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Mindfulness techniques to help you beat stress, anxiety and depression on Blue Monday

Feeling low or depressed because of dark nights and too much rainfall?


Dreading the arrival of your credit card bill this month?

Feeling disappointed that your New Year Resolution, detox or weight loss programmes aren’t going as well as you had anticipated?

Then you may have fallen victim to Blue Monday trap.

Supposedly the most depressing day of the year, Blue Monday is the third Monday of January.

This video shows how mindfulness can help you with Blue Monday. Mindfulness can also help you to reduce and overcome anger outbursts, stress, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, negative thinking patterns, high blood pressure, low self esteem and exhaustion.

Mindfulness meditation first developed by Jon Kabat- Zinn, has been widely approved by the international medical community.

It teaches greater awareness of our thoughts, feelings and sensations through simple techniques like visualization, meditation, gentle movement and yoga and you don’t need to do it crossed legged in the Himalyas either.

You may be doing a dream job, even then though, Blue Monday can still be tricky especially having to climb out of that lovely warm duvet before 8am.

What helps me to cheer myself up on Blue Monday is my daily mindfulness meditation practice, or simply snuggling upto the cat on the sofa.

Despite a heavy rain prediction here in Somerset a few days ago I decided to cycle to the local farm shop.

The cycle route from Pilton to the farm shop is no stranger to me but today it was a strikingly different experience because I had decided to attempt mindful cycling.

In other words, I adopted a small steps approach, focusing on the here and now and the journey rather than a speedy arrival at my destination.

How stunning I chuckled to myself as I was greeted by the distant view of Glastonbury Tor. Slightly distracted by these delicious in the moment experience, I cycled through a muddy puddle resulting in drenched socks.

What helped me overcome the soggy socks incident, were the charming duo of cocker spaniels grinning at me from the rear window of a scruffy jeep ahead.

So, good news, mindfulness and focusing on exquisite landscape instead of the lack of sunshine resulted in a highly pleasurable experience and you can achieve this positive mindset too
As a Mindfulness Meditation teacher and Psychotherapist, I also use cognitive behavioral therapy, CBT, to help and also provide relationship advice too.

So if after listening to this clip you are still struggling to overcome anxiety, depression, panic attacks or to motivate yourself on Blue Monday or indeed anytime in 2015, why not take this one small step today by contacting me Karen Deeming to find out more about mindfulness or about on line counselling sessions.



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