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Max Domi on living with T1 diabetes

Max Domi explains how he learned to manage his T1 diabetes and what his daily life as a diabetic is like with his service dog Orion.

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  1. Just played this for my daughter, age 10 diagnosed in Sept 2018. Sometimes it’s rough and feels like you’ll never get to where you need to be. I’d love to get her a D.A.D (diabetes alert dog) but don’t have the means. Wish this was more accessible!
    In our house, we always cheer for Domi the loudest!

  2. I’ve got diabetes T1 lol ☺️

  3. max domi i am your digest fan you rock!!!

  4. When the GM did the deal for Max, what a win for the Habs!

  5. good luck in hockey max

  6. You are so lucky max.Your dog is so cute

  7. This kid is truly a special talent he brings everything a habs fan wants In a player toughness , skill , assisting and scoring Two years isn’t enough they need to give him a nice extension and I’m hopeful they do. Max Domi is and as always been a great talented player

  8. you are a bright spot on the habs, BRAVO

  9. Max domi you are the best player on the caneidens

  10. I am a Sabres fan but I have to say that Domi is such a nice guy and is great to his dog and is a phenomenal hockey player

  11. He had a supreme beach ball 🏐

  12. Why doesn't he invest in/use a CGM? Wouldn't that be a little easier and more convenient for him?😮

  13. Didn’t your dad have a thing for rob ray. Sad he lost every time. #buffalosabers

  14. Wow, what a story and what a player on and off the ice!!!!

  15. Zack Smith should bring a Mars bar to the rink and stare him right in the eye making happy food sounds while he scarfs it down, repeatedly mouthing "Flavours. Flavours."

  16. Great person and players

  17. What a sweet pup❤️ and brilliant too!

  18. Didn't know this wow! Respect to Monsieur Max Domi.

  19. I want to Boop the nose! lol 🐶

  20. Im soo glad i have this guy on the Montreal Canadiens to cheer for

  21. I saw the lacrosse stick next to the hockey sticks. I wonder if Domi is a Saskatchewan rush fan

  22. Thank you max, great story

  23. “He is legit smarter than I am”

    We know max, remember when you said a rock was a reptile?

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