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My Mental Health Story – Breakdown, Anxiety, Depression, Hallucinations & everything else.

My mental health story – I have experienced anxiety, depression, a breakdown, hallucinations, disassociation and some other things, I hope this video is helpful to some of you.

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  1. Nice video. It is all in the mind. God has given us life to enjoy. Meditation heals anxiety as it reprogrammes the mind. Watch alternate nostril breathing meditation videos on Google and do it for 5 to 10 minutes if possible twice a day. You can sit on a chair and do it. Second life transforming technique is to close eyes, sit in one place with back erect without moving for 5 to 10 minutes—Be still and observe your breath. Negative thoughts will reduce. Shyaaam Sir, Mentor. Make meditation a daily habit

  2. Have you ever thought you are Clairaudient undeveloped? Unclean spirts sis fast and prayer. Rebuke spirit of anxiety and depression in Jesus name Luke 10:19

  3. theres no such thing as mental illness its money for the pharmecutical industry

  4. Thanks for sharing, I work on VFX and totally understand what going through this unreal world feels like when one gets this kinds of thoughts .

  5. Quarantine made me feel have a lot of anxiety and questions, just today I felt like well not hearing things but you know when you think of something over and over again you think its happening but it’s not. I was feeling dizzy and my grandma has anxiety and i’m a teenager , I was reading a lot about schizophrenia which made me worry a lot because it said STRESS so I was like what if , what if you know. I calmed myself down , I tend to worry myself I guess it runs in my family. I don’t have a history of schizophrenia but I was getting scared, never again. Ugh , can anxiety make you hallucinate? I’d never experience

  6. Thank you for sharing such an important and insightful testimony. , it's the roughest ride ever I feel ya, but indeed there's light at the end of the tunnel.. This too shall pass is a coming phrase, but oh how true it is.

  7. Derealization makes me feel like I’m going to go crazy and lose control. It’s so scary, I hope it goes away

  8. Thanks for the information,that was really helpful😀😊😊

  9. Well done on making this video, I know it must of been really hard. You was able to cover so much and it was so relatable. It’s can be extremely difficult moving past these conditions especially around suicidal ideologies. Everyone life is so precious and your life story has already reached out and started helping others. Life is very very paradoxical, in that wether you believe you can or wether you believe you can’t – your right. Our bodies operate on so many levels from the gut, heart and stomach to the conscious and subconscious mind, it’s all related and it doesn’t take much to upset the boat. Ultimately we need to believe in ourselves and invest in our lives, I feel for everyone suffering with these conditions, please be kind to yourselves – much love 💕

  10. i have physical symtoms like to much pain in my body and any thing that i touch like water or some think 🤔 like any thing i feel burning 🥵 in my nerves like extremely sensitive for touch and burning 🥵 in my 🦶 feet and 🖐 hands 24/7 and many baaaaad symptoms i have all the depression symptoms like feeling in very low mood and sad and i cannot feel happy i cant enjoy with any thing like befor and i don’t want to stay alive any more i just lost the interest in my live i was feeling very happy when it was raining 🌧 or snowing vyt i lost that feeling i can’t enjoy and smiling with friends i did many many tests to see some thing can explain my physical pain but every test was negative iam soo sad 😔 in my live iam suffering almost 3 years with sharp symptoms
    could depression cause physical symptoms psychosomatic disorder i even lost my appetite the burning 🥵 in my body is kelling me 24-7
    i am waiting for my appointment with psychiatric but i don’t know 🤷‍♂️ if that will work with me i just lost hope to still alive. this live doesn’t worth the live is very boring and painful and bad to me the doctors 🥼 didn’t help me not even 1%. so my last hope it will be phychiatric i really need help. thnx.

  11. I'm so happy that I've found your channel. I'm half way through the video and want to thank you for sharing your story. A lot of this is really hard for me to hear because I'm also an anxiety/depression sufferer and it's something I'm constantly working on. I'm so sorry you've had to experience all this. It's the literal fucking worst and I wouldn't want to wish it upon anyone. I'm going to fast forward to your update video now 🙂

  12. Just found this video now. Thanks for sharing this! It’s good having someone to relate to!

  13. God bless you. Thank you for this video. You’re helping so many people! ♥️🙏♥️

  14. You made my night better 💗

  15. So beautifully said that I had goosebumps when you said "I'm at shore." Strength and maturity really radiate from you. Thank you so much for sharing this and making us feel less alone.

  16. Hi there, I am john from south africa, 28 years old. Just to say that 2 years ago I had a mental breakdown/burnout and was hospitalized for near suicide. Since then I've been battling through hell to stay alive and I am getting there but feel so broken, shattered and fragile still. I'm seeing a phsycologist and taking medication. Can this ever get better?

  17. The feeling of derealization is horrible. Did you ever get a hold of it? I’ve seen so many Drs too. So out of everything you where taking the Meds your Dr helped the most?

  18. It’s so great knowing you not alone!!!!!

  19. I had almost the exact same experience with my panic attacks. It's been so difficult for me to try and explain to others what happens during the episodes, but hearing you describe your symptoms really helps me know how to communicate. The moments where anxiety takes over can be so alienating and difficult to understand… thank you for sharing!

  20. So brave of you to share your story ❤️

  21. Very inspiring to hear your story and be open about it, helps me understand i’m not the only one with mental health challenges! Thanks🙏🏻

  22. Following your thoughts and personal story something really important for people to hear

  23. Thank you so much for sharing
    I've been struggling with the same problems.the hallucinations are the worst for me. I been hospitalized twice tried different medication but still haven't seen much improvement. But now thanks to ur I don't feel alone.

  24. You gave me hope… thank you <3

  25. I haven’t been without hope but your story gives me even more hope. Thanks for sharing this. I’m in it right now. It’s crazy how much your story sounds like mine. Anxiety being pretty well managed for so long, and help from a good psychologist and then BOOM…the anxiety and panic went to another level- unimaginable level. Even your story about your drive home around Christmas time. Sounded so much like what I experienced a few weeks ago. I even use the language of the wave “breaking” but now I’ll add to it with “getting to shore”. I’ll see you on shore soon. 🤙🏼

  26. Thank you so much for this video, I’m going through the same thing. I’m feeling very stressed and everything just feels so unreal and fake if that makes sense. It’s like I’m not in my body, I keep questioning everything I’m looking at because everything seems fake and unreal. I want this feeling to go away I’m trying hard to distract myself and my mind with other things but it just keeps getting worse. I really want this to go away it’s the worst feeling.

  27. You will never get to the lowest point where you were. You have experience with medication now and you know there is help for whatever you may be going through. I am 67 years old now and started on medication at age 40. The medication Pamelor gave me the worst panic attacks. The longer I took it, the worse I became. The Dr kept telling me it’s part of my depression. Finally…..I got with another Dr and he said it was definitely the Pamelor. I have not felt like that since I got off of it.

  28. You are SO BRAVE. It takes a lot of guts to share this. Thank you so much. I'm going thru a crisis now myself and it helps SO MUCH to see im not alone. Love to you 😁

  29. Thank you, I thought I was the only one.

  30. I dont know what this is but sombody help so i have anxie attacs. About so much like mushrooms or like co poisoining i stard hallusining that i was. Poisoned or somthing i dont know what it is my mom calls me crazy

  31. Wow, I have had a very similar experience and can really relate to the order of the events and how one stage flows into the other. Spoken quite beautifully!

  32. I watched a lot of anxiety videos but your story is the EXACT way my breakdown happened and felt! As you know it is pure terror going through that extreme of anxiety and I will never forget it. Thank you for sharing your story❤️ I pray for every one with anxiety to get some relief

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