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My Experience in the COVID-19 Pandemic (with Type 1 diabetes!)

My thoughts around the Coronavirus Pandemic and how it has affected my daily life so far.

JDRF info on Coronavirus and Type 1 Diabetes:

Answering Your Questions on Coronavirus


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[DISCLAIMER: While I am a Registered Nurse, nothing that I post should ever be taken as medical/nursing advice. Please consult your doctor if you have questions about your individual diabetes management and overall health.]

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  3. I have type1 , and i just recovered from Covid-19.

  4. This inspiring story of an Indian family & their two young daughters COVID-19 Experience will surely bring a smile to your face.
    Checkout the video here:

  5. My dad is diabetic and just tested positive.. he's in his late 50's :(…not seeing ppl recovering from his age group worries me

  6. Thank you I love all your videos
    Love the hair make you look more amazing.

  7. My dad is diabetic and him, my mom, and I were all infected. COVID is absolutely no joke. I just posted a video on my channel about my traumatic experience. I talk about the recovery process and what I deal with now (mental health and physical health) and how I'm STILL recovering even after I've tested negative. Go check it out and if you have any questions let me know. Stay safe, everyone.

  8. Im so glad you are living well with your illness your a strong person.

  9. I'm so Glad i Found your pg Danica it's good to see that they still have Caring people in the world.

  10. Are you taking vitamin D? Significant research is suggesting low levels of vitamin D correlate strongly to more severe cases of COVID-19 and even death. For more information on exactly how vitamin D modifies the immune system and protects against COVID-19 symptoms I suggest the following video.Are you taking vitamin D? Significant research is suggesting low levels of vitamin D correlate strongly to more severe cases of COVID-19 and even death. For more information on exactly how vitamin D modifies the immune system and protects against COVID-19 symptoms I suggest the following video.https://youtu.be/cDnokrtWJNo

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  12. As a wellness nurse I am watching as many personal accounts as I can just to get a feel for the symptom profile and risks.

  13. Stay safe, jeep smiling and be relaxed. The natural light showed off your beautiful hair colour brilliantly

  14. i stay home as much as I can Covid seems to make people over 20 sick more so best of luck stay safe.

  15. Yeah but try getting DIAGNOSED during the quarentine and going into DKA🙄

  16. My dad is a type one diabetic. He's able to work from home and uses insta cart and is able to have his insulin and syringes delivered to our house. We say that he's in the special 5 percent of people who this can affect

  17. Hi Danica, I'm from overseas, and of course I'm far from the US, but thankfully I speak English, so I got lucky to find your video. It made me feel a lot more comfortable with Diabetes and this horrible virus. I was really afraid that if I would get infected It would be the end. Thanks to your advise, I will for sure control my sugar levels (sorry if I say or write something wrong), and exersice to be as healthy as I can. Although it would be very helpful if you can tell us about people who is a diabetic, and also has high blood pressure, and if you know about some cases and how to improve the chances of surviving from Covid-19. Thanks you so much for caring. Best wishes form Guatemala, the full year Spring country.

  18. im 26… my wife works at a hospitale, she has worked with covid patients…. i dunno if i should be scared or whaty to do 🙁

  19. Hi I live in Australia we eventually followed NZ into doing a lock down. Everyone by that time was self isolating anyways if you could in any way possible. I really missed the gym work outs to help control my sugar levels. Just tried grazzing and cutting down on carbs as much as possible. Sneaked out for five km walks some times so many times a day. However gettting higher as time goes on.

  20. I'm a nurse in a nursing home and type one also and I decided to stop work, mainly because my bms are not great as I struggle, and of course in a nursing home you can't follow the social distancing rules or work from home. I found the advice from our government disappointing towards diabetes, being more likely to get it shouldn't matter, it's highly contagious anyway so really diabetics cannot afford to get it because of the risk with DKA. Evidence so far has shown poorer outcomes. Not to scare people however, just my true feelings. I'm lucky I have been able to stay off work but I plan to return in a month or two when the infection rate is hopefully much lower…hope everyone does everything they can to protect themselves and families. I also have a four year old daughter off school, and my parents need to shield so no longer can look after her. So that is another reason I am off work, but ultimately I feel I'm doing what's best by me and my family. I don't want to be a hero right now, I want to be a mother to my daughter and protect us both from out there.

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