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My Experience and Treatment for Depression and Anxiety

Treat Depression and Anxiety

“When it hurts observe, life is trying to teach you something” Buddha.

This is an ongoing topic to my last one, which was Acceptance. I myself had a long history of massive depression, anxiety and panic attacks. And I was loomed by a repetitive thought of suicide. Whatever I use to think or do, I was just controlled by the emotions of massive fear all of the times along with feeling of restlessness and helplessness. I often found myself trapped in this very bad circle of thoughts, anxiety, panic attack and suicidal feelings.

A year before these events started, I went for a 10 days of meditation course, with one of my friend. He was big time into meditation and spirituality. So when these events started he was still working with me, and we use to talk about all these problems of fear, depression and anxiety everyday and he use to help me and guide me why this is happening and what is the root cause for all this, which is our uncontrolled thoughts. He recommended me to meditate regularly and check the changing thoughts all the times and try to see the factor of impermanence attached to all these problems and everything in our life.

So I use to meditate religiously twice a day for almost an hour, i do use to feel much better after the sitting, but still I was not getting the permanent solution, so something was definitely missing. After 2 years of suffering and panic attacks one day I found the solution, and I feel I was cured majorly, some small small attacks does use to happen afterwards, but with meditation and understanding I got stronger and got rid of it completely.

Here is the problem and solution what I found.

As article is bit long, so kindly read the full article on using the following link:


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