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Miracle powder to control your weight, to control Bp & cholesterol level ,Alsi , fluxseeds, thisi

Just Sprinkle this miracles powder in your every meal .

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Alsi Seeds, also known as Flax seeds, are beneficial in cardiac disorders, digestive diseases, cancer and diabetes. Alsi (flax) seeds are one of the world’s renowned super foods. These seeds are very nutritious and helping in a several health conditions. They are very rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids. Alsi seeds also contain a good amount of dietary fiber and Lignans.

Alsi seeds when consumed may help in battling against breast, prostate and colon cancer. This preventive action of Alsi seeds is due to Omega 3 fatty acids.


Recent research has proved that consumption of Alsi seeds three times daily may help in type 2 diabetes. Taking Flaxseed powder for at least a month can also help in lowering blood sugar levels.

Cholesterol Control

Alsi Seeds can reduce the bad cholesterol content in the body. It also prevents atherosclerosis (hardening and thickening of arteries).


Alsi seeds can show an improvement in the bone density levels thus possibly providing relief in osteoporosis and arthritis.


Alsi seeds are fiber rich. Hence, they can help with constipation problems as well.

Prevents Hot Flushes

Alsi seeds can help women experiencing hot flushes in their menopausal stage. These seeds can also help in curbing the symptoms of pre-menopause.

Cardiac Problems

ALPHA LINOLENIC ACID in Alsi lowers the risk of heart problems.

Just sprinkle this miracle powder in your every meal for fast results.

Very easy to make fluxseeds powder..

Oil 2 teaspoon
Garlic 15, 20
Red chillies 2,3
Fluxseeds 3 table spoon
Salt a coding to you are taste.

Store in an airtight container.

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