise. and we chant the one chant that is different than the sunset chant. I've been doing this for many years. It comes from India. I also love doing Tibetan Chants which I have on DVD's and cassettes. we do this actually for cleansing the property and people in it and animals.

  19. I always sleep with crystals, stones, notebook, pen, iPad, iPod, and a few other things..hard to imagine all that stuff but I don't even notice all of it. lol

  20. My Trionfi Della Luna arrived today with the 10 oracle cards and two playing cards. I love this deck too. it's probably going to be my favorite 2nd deck..The Deviant Moon is still my first favorite deck.
    Wow I'm totally hooked. I have so many decks already..lol

  21. Hi Simon! I’m going through a rough time in my life and want to thank you for sharing your stories and your spiritual remedies that have helped. I wish we had humans that acted more like those Canadian Geese you described. Doing one thing a day in moving forward is very important. Your tea/coffee ☕️ cup looks huge. I love it ❤️. Sending you blessings from the West Coast. 🙏😀

  22. Sorry I missed this live video, had dr appointment to go to. I don't suffer from mental health issues but I know a lot of people that do and I really hope that they can get help. It is a topic that should be discussed without stigma just as we discuss any other topic. So thank you Simon for this video. Much love.

  23. Thank you so much Simon for this video on the very important subject of mental health. You have some great tips that I will try! 💖✨

  24. Excellent video Simon. So so important. This issue should be able to be discussed as easily as ANY other physical condition. There should be absolutely no stigma with our mental health.
    Such a valuable video Simon, thank you so much ♥️🙏

  25. Sorry I couldn't be here for the live, but I've enjoyed watching the catch-up. Such an important discussion. Thanks Simon. I've just posted a VR.

  26. Simon! that was wonderful, have written the spread down and will do this in the morning. I totally agree this is an amazing community with a huge wealth of knowledge The strongest people make time to help others, even if they're struggling with their own personal demons. Thanks again Simon x

  27. It brings Joy to my heart you shining light on mental illness. You said it so well Simon: we all have different degrees of mental health.
    Talking about it brings so much awareness. We live in a society where we have to repress emotions and that traps the Soul in us…I could go on and on. Let's TALK about this! So proud of you Simon💜
    I miss Elle from Sacred Seed so much💜🙁 I was rewatching some of her videos this past weekend. We miss you ELLE!!!

  28. Such good work you're doing and we're all doing by opening up about mental health, it's so important that it find its place right alongside physical illness or harmony. We're so lucky to have such a compassionate group to come to, a safe place to open up. The most empowering message we can offer is You Are Not Alone. You're leading the way Simon, thank you!

  29. Great video – some really great suggestions, thank you 💜 I use rose quartz (wearing it on me) for anxiety, and also flower essences.
    When I'm having a anxiety attack just being mindful of the fact that I am having one, and noticing whether it's my stuff or I'm picking up stuff from elsewhere (empathically) really helps, then shielding accordingly.
    I love the suggestion of a 60 second meditation every hour, I will try that.
    Hope you had a lovely birthday 💖
    Ps I like to (try) and remember not to let the past (and future) rob me of the happiness I can feel right now, in the present 🌻🌻🌻

  30. Thank you for all you do for us .. very important words and tools in this video.. I listen to your videos at work – it’s a great way to escape the stress thanks 🙏 and namaste

  31. Dear Simon—Happy Birthday 🎂🍨🍨🍮🍮

  32. Happy belated birthday, Simon. Have a great year ahead.

  33. Hi Simon so nice to watch this even after live. Btw a little known factoid about cedarwood oil: it closes off the aura if you smell it. So it's a great protector against other people 's energies if we don't want them… I miss Elle too!

  34. Very cool trade!!! How awesome!!! They were definitely meant to be yours! 😀 Great chat! <3

  35. It's not that you are 'lucky', it's that you are reaping what you sow. You are kind to the world, so the world (for the most part) wants to be nice back. Just listening to you while I am doing other things around the house is very soothing and uplifting. Namaste.

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