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Mental Health: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver explains how our national system of treating mental health works, or more often than not, how it doesn’t.

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  1. White privileges isn't mental illness. Being entitled

  2. Sad how this was recommended to me a week after Dayton & El Paso. No progress at all. Only thing in common with every mass shooting….the guns. Need strict gun laws😔 I’m scared to be in crowded places with my loved ones…no way to live

  3. It is August 2019 and nothing has changed

  4. This was posted in 2015 and it’s now 2019 and everything has gotten worse. John for President 2020 please…..

  5. State: we're done with you, just go out on a bus … somewhere

  6. Name 1 person you know who has narcissistic personality disorder.

  7. Rewatching this after the two shootings earlier this week, nothing has changed. If anything, it’s only gotten worse.

  8. I’m watching this after the El paso and Ohio shootings and after hearing the president and other people talk about banning those with mental health from guns. I’m so sick of this god

  9. Aaaaaaand were right back to it.

  10. This episode still hits home for me. In the wake of the recent shootings in Dayton and El Paso, mental health is still being used to steer the conversation away from basic, effective gun control. Even more than halfway through 2019, this issue continues with no sure sign of improvement. It's already insulting enough that the people using this argument are complacent in a life where America doesn't fear if another attack like this will happen, but when and where it will happen next. It's even more insulting when they use mental illness as a scapegoat without considering the misguided and potentially dangerous misinformation it spreads regarding people like me. Even after all this, I still can't thank this show enough for delivering important facts on a variety of topics in such entertaining format.

  11. After the El Paso shooting, almost FOUR YEARS after this video, our country is still putting the blame on the mentally ill instead of the bigoted violence on the rise.

  12. As a girl with ADHD, depression, anxiety, and panic disorder, going to my psychiatrist and my therapist is very helpful. Locking people up and sending people away doesn’t help at all, so please stop doing it. It doesn’t work. Also, I think the crisis intervention is a great idea and should be in every state.

  13. 1:45 no it means they are a warewolf

  14. Was Tampa Bays baseball team forced to ditch "Devil" in front of their name because of the insanely bullshit world we live in?

  15. "Then the very least we owe them is a fucking plan"

    The only thing missing there was the mic drop. 😂 This guy's brilliant.

  16. 2:50– that's a bit misleading. 22,000 of the 36,000 annual deaths are by suicide. A chunk of that 14,000 is also done generally in criminal related activities that can have innocent bystanders (e.g. Chicago)

  17. I'm sorry, but a lot of these psychiatric patients require full time care. You cannot just release them into society after 2 weeks of inpatient and expect them to run little apartments and show up on their own for 1,000 dollars a month because full time care is too expensive. Reagan released us/them. Reagan was a fool; look at the news today….and it's not a "young person's" thing. It's, in most instances, a lifetime affliction. There were/are outlandish claims on these new medications, since the new atypical series, then they started signing papers like "crazy" .

  18. Not all mentally ill people are killers but all killers are mentally ill. Sometimes the mentally ill are suffering from abuses in their young lives.

  19. Celexa 2019 prices in Sweden
    20mg × 100 = $6.2
    Average in The USA
    10mg × 100 = $950
    Wow America you really take the cake

  20. I am a fan of this show. I believe in gun control…AND….pharma and prescribing doctors of ssri's are complicit in mass violence and or suicide, perpetrated by those on ssri's approx every 16 days in the u.s.

  21. "Grayhound therapy" is also how the city I grew up in took care of it's homelessness problem when tourist season came around. That was like 30 years ago so hopefully things have changed since then.

  22. Rawson Neal needs to be investigated again

  23. Cant afford universal health care. Nothing is free

  24. I love you for this I have been diagnosed for 40 years I have lost friends been institutionalized the stigma still exists I am a pacifist but they think I am dangerous it hurts

  25. This report forgot to include homeless shelters and city streets.

  26. I remember when I was 11 years old I was going through a very dark time in my life, I had and survived some pretty bad shit by the time I was 8 years old that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. What's more, my grandfather had just died and it had taken a heavy toll on me. Sure enough, I was suicidal, again. but this time instead of getting help, the person I was getting help from threatened to put me in a mental hospital! I only dodged getting put in the hole because my mother pushed so hard to keep me in my home! I had to sign an extensive suicide contract promising that I would not commit suicide and that I would attend in the specialized therapy and let me in certain places at certain times everyday for several fucking months! it took forever, way past the time when I was already no longer suicidal, for them to finally take me off the goddamn watch. But it was worth it, as I was not put in the hole. But it still goes to show how much of a joke our mental health system is, where my goddamn therapist is willing to divert responsibility of giving me treatment for my pain on to a place with people who's conditions are way worse than mine.

  27. "Mentally ill people are far likelier to be the victims of violence rather than the perpetrators." THANK YOU

  28. Most of the homeless people where I am from are mentally ill and have been thrown out there on there own. They also used to buss them to other places. They have also tried to get rid of the homeless camp but it's on private property and the owner invited the homeless on to the land to camp on. They also restrict homeless shelters to the remote edge of the city and haven't allowed new ones to be built even though there are not enough beds in winter a few people die of the cold every year and yes it's a small City. The homeless population in Los Angeles their numbers is the same as people living in our county. Which always makes me go damn that's a lot of people living on the streets.

  29. John Oliver is funny idc what side your on lol

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