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Mikhaila Peterson – Carnivore Diet Curing Depression & Anxiety, Arthritis, Gut Issues, and More

Mikhaila Peterson sits down with Food Lies filmmaker Brian Sanders to talk about how eating only red meat, salt, and water has helped cure decades of depression, anxiety, arthritis, skin issues, autoimmune issues, and more.

Portions of this will appear in the feature-length documentary FoodLies.org which is crowdfunding on Indiegogo now


Please support the film and preorder a copy. This is a community-powered project and can’t be done without people like you.

More about the film:

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  1. I think the reason there is a lot of anxiety and depression is because in this modern world people are looking at a screens, at people having the things they personal want and then feel inadequate subconsciously jealous bitter or angry. Back to the point of this video I wish I could go veggie and vegan, I hate the way cattle are treated but I struggle to eat enough I'm a 9 stone 6ft male and when I'm hungry I crave meat.

  2. A lifelong vegan or vegetarian who is healthy (not tired most of the time,not freezing,not hungry all the time,no bowl problems or bloating,.not looking ill and and..without cheating)..is some kind of a wonder to me or it is a hidden eating disorder ..just saying..just listen to your body signals what he is craving..he will tell. In my opinion..simply give it a try..when it isn't good let it be. Free will ..

  3. The way she says wrong is exactly like her father. That’s funny.

  4. i ate a little too much meat on weekends and i felt depressed/sad(for no reason) for the next 2-3days. Recovered after i avoid All meat(except seafood) for 2 days. Not the kind of experience i wanna repeat.

  5. Her voice sounds like a female version of Jordan Peterson. She'll be a worthy successor

  6. James Blunt has admitted that he contracted scurvy after going on a meat-only diet out of “principle” to take a stand against his vegan friends.

    The You’re Beautiful singer, 46, became a carnivore for two months – consuming nothing but chicken and mince – after finding himself “surrounded by vegetarians”.

    Blunt was eventually diagnosed with scurvy, a disease brought on by a lack in vitamin C.

    Scurvy is becoming “a little more common in the UK” but is still considered rare, according to Azmina Govindji, spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association, who warns that cutting out any food group from your diet involves risks of “lacking essential nutrients”.

    Often referred to as “sailor’s disease”, scurvy was historically most common in sailors who were unable to get a balanced diet.

    Govindji explains that the best way to achieve a “healthy diet” is by including all food groups.

    “There's a place for animal and plant-based foods in a healthy diet,” she said.

    “Completely taking away fruit, vegetables, beans and other plant-based foods can set you up for low levels of vitamin C, fibre and potassium: not having enough vitamin C can leave you feeling tired and lethargic.

    “Certain types of fibre such as oats and barley can reduce your blood cholesterol levels; and potassium helps your heart muscle to work properly.

    “Conversely, a well-designed plant-based diet, with the addition of vitamin B12, can be nutritionally adequate.”

    Symptoms of scurvy include weakness, feeling tired, and sore arms and legs. It is relatively easy to cure and is treated by adding vitamin C into your diet – which is usually found in fruit and vegetables.

    Some doctors will also recommend a vitamin C supplement to increase the levels in your body.

    Blunt developed the disease while studying at university.

    “Out of principle I decided I'd become a carnivore and just lived on mince, some chicken, maybe with some mayonnaise,” he said on the podcast, Table Manners with Jessie Ware.

    “And it took me about six to eight weeks to get very unhealthy and see a doctor, who then said 'I think you've got the symptoms of scurvy'.

    “He said you are really lacking in vitamin C so I took it upon myself to drink orange juice every night – then I nearly developed acid reflux.”

    Despite the disease becoming a little more common in recent years, it’s still deemed as “rare” by the NHS.

    Those who are on unusual or restrictive “fad diets”, eat very little food at all, have a poor diet and also smoke, or a poor diet and are also pregnant or breastfeeding, are at a slightly higher risk of contracting scurvy.

  7. "Carnivore Diet Curing Depression & Anxiety……" Yes, it really did work out for her father, right?.
    The poor sob is now in a vegetative state, recovering from life threatening medication addiction. This little skunk almost killed her father, aggravated her mother' cancer, with her carnivore diet, but she's still milking daddy's name and his sheep followers, to hold on her 15 minutes of fame.

  8. Does the carnivore diet help with joint pain and inflammation?

  9. Imagine not eating processed vegan food. Go outside and find all the veggies or fruit you can and eat. To me it’s seems such low calorie there is no way to survive without starvation. Even vegan diet requires at least food processors for smoothies and such. Often lots of oils and vitamin/ mineral pills and fake products. Meat is probably the missing link there. High calorie food. Sounds perfect for survival. Look at raw food vegans. They are extremely skinny or use food processors to drink insane amounts of fruits. This is not even taking into account seasonal weather when lots of plants can’t grow.

  10. Have you looked into EDS?

  11. A challenge with our medical system is 1) it requires self reporting of illness, and 2) the patient is required to describe their illness accurately. It all starts there. Plus the system is designed to alleviate symptoms, not necessarily to identify root cause and cure the problem.

  12. She is really a chip off the old block, I've watched some of her dad's lectures and they both have very similar mannerisms, not to mention are well spoken and intelligent.

  13. We are sick, confused, and suffering on every level, the doctors offices are full. Mission accomplished.

  14. So, I can't say that I believe "everyone" would benefit from a meat only diet. Though, I do believe there are people out there that might thrive on it because of their specific genetics, just as much as I believe there are people out there that are genetically inclined to benefit most from a plant only diet. Everyone's genetics are a little different, which is why some people are allergic to certain foods, while others aren't. One diet doesn't fit all. That said, my wife used to get really bad rashes, that would pustule, and break and bleed. She went to tons of doctors and none of them could figure out what was going on. Some thought it might be some form of eczema, while others thought maybe it was allergens to things in the air at work. My wife and I started Paleo at one point, and her decades of out-of-control rashes went away within a week. Our later lapses in our Paleo diet allowed us to narrow allergens we didn't realize we had. For my wife, gluten grains were what was causing her allergies the whole time. For me, I found out that dairy was causing my emotional volatility and fits of uncontrollable anger, which I now believe is due to an allergy to A1 Casein. I always just thought I was emotionally troubled. Turns out I was chemically troubled. So I absolutely believe, wholeheartedly, that doctors need to start looking at diet for root causes before anything else, and that diet is likely the cause of many of our modern ailments.

  15. I’ve had Crohn’s disease for 20 years and none of my doctors, and there have been many… Had ever talked about diet! One dr. almost killed me!
    All meds!!!!!!!!!!! Lmfao 😝

  16. I would get along so well with her!
    We’ve both been through similar hell!

  17. She's replaced health problems with other health problems and she doesn't even know it. Her kidneys, her colon, her arteries, her insulin resistance are all on borrowed time, to name a few.

    "Do whatever makes you feel good." Worst advice ever. I'd be freebasing cocaine, having sex with strangers, snorting crystal meth off of Mikhaila's butt if I followed that terrible advice. And that is not-good.

  18. A canary in our Canadian culture.

  19. very interesting. my body likes meat and definatley not wheat

  20. Glad this gal figured this out. She suffered needlessly.

  21. She's hot. Thank you for being hot.

  22. I love the fact that she looks down when shes talking and concentrating at the same time, just like a father. Quite a unique resemblance!

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