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Love is a Mental Illness

Why modern relationships are screwed.

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  1. Watch it until the end before commenting or risk looking stupid. 😋

  2. It is a drug, but an amazing drug.

  3. As trump says — Not good !!! lol

    Awesome vid

  4. Tristan & Isolde, at least the version of their story as portrayed by Wagner in his opera, deals with two people who, in my opinion, are far from deranged. It´s perfectly right for Isolde not to love her "legitimate" intended partner, King Marke, who had sent Tristan to Ireland to kidnap Isolde for him. Tristan, at first bound to his master by oath of fidelity, found that his love for Isolde was stronger than the "chivalric" conventions that had turned him into a thug. Hencefoth, T & I cope as best as they can with an oppressive life in Marke´s court, and madness is pretending that their love could be drowned under a tidal wave of hypocrisy. Tristan´s death has a very concrete cause, other than inexhaustible passion: a nasty sword wound inflicted by one of Marke´s henchmen. Isolde sees her beloved die in her arms, and that is a legitimate reason for not wanting to live anymore; it happened to millions of people in history. Furthermore, rather than actual death, in my opinion the famous "Liebestod" final aria by Isolde (a "love death" never called such by Wagner himself, who entitled it "Verklärung" or Transfiguration), is the depiction of a woman deeply transformed by the loss of the beloved one, something that, again, is not necessarily connected to mental illness, but to an intense inner life.

  5. I got dumped last week

  6. naltrexon is manufactured and sold in India @ high amount.

  7. You're using Nietzsche to make your point? Read Nihilism by Fr Seraphim Rose and Reign of Quantity..by Rene Guenon

  8. The best part of being called selfish for not wanting a relationship or to bring children into this world… is through self-knowledge I get to not care about what madness people think and make the best of the life I got.


  10. Okay maybe love is gay. But my peepee is hard…

  11. …"belive me not gud"…

  12. Then it's not romantic love that's the problem, but physical love…

  13. This video reminds me that I'm glad to be terminally single.

  14. Have to disagree on the greed and egoism part,
    ideal love is unity, its not as much the feeling of wanting to posses someone
    as it is the feeling of being inseparable, not 2 people but one unit
    and in fact strips away parts of your ego as you compromise it for each other

  15. Love is a 4 letter word😄😄😄😄I'm happy I am single rather than having someone ruining my life😉

  16. Wow, I'll never look at Romeo and Juliet the same ever again.

  17. I’m 36, my wife is 34. We’ve been together almost 16 years. People constantly demand to know our ‘secret’ or make assumptions about our relationship (such as that we both are just emotionally dead and are only together out of habit or our children].

    Truthfully, I love her and enjoy our time together more than I did when I met her. We actively set out time to spend together, alone, each day. Sometimes we watch a show, sometimes we do chores together, sometimes we talk, sometimes we have sex. The point is we prioritize our relationship. We still will write little love notes and stick them someplace we know the other will find them. Most important of all, we centered our marriage on God. It’s fashionable these days to mock our traditions and religion, but I feel there is great value in them.

  18. I think you may be a sociopath Paul

  19. Love your videos ❣️❣️

  20. Infatuation – That was the word they use in the past.

  21. Love is merely a trick the DNA plays to replicate itself

  22. I'm totally mental for you… I mean your vids

  23. PJW is so fucking hot… I mean his intellect, really. Lots of people have nice faces… This man has a beautiful soul.

  24. I just want someone to take care of me when Im sick and Im sick today and alone, but mentally sane so there's that

  25. religion is also a mental illness but at least it promotes the family.

  26. That's not love. That's infatuation.

  27. news flash and you should realize this because we're about the same age, you're going to have Flakes and whores in every group Paul. and yes the world is in a "transitional phase" I'd like to call it because I don't want to believe that things could really be as fucked up as they are….

  28. well… no shit dude, it's called being love SICK… you just need to find a healthy amount of love

  29. I love my Son, whether or not it's 'irrational' is meaningless to me, it keeps him safe and happy and probably me from harming him or myself. This is a pretty bad video Paul, maybe try getting a relationship and having a child, get away from this internet career for a while and try live a real life by having a family and real responsibility. Hell knows it might make you happy or at least see the world differently. It worked for me, I'm happy now I have a reason to live because I love my son. Before that, my life was pretty meaningless I was just existing for myself. Now I have responsibility. I think you may one day look back on this video and regret it.. other than that, keep up the great work. I'm a huge fan, I just want to maybe offer some advice. Take it easy Bro

  30. Really as a 56 year old male who has been married over 30 years and thought I was in love back then(at 21)realizes that even though my wife and I are no longer (in love) It will cost me much more to leave.So really,I
    stand to lose all that all that I worked for because she likes her imagined happiness.I actually feel shame that I put up with this so long,I sold out for raising my children and material gain,,,,,,,I guess I am living the dream.Edit…Raising my children was not a sellout,it was my responsibility as a father and loving my kids.Why I am putting this on line is ?…….Don't get married for the wrong reason…..It is like "don't rob a bank",You probably will pay.PRISON

  31. I remember when my mother wanted to watch a love movie, I told her that's boring two people obsessing over each other.

  32. I love how trump has turned himself into a series of vines and memes lol

  33. 🤣😂😂😂 I had a crush on a guy in high school and years later when I found him again, I told him just to let him know how I've felt, and though he was flattered, he wasn't interested in a long term relationship or me at all. It took about 2 years of annoying obsessive thoughts about him, jealousy, and feeling like I'd gone insane before I finally killed the crush! I'm happy to say I've made a full recovery and we're just friends. 😆😆😆
    After that experience, I agree with PJW in this video! It does feel like being sick!

  34. Seems like you're talking about passion and not love.

  35. G R A B
    E M
    B Y
    T H E
    P U S S Y

  36. Sounds like you are describing lust. Everyone always confusing love with lust. I know it's hard for people to know the difference, especially when you put sex in the mix.

  37. How to know the difference between romantic love and stable longterm commitment paul?
    All things start the same

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