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Medicinal Mushrooms for MS, blood pressure, diabetes, immunity

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Medicinal Mushrooms for multiple sclerosis, blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, cancer, flu, immunity.

A short video should prompt you to seek more complete information. This video is for educational purposes, not to promote any specific product, and no liability is assumed for and missing or incorrect information. This video is not intended to take the place of medical advice from your family physician.


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  1. Hi Dr! I have a question, I’ve been experimenting with cordyceps (sun potion brand) and every time I use them I get amazing energy but I have a flare up itch in my toe/nail. An area that has been a problem for me in years past. Would you consider this healing or aggravating? Thanks!

  2. 12-60 hour's at boiling temp? Are you sure about that? Sure you don't mean a simmer for a few day's adding water as it reduces? Plus you need to compensate for altitude if your boling. That's hot enough to kill & alter many enzymes & compounds. Best check with a bio chemist on that one.
    In the wild it would be a full time job to get wood & water to keep a boiling for that long, 2 people one must sleep sometime. Who's going to keep the heat up and the water from evaporating?

  3. Thank you! Very informative!

  4. Where are you Dr? Please come back on because I know you've learned something new by now haha.

  5. What is with the lip smacking? Paul Stamets does the exact same thing. It does not make you sound any smarter.

  6. Thankyou for your Research: Please List and spell out all Latin tech names on your sight… difficult to spell what you are sharing…

  7. U're camera makes strange things, did it eat some GT…

  8. you say it takes 12 to 60 hours of boiling to extract from turkey tail. Where did you get that figure ? That's off the charts.

  9. Great video, and info. I also have concerns with blood pressure, and side effects of medications, short term and long term, can you elaborate a bit more on oyster mushrooms, particularly how much to eat to get the desired effect of lowering blood pressure, daily intake, and is preparation important, thank's

  10. Nice little abundant place for mushrooms! But, "turkey tail needs to be boiled for 12 to 60 hours" -what?? this is the first time I've heard that, where did you come across this information?

  11. Please visit my channel, Thank you for information !

  12. Thank you so much Dr. Austin. I've found it a lot they are still in my refrigerator I definitely will try to make tea. My husband is diabetic so I will try to have him drink it too.😄 l am glad to find your channel & l share to friends. Thanks again.

  13. Wish the video was clearer.

  14. I just now found your video and was surprised to hear you're in Indiana! Yay! I live in Central Indiana so am quite pleased to find your channel. Thank You for your time and help with identifying these wild medicines. Blessings to You! Subbed!

  15. Did you say 12-60 hours of brewing time?

  16. what does turkeytail tea taste like?

  17. I have a friend who has high blood pressure spikes, and then pressure goes dangerously low. Would oysters assist for overall regulation, or only for high blood pressure regulation?

  18. Where are you at whilish filming this?

  19. stop swinging the Camera around it is unwatchable

  20. I have MS and am interested in taking a Phellinus igniarius supplement. Where do I obtain a good quality one?

  21. First mushroom was on an ash tree not oak fyi.great video though

  22. Can you tell me precise instructions for making turkey tail tea? I think I heard you say boil it 12 to 60 hours??

  23. I'm wondering whether Phellinus rimosus with the brown surface has the same benefits, because in the area where I live there is a lot, on beech trees. I wonder if I can use them for tea or tincture and if I can harvest them now in the winter.And one more question whether they can be used for tea immediately after harvest or should they be dried first, thank you.

  24. Thank you for the information; your camera work makes me dizzy.

  25. Thanks for the video, and the information and knowledge! Do you know if one can acquire vitamin B12 from any mushrooms. I have some Vegan friends that waste lots of money on questionable vitamin B12 supplements, and it would be great if there existed a plant source of Vitamin B12. Thanks!

  26. Do all varieties of oyster mushrooms lower lipid levels, or just the pearl oyster show here? BTW, great video!

  27. Way to go sir. Thank you for all you do

  28. I absolutely love turkey tail. I almost get sense of euphoria from it actually.

  29. Hello Sir, the comment you made about it taking 12-60 hrs of boiling time in order to get the benefits of the turkey tail mushroom tea really got me thinking. So, I contacted the office of Mr. Paul Stamets in order to verify this. They replied fairly quickly. They said it only takes about maybe 2-3 hrs of boiling to get the full benefits of this mushroom.

  30. Sir, would you happen to recommend any references as to how to make turkey tail tea? I am very interested in making it myself. Did you say 12-60 hrs of boiling the turkey tail to make the tea? Would that be the same for other medicinal mushrooms? Where exactly can I reference that? Thank you for your help.

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