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Mold/fungus causes lactic acidosis, high blood pressure, cancer, food allergies,and more.

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  1. Will ketosis very low sugar diet kill the mold and fungus in your body by starving it to death?

  2. Another great video thank you for sharing this important information listening from Brownwood Texas

  3. Is kefir bad for you? It has fungus an yeast and lots of lactic acid…..?

  4. At night is mostly when i get sick, my heart rate goes up, my head feels weird, lightheaded and a minor headache, i also get extreme acid reflux, if i throw up, feel better. Plus I am bloated every single day now, I have been diagnosed with IBS. Mold?

  5. I had ketones in my urine of 15, low, from intermittent fasting as a raw vegan and after 4 months of serious fasting, one year total, I ended up in ER with ketoacidosis as a type 1 diabetic trying to heal myself. The doctors said I was starving and that seniors, I'm 67, and TYPE1 diabetics should not fast but eat small meals over time..good food..it wasn't the food, that was fine. Now I have alkaline phosphatase that has doubled in 2 years from 77-154, (120 being high normal.). since the time I left the moldy apartment. I also have Spondylosis in C5C6 -C6C7 in my neck! (Serious trauma caused osteoporosis ). My doctor was treating me for mold. My pictures are horrid. I looked like Job sounded in the Bible. I've been trying so hard to fight it because there is no place to move…so a fungal blood test will tell me if mold is definitely the root cause? You said AGG?

  6. So how does one remove mold from their bodies? It’s tough to get away from mold in Florida, especially after hurricane Irma hit every area of the State.

  7. I have Mold, Candida and Lactic Acidosis. I'm not sure which to attack first.. A lot of people say a high fruit diet can wipe out Candida but that is contrary to the sugars for Lactic acidosis. Also Going into ketosis to fix lactic acidosis is supposedly bad for Candida. Hopefully someone has dealt with all of this before.

  8. Dr. D. Schmidt it's as if you explained my whole world when it's in a isolated bubble folks don't get. I'm a disabled vet can't keep bad thoughts out my head & fear. Panic anxiety attacks. My life's not mine but a rut. Although I write great music & movies art. You have just open a door for me. I adore you. Thank you for sharing your own life & helping us…

  9. Dr. S – I too have mold in my lungs & probably heart. Would you mind sharing you full protocol to clean up the lungs from mold? You mentioned Oil of Oregano in another video. That can't be your full protocol or I would be better by now. My lungs hurt almost everytime around moldy AC/heater units and buildings (which is most of them). Thx a million!!

  10. What's your opinion on green juice fasting to kill fungus? I did 35 days on green juice, pain/exhaustion/symptoms of 10 years disappeared. Put food back in and all returned, plus digestive issues. Is it possible green juice put fungus into 'hibernation' but didn't kill it? Could I fast then reintroduce food along with herbs?

  11. I heard parasites, mold, fungus, Candida ect. Are able to harbor in your small intestine and cause acidosis and mutate cells with the ethonal they shoot

  12. Would you recommend mycozil from global healing center?

  13. Regarding peanut allergies – also caused by peanut butter in vaccinations – when food is injected directly into the bloodstream and cannot be digested – you can become highly allergic to that food. I wager that if you looked at the children who are allergic to PB you will find a specific period of time and none after drug companies found out the effect and removed it from vaccines.

  14. I've been dealing with mold issues, but I have never thought that mold can get into your body. I can I test for mold in my body?

  15. Question: you’ve got me thinking….. your theory of lactic acidosis being the cause of illness then is how is kefir good for us if it?? As it is cultures of lactic acid bacteria?!! Got me confused

  16. Peanut allergies are also from vaccines. Vaccines now have traces of peanut oil, and then the body rejects it.

  17. Oh , i did take an antibiotic for 3 mths ( first time on antibiotics in 20yrs) and it helped tremendously ~ but I feel like it spread to my face ( it's just weird) I actually feel damp when we get tons of rain ~ I can feel it in my ears and I feel like I have athletes feet in the cracks of my toes and next day is gone ????????????????

  18. #drschmidt #moldontoenails I thought I had a fungal infection on the left side of all 5 of my toes ( which it took about 5 years before it was so bad I couldn't even wear sandles ). Had my toenail tested and It was mold on my toenails ? She said in 20 yrs she had never seen this . PLZZZZZZ ZZZ have you ever seen this , does this mean it's in my body ? So much thx , this scares me

  19. Dear Dr. Darren Schmidt,
    So if mold normally grows with sugar as fuel and protein metabolize like sugar, naturally one would assume that the high fat diet, a.e. a ketogenic diet should be the solution for mold infection. However, you stated that mold also loves ketones.

    So what would be the right proportion of fat to protein to glucose in order to kill mold or at least not support it through nutrition?

  20. I was tested for molds by bio meridian testing my andvshe just said that I’m allergic to 13 molds too. But she never told me I actually had mold so I never did any treatment. I have sinus issues, anxiety and panic attacks. I try this and see how I feel

  21. If it is worse when it is cold can it still be mold ? I have trouble staying in ketosis and don't feel very good (racing heart, less energy etc) when it is very cold outside. The depth of my ketosis is directly correlated to outdoor temperature. The colder outside, the weaker my ketosis level. I guess it is because cold and humidity are correlated in my area. What I find odd is that it also gets very humid in the summer but I am okay at that time. Maybe the sunlight gives a protection but then again my symptoms are not any worse at night. The only variable that it seems to be following directly is the outdoor temperature (even if I am indoors and it is well heated it affects me no differently so I guess it could be the atmospheric pressure that really is the driving factor). I just don't understand why it is not worse when hot and dark. Are some types of mold only sensitive to atmospheric pressure or prefer cold or something similar ? If anyone has a clue about this I would appreciate it. Thank you.

  22. I tested positive for Candida in my blood, but not in my stool test. Can Candida in the blood cause chronic high blood press?

  23. Please tell us more about how to treat fungal infections. I love your information. Thank you so much for what you do.

  24. Hello,Do you ship your suppliments to the United Arab Emirates?i work here as an expatriate, most good suppliments are hard to find here.

  25. OH Please enable transcriptions when you do these. This one doesn't let you turn on captions to get them. I need them to keep track of all your stuff so i can quickly do word searches when I need to review! otherwise i get all mixed up!

  26. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15889360 this is the culture that the industry uses to make beer wine bread this is also the culture used in Kombucha it is a yeast mold spore producing mycotoxin that is not beneficial to your body. these industries are liars you cannot trust them. It's nice to have people who want to educate others on YouTube thanks for all you do.

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