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My Mediterranean Diet (Lose Weight Without Dieting!)

♥ My experiences & observations going on the Mediterranean Diet and why it can help you LOSE WEIGHT and maintain.
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Most of you already know that I was travelling in Greece for 3 weeks and I had THE best Mediterranean Diet, which has helped me to maintain a healthy weight. I want to share with you my experiences, observations and the foods I ate while in Greece.

There are no restrictions or needing to go crazy about counting calories. You don’t need to go on a low carb or low fat diet. You won’t feel hungry, deprived or constantly crave for more food. It’s a “diet” which you can maintain and enjoy long-term. You’ll feel AMAZING and you SHOULD try it!

Watch this video to learn more about:
– the fundamental of the “Mediterranean Diet”
– how it can help you to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight long term
– the kinds of food they eat
– how you can apply these tips into your lifestyle

TIPS to Eat like the Mediterranean People:
1) Pile on lots of vegetables & fruits
2) Fats are NOT forbidden!
3) Flavour with herbs & spices
4) Consume diary in moderation
5) Snack on nuts, seeds & dried fruits
6) Enjoy fish, seafood & poultry
7) They do eat bread, rice & pasta!
8) Watch your cooking methods!
9) Make eating a daily event
10) They do treat themselves

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  3. Loved this video and you are super adorable!

  4. Love love your coffee cup! Very informative video. Thank you!

  5. I have been on KETO but it is quite a challenge. Too few carbs. Thinking about trying Mediterranean. Thanks for the videos.👍

  6. Love your energy. Keep up the excellent post.

  7. you are so beautifuuuuuullll

  8. I have just started trying this type of diet and it taking a bit of getting used to coz I am used to about a 80% red meat diet. I don't think it tastes that great but because I have high blood pressure I am giving it a good go. always trying to find some thing in it that I like. thanks for the tips.

  9. Whenever she says vegetables I feel like eating again

  10. I know this is an old video, but that outfit is really gorgeous on you! I'm just starting this diet for reducing inflammation. I'm hoping it works. It seems easier than other diets.

  11. I know this is an old video, but that outfit is really gorgeous on you! I'm just starting this diet for reducing inflammation. I'm hoping it works. It seems easier than other diets.

  12. Is that Pics peanut butter next to your big cup?!

  13. Thank you xxxxx. I loved this video xxx

  14. Hi ma’am
    U r really awesome
    God bless you
    You really doing great job
    Giving Health dats giving life 🙏🏻

  15. Really nice video, thanks for info

  16. West Turkey eating . Yoğurt Turkish

  17. Do you have any guidance on how to determine the acidity of your olive oil? I have read the label on a bottle of California Olive Ranch EVOO 3 times and I have not found it. It's in a dark green bottle though. Thanks.

  18. You have the best, most informative and easy to understand videos!

  19. Most of Mediterranean foods are greek

  20. How can I get my caffeine fix on The Mediterranean Diet?

  21. Sadly, few in the Mediterranean areas are eating in the traditional way, and that includes the Greeks. In fact the Greek's have a 43% obesity rate among their children. The only areas of the world with a higher child obesity rates is some of the Pacific islands. Sadly, too many people including those in the Med think the diet consists of pouring rivers of olive oil over every dish they eat. And, the bread, pasta and rice they eat is the white stuff, not the traditional whole grain products of times past. Meat has become a three times a day event instead of being eaten on holidays or Sundays.

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  23. You want good food. Come visit Lebanon . we got a wide variety of foods and we follow Mediterranean diet .


  25. you forgot to mention the chronic obesity found on the islands.

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  27. My wife and I enjoy your tips. Thank you. Perhaps your next trip should be to Istanbul, where you may find the origins of the "Mediterranean diet" 🙂

  28. Sorry but I do NOT get health advice from hollywood celebrities! Good grief!

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