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Logic Tavis Smiley Interview discussing Anxiety, Depression, and Education

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  1. He used that line on caterpillar remix

  2. What makes us weak is the money overcoming our days day and day over again remember why we struggle if you ignorant humans don't know it's the 1% elite controlling our world the Jewish banking system it's all a scam but still don't stop me from keeping yall happy af be gay and make your money

  3. he looks like a cracker to me

  4. "thank you so much" lol

  5. Fresh ass outfit good job logic

  6. this was such a beautiful interview, that is all that's going through my mind right now. I just love watching interviews with Logic, he really makes us all feel welcome. I hope many people find this interview or any interview with Logic to be inspired to talk about their own mental health issues and struggles in life really.


  8. I wonder if he microdoses……

  9. Yeah Drake and J Cole ain't shit compared to Logic. He is what new school hiphop is supposed to be not them fakeass dickrydas

  10. Ik This is weird but he has nice hands

  11. Logic is a man a true man

  12. I love logic hes so honest

  13. He picked the right name “logic” bc he’s smart

  14. We need more rappers like him, he tells good messages that people need to hear👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😊

  15. Every time I heart from logic what stands out is always the lyrics cuz they’re deep, love the way he writes

  16. Logic needs to stop saying that "I'd rather be hated for who I am.." line like he was the one making up that saying. It's getting really old, he ALWAYS says it. I'm not a hater tho, I actually like the dude.

  17. Logic is having an impact on this generation.

  18. can i please have his children

  19. 7:508:00 is actually how I felt growing up. I screamed so loud when I heard it bc I’ve never been able to vocalize what that feeling was. This is great, Logic has helped me yet again. #peaceloveandpositivity for life ❤️

  20. Tavis Smiley is a great interviewer

  21. Keeping it real from the heart and soul. This is a good brother, with a positive message and good character. Stay focused and positive.

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