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My Diet | How to Win Like Mo | Mo Farah

So many of you have been asking me in the comments to let you know what I eat, and what foods help me to keep on going when running. I’m going to tell you a little bit about my diet and what eat and drink to help me perform at the very best.

Thanks for watching, and let me know what else you want to see in the comments below!

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  1. train like the champions
    eat like the champions

    (well, training… i am not able to go to a high altitude place unfortunately)

  2. Which protein supplements should be used after running
    How to work out 1500 meters. Follow me on workouts
    Please comment reply MO SIR

  3. we will respect mo
    I pray for happiness all over the world

  4. Mo is a king at long distances

  5. How to win like Mo ? Get with Salazar and be a Nike Oregon Project " protected athlete"

  6. Sweet, i found the diet video.. Thanks.. check me out.. http://www.allhouserecords.com

  7. I get the feeling this man could eat/drink whatever he damn well pleases and he'd still be an absolute beast

  8. Im running a half this weekend and wondered how pros track their race in KM or miles?

  9. Mo I know you won’t answer this but what should I do because every time I sprint to the finish I gag and idk what to do, when I jog though I’m fine

  10. You are the legend of 5k running I fallow you

  11. Hi mo , how can I run 1000 MTR in 3.15 minutes, plz plz reply👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆

  12. What is a good carb if you are gluten free

  13. Sound advice. I can't imagine going on a long run on just a couple of pieces of toast with a bit of butter and Nutella. But it works for him obviously.

  14. We need live chat mo sir pls…..

  15. Wow imagine how good you'd be with knowledge of actual nutrition.

  16. hii mo how i crack the time of 1600m in 4:50 please gave me the training schedule

  17. What is right tecqni. Of 5km

  18. Mo you should eat more protein as a professor of human sciences I'm perturbed at your diet and suggest more beer

  19. What no room for a subway??😱

  20. thank you for sharing your life to all young…generations
    bless you more

  21. One more question. Do you use the bathroom before a race😄

  22. "So mo what is your diet like?"
    Me: I bet he is vegan or eat some very healthy kind of diet.
    Mo: I like toast with butter and Nutella
    Well.. Fuck you Mo
    In all seriousness the man is a legend and a genetically gifted athlete .. he trains so much he can get away with a lot of stuff, nutrition wise, us mortal can't pull off

  23. Mr farah what the secret of kenyan runners,they always win marathons?

  24. He can eat like a bird and run like a Gazelle, on of my favor runner 🏃, go Mo 👋🏻🏃🏃🏃

  25. Sir please upload excercise video

  26. Fact it takes 23 minutes for your body to decide to use fat as fuel so all your body is using is stored carbs or glycogen. Your body use protein to repair muscle so on hard days and race days your body need protein. In a 5 k race your body will only use roughly 480 calories, and your body only has enough stored glycogen for 2 hours max.

  27. sir how to complete 5k in 13 miunite

  28. Well, that’s more or less what I eat. Toast with jam, coffee for breakfast, lunch is rice with fish and fruit, dinner could be spag bol, chicken and rice, etc. I think my diet’s quite nice but I could do with eating less red meat. I like running around 5k at low pace and I feel good, keep my weight down nicely. Mo seems like such a nice humble guy.

  29. Mo your acedmy address give me please sir

  30. What kind of sweet's do you eat?… and if your not training how many calories do you consume a day? Pls reply

  31. Ass salamo alykum how can i complate 1500 in 4.30 please help me sir

  32. should hv shown d food items instead of just speaking

  33. No fruits ? I've been doing it wrong

  34. Bro can speak in hindi

  35. Sir which shoes use you road running

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